I open my eyes lazily. It was a great rest I wish me before each morning’s start and almost never I get. Eirikrinn lies next to me. His hand rests unpowered on my ribs. I feel his impalpable breath. He sleeps like there is no war on this world. It makes me smile at him and enjoy moonlight’s play in his hair. We definitely were asleep. Again. Together. With him, it’s so easy and cozy. 

  • Don’t leave, Sunshine.

He murmurs softly, though his eyes are still closed. I smile. See, this thought hasn’t crossed my mind yet tonight.

  • I am not going anywhere. 

He wraps my palm and kisses my knuckles. Warm spreads in my chest.

  • How are you?

I brush his hair from his eyes. He gives me a sincere smile, but his eyes remain closed. I can bet and I will win, he sniffles me. Apparently it doesn’t feel weird. He nuzzles his nose in my palm and plants a little kiss. Then exhales. 

  • Better than ever.
  • I am glad. You know, I haven’t dreamed of meeting you like this.

He chuckles and looks at me through his eyelashes.

  • Did you dream about me?

His smile beams and my body betrays me again, my cheeks slightly blush painting my skin in that awful color. I try to hide my eyes behind eyelashes. He caresses my cheek and I lean into his touch. I can’t lie to him. I don’t want to.

  • … every night.

He kisses the tip on my nose and waits till I open my eyes.

  • Count two of us then.

We both chuckle. He pulls me closer to him and gifts thousands of airy kisses to my shoulder, neck, lips, even my eyes. It’s ticklish. I laugh and he joins me. I find myself in a comfortable hug. I hug him back and rest on his chest. I’m covered in his scent. His nose nuzzles in my hair. I enjoy butterflies only he gives me to feel. 

Suddenly I snap to reality. What have I done?! What HAVE I DONE?! We don’t share ourselves with OTHERS. One is to have sex, but blood.. BLOOD!… Blood.. we.. never! 

  • I have to go.

I am prompt. Gilt nags my chest. I feel rising nausea. He catches me trying to stand up.

  • Where?
  • Eden.

I say quietly. His eyes have become bigger now. He blinks. I think he knows!

  • Do you know? I lost my way.

I really need help to find Eden and somehow I trust Eirikrinn.

  • Why Eden?

I don’t know what to say. Truth is too harsh, but he waits.

  • I.. I have a message. 
  • Message?!

He looks stunned, but his face quickly changes. I’m sure he didn’t buy “my truth”. His eyes narrow and don’t let me go. I nod. I am so nervous, my palms already wet from the sweat. Damn, Milly! You just had to keep your mouth shut. I’m a bit angry with myself. How will I get out now of all this? He twirls me and places under him, straddles my hips, palms my face, and looks into my eyes.

  • What is the message?

I try to breath. My chest moves heavy. After a pause, he says quickly in a whisper. His lips barely move. His eyes plead and are glued on mine.

  • What is the message?
  • Um.. It’s meant only for an exact person… 

He stares into my eyes. I don’t know what to expect, but he makes me feel safe, though he looks disappointed.

  • Sorry, I’m not telling you, Eirik.

His palms still cup my face, lips kiss my lips, and my temple, our foreheads meet.

  • Be careful, Sunshine. Eden is dangerous.

Now I am stunned. I stare at him. All in silence. I search his eyes. They became darker. He knows. This thought doesn’t leave me. What else does he know?

  • This way.

He showed direction. Do I trust him? Yes. Do I trust him enough? I’m not so sure about it. He lets me go. Just a few minutes ago he was pleading with me to stay. What’s changed? 

Confusion makes my heart beat stronger. I have to go. Unintentional my fingertips touch my lips. I turn away trying to hide this gesture. 

  • We will meet again, Sunshine.
  • Huh?.

I spin after his words to look at him expectantly.

  • I am sure.
  • Why do you let me go?

I ask. That didn’t give me peace to my mind. 

  • I don’t have much strength to hold your soul. All I can do to let you go and count on the fate that it will be on my side.

I hold his gaze weighing the seriousness of his honesty.

  • I guess, thanks for the direction.

It is harder than I expected, but I leave. We take our separate ways.

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