Looks like my plan worked. Beasts are beaten. To tell the truth, they left the field, but they are and will be persecuted. Sorgedon have already send men after them. It’s not how I imagined, but at least for now we will freely breathe and our men will reunite with their families. Some of us lost loved ones. We will mourn, but we will be ready if.. when the enemy returns to our borders. I correct myself sadly. It’s the truth which I would like to not see. 

I absorb the view around me. Our men were empowered by the idea to put an end tonight for that crazy carnage. To my biggest surprise, the majority of them tonight survived. My heart is relieved. I am thankful they trusted me, they followed me in the danger, they fighted next to me. I catch one of them looking at me. We both set our palms on our chests. I gesture to him to follow Sorgedon. He follows my order without questioning it. I smile. I’m so proud of all of them. Without them we couldn’t achieve this victory. It took time to our family to win such devotion from others. 

Suddenly my body is hit with tiredness. Probably adrenaline already washed out and left my numb muscles. I was taught the art of fighting. I am stronger than humans, but I never trained myself like my brother and others who were now fighting next to the Wall. I survived more by accident and thanks to our brave capable men which defended me. I killed no more than twenty, or at least I lost count around at that number.. Trust me, you don’t count anymore when your life is each millisecond in danger.  Your mind and heart are not occupied by guilt, they have only one goal, to survive. But they are my first real victims in such a large count. I am not sure how I feel about it, but now all I want is just peace and home.

I look at the main gates. They are open wide, inviting and loud cheers of joy greet Sorgedon. I watch his flag pass through the gates and others follow. Warm hugs my cold heart and my lips smile. I don’t remember when I felt such a great relief. I remain rooted in the same spot for several minutes longer. It’s joy, genuine joy and happiness. It’s a great victory and everyone inside will celebrate it.

  • Our Black hill, our kingdom, our home. 

I shut my eyes and let out a long deep sigh. Smile still dance on my lips as I reflect. If there was a choice to change my decision, I would always repeat what I did. There are no regrets even if I broke the important rule. It’s a good day to die. 

  • Let’s meet my fate.

My ears catch something flying in the air. Just behind my back. It makes an unusual sound, a strange whistle. I dodge to the left driven by instinct. Just in time to avoid collision. That something lands a few feets from me. And explodes giving no time for me to react. I am knocked out of my feet. Terrible sound pounds in my ears. Back of my head meets something hard and cold. 


I worked on my part of the plan. We retreated till the outskirts of the forest. Beasts took our place happily. Then Morty leading his men entered the field from the left and gained all the attention of them. Milly was right. It was their weak spot. Morty’s flange worked their way pushing forward quite quickly with not so many losses. We encircled preoccupied red ones and gave them unexpected hell from behind. They had to leave their ashes here or fight for their life and leave through the narrow gap between our flanges at the side. At that moment we finally felt equal and the spirit of my men raised exponentially. It was the hope and rise of spirit we were needed after all those nights spent in this hot hell. 

I love you, Milly. You are a genius. I couldn’t wish for a better sis. My hand reaches a hardened bulge between my legs and fixes it. I need to unload and I have a certain woman in mind. Let’s say I know how we will celebrate tonight. I smile so wide that only a mad man could manage that. My body lifts up in a high jump and lots of cheers erupt around signaling for the victorious battle’s end. It’s my first victory where I was leading. It’s crucial for the start of my reign especially now when the news about father’s death will spread around. 

I enter the main Black hill’s gates with my men behind me under the drums and horns welcoming sounds. We are greeted with joy. It’s a victory we all were long waiting for. My eyes scan the crowd instantly. Happy, satisfied faces, some tears. I lost a father, but where is she? She supposed to greet me. I’m her brother, I’m her new King, head of the family and our lands and allies. It’s our first victory. Where is she? I nod for a cheering crowd, wave them back and answer to their joyful hype. Where is she? Morty catches my eyes and puts his best smile on, his palm lands on his heart. What is he dressed in? How is he already here?!.. Anger starts building in my chest..

  • Black hill is our! 

Morty cheers happily meeting me.

  • How do you dare disrespect me?!

I roar at him. His face immediately falls and joy around us starts to fade.

  • I..

He chokes on his first word.

  • How do you dare to cross gates before me?!

I weasel through my teeth and my anxiety and anger splashes towards him. My hands keep a hard hold on his shirt.

  • I.. I was here. I defended Wall.

Mixed feelings bubble in me ready to explode in realisation of his short trembling words. I let him go with a strong push. He drops on the ground backwards. Damn that woman!

  • Where is she?!

I see he is scared. So scared. He stays silent. Idiot! My heart is ready to blow off. It’s better not to be what I think!


I roar at him like a wild creature. His eyes dart through the gate. Just for a part of a second. My breathing stops. For a short moment. I don’t feel me running till I reach the top on our Wall. My eyes search for her and only for her. She is all that I have. She is all that is left. She is all what matters.

  • Milly.. 

I whisper when I see her. I try to catch her eyes, but she doesn’t see me. My chest calms down. She is near the gates. She stands so straight with an outstretched back. Red capes and piles of ashes cover ground under her feet and around her. She was fighting for us. And she won. All the world belongs to her. And still she looks so small, peaceful and fragile. She removes her black hood. Little wind is blowing her long hair. Smile dances on her lips. She dodges.

  • What a?!..


  • HELL ! 

I jump from the high Wall. No one ever tried to do that before because of its height. It’s suicidal, but I land in rolls when my body meets ground in heavy impact. Nothing matters. I rush to her. She is knocked out of her feet. Her body lies calmly. No, Milly, NO! I run almost flying at wind’s speed.

  • Geco, guard perimeter! Morty, Gates!

I told her to stay in. I ordered her. Guilt creeps and wraps my heart. F*ck! I had to know better. I had to keep her safe. 

  • Gorgeous! 

Her body doesn’t move. I check her injuries. Her skin is injured, but nothing crucial. I brush her hair and turn her head. Just then I notice my colored fingers. It’s easy to trace it coming from her. It’s her blood. Mountain of fighting feelings crushes my heart.

  • Woman! What were you thinking?!

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