We are in some kind of village. My eyes scan the vibrant place. In front of me is a mountain. Lots of holes are visible even from here. 

I guess they live in caves. Vampires. I can smell them from here, but with each step the smell is more intensive and brings me nausea. What’s that? 

  • Guests here are not welcome.

The dagger licks my throat as he says through bitten teeth. Though the cut is not deep, just a scratch, I grab him with one hand, turn him around in the air as if he weighed nothing. He gasps and tears my hands off of his throat, but lands hard pressed against the ground under my knee. His shining bloody dagger rests now in my hand.

  • I’m here to meet Shadow.

I cut his throat with my nails as he tries to spit on me. One more or less, I don’t mind. I’m not here to deal with him anyway, so I’m not wasting my time. Terrified gasps hit my ears. Usually we all have to use some sharp gun, but I’m from the place where we are trained to fight with bare hands. By the age of mine and with a practice, it just comes naturally.

  • Stop doing mess.

I hear a strong demanding voice. No need to explain. It’s a command. I smile to myself. I quickly dragged wanted attention of the certain one.

  • Wasn’t my intention, old friend. 
  • No need to be too polite.

He says with a wide plastered smile. I see, we both are game on.

  • When a lady asks to dance, I’m not the first to refuse.

I shrug my shoulders a bit completing my answer.

  • Not easy times.

Shadow  softens, catching underline.

  • On that we agree.
  • I see you are all business.

He wants me out of here quickly, as we are for everyone on display.

  • I look for pleasure. I heard you could provide.
  • .. 

He looks me up and down. Says nothing. Porir gets ready. There are only two of us in this village. This clan has a highly reputation as cruel, disobedient to any rules, even among themselves. If they could sell a brother, they would do it.. And still I need them. I need the information no one till now could provide me. I try to play close to their rules, as I don’t wanna scare them off, though I have men in the woods nearby. They are lurking and waiting for my sign. I need to play along and get what I came here for.

  • Drinks?

I nod to his suggestion to bring our conversation in a more private place. We sit outside. Curious faces disperse.

  • I need a woman.

He burst out laughing at the start of my words. 

  • That’s all about?! Brothels are out there, though many clans have one. 
  • She is missing.

He becomes serious. Eyes me suspicious. Sips, red thick blood paints his lips and chin.

  • How will you pay?
  • Your wish. If you’ll provide what’s needed.

He waves for the younger guy and he brings more blood. 

  • How generous.. 
  • I keep my promises. Tell me your price and it will be granted.

I push his boundaries mildly at his sarcastic replica.

  • You are not the only one who wants to get her.

I catch his lapels tight, my nails sink in his chest, blood spills. A hundred eyes burn to my back, but no one moves. Not yet.

  • Your reward is still on the plate.

I hiss through my teeth and wait for his answer. Felon like him values only brutal action. How lucky he is, I’m in his league.

  • My patience is very thin.

I tilt my eyebrow and tighten my grip as he stays quiet. He clearly knows something and to get rid of him now would be a loss for me, but on the other hand if he stays silent.. I’m reading my nails quickly.

  • I’m not your guy.

He whispers. Clearly hiding from others he is spoken. I rise my eyebrow and hold a laugh. He thinks, he keeps his honour. I try hard not to laugh in his face. I can’t mess up my opportunity.

  • My twin.. has got the woman you want. He brought her to Farao lands.
  • Why so far?
  • I thought you have a brain.

I growl annoyed and tighten my grip on his throat.

  • Why Farao?
  • There is an old sanctuary. They wanted to clean her.
  • Clean?!

I make a sound like a wild beast and beat him off the cave’s wall. Others wanted to help him, but he showed a sign and they stopped. After all, maybe there is some order in this clan.

  • CLEAN?!

I roar. I know exactly what that means. She will be used, raped by all men of that clan, till finally they place her worn body in the river. If she survives, she will be “cleaned” and ready to become a queen. 

  • They wanted a higher price! 

But those stupid walking heads don’t know, what an inaccurate this myth is! Actually after this ritual she has no chance to give birth. She will let no man near her body. Bloodline will simply die. What have they done?! I hold back my anger.

  • What happened to her?
  • They lost her..

That’s the last answer I’ve expected. 

  • What?! How?!

He shrugs casually sitting on the wet floor, maybe a bit embarrassed. I let out a long breath. 

  • My friend, I’ll send you 25 humans as your reword. 

I said cheerful with a bright smile. He looks confused. I pat his shoulder and leave the weird place with Porir by my side.

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