Eirikrinn.. Hm.. I heard nothing about him. Rather I am too far from my home, rather he traveled far. 

We sit here and their clothes hang next to the fireplace. Both of them are vampires. I can sense it. And still they made fire. It’s weird. Strange. Unusual. Looks like they are complete strangers. Both of them. I sit silently and scan them. Their bodies are well built, strong muscles, dark eyes. Somehow they have few similar features. Line of lips curves differently..

  • You stare. Like what you see?

One of them approaches me, startling me from my observation. I blush. Why do I blush?

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a good view.

I decide that truth could be me here handful. They both let a small laugh and it lightens the mood. I feel everyone a bit relaxing. 

  • You are clearly not from here. Do you travel a lot?
  • Not so much.

I keep it short, because I’m not willing to speak about myself. 

  • Where are you headed? It’s dangerous in this part of the continent.
  • I need to reach one person.

I have to give them something otherwise they will become more nosy and suspicious.

  • Mind to share who?

I shake my head and avoid their eyes. It’s not a time to reveal my secrets. Especially for strangers.

  • So how do we call you?

Askes one with longer hair.

  • I have lots of names.
  • Which one do you prefer?

I hesitate again.

  • Hell. 

I blur and they burst into loud laughter. 

  • Is it a name? Like real name?

I nod and they stop. I hug myself. It’s chilly.

  • Sorry, Sunshine. It doesn’t suit you. My name you know and that’s my friend Porir.

I like the respect they showed me. Porir sharpens his dagger. Eirikrinn digs through his belongings. After a few minutes he shoves me his jacket.

  • Suit yourself, Sunshine. I don’t need it back.
  • Are you sure?
  • Like never. Take it.

We hold our eyes contact, no one willing to break it. 

  • I guess, thank you, Eirikrinn.

I head to the woods to change. His leather jacket is too bulky for my slim figure. I adjust it by tearing off, ripping and belting. It took time, but now I’m comfortable. Oh, it’s heavenly to get rid of that wet nightgown, though we should call it a day gown. I chuckle at my witt and shake my head at my own actions.

I come back and feel four eyes on me. Eirikrinn throws a cold glance at Porir and he retreats. Looks like Eirikrinn is here in charge. So they are not just friends, hm?.. I take my previous seat. Eirikrinn comes and sits next to me. Our legs touch in some parts. 

  • Where do you two go?

I start the conversation to avoid awkward silence. He sighs. 

  • To meet one person.
  • Will you share who?

I try to repay politeness and respect.

  • His bride.

Porir takes his second dagger and again retreats. Eirikrinn looks pissed off.

  • Bride?! 

I turn my eyes and look directly at him. His face looks like a stone. I can’t read him. Eyes are darker, lips are pressed.

  • What’s the matter? You don’t look happy?

I expected him to be happy, but his reaction stunned me. He rakes his hair making an even bigger mess. How can someone look so handsome?

  • Sunshine, it’s complicated. We both reached the point and now we have to meet.

I wait till our eyes meet. Somehow I feel him calming down.

  • Is it arranged marriage?
  • You can say so.

He avoids my eyes and looks more embarrassed than hideous. I see his strong body tensing again, I sense his masculinity, it almost shines visibly around him, but at the same time, just at this moment, he looks so vulnerable. Life showed me how deceptive creatures can be. I find myself trapped between two opposites. I don’t trust him, but at the same time something drags me to him. I fight inside, till one part of me wins and I hug him. His large body relaxes in my embrace. He returns my hug with his strong hands and pulls my waist closer to him. It’s so good to be wrapped in his body warm, so tempting and calming. I close my eyes and see vision before I drift to sleep.

Vision **

It’s a dancing pair. She dips in her white dress. Large hands hold her firm and guide swirling around. **

I stir. Something heavy presses into me from behind. My hand slowly lands on my dagger. His hand, which was snaking my waist, lands on my palm, stopping me.

  • Don’t even think about this.

He murmurs gently, still sleepy. I jet my eyes open. It’s almost dark. Crowns of the trees cover us well. I remember two strangers. One I hugged yesterday. Now his chest is pressed against my back, hand strokes my hip and my thigh lazily. I close my eyes due to the intensity of the feeling. He smells like woods, more specific oaks and wet moos. I buck my hips to him. He is hard. I let out a quiet moan. To my surprise. His thumb slides between my legs and rubs my slit. I moan again. He answers with a low growl. It turns me on more. Moister slides down into my lower part. He teases me slowly, raising my lust. We both want more. Air is full of desire. He catches an invisible clue and his finger enters me. I gasp. My breath becomes shallow. His breath in my neck’s crook repeats mine and he places one more finger inside. I feel his nails brushing in and out my insides. I moan loudly at the growing sensation. He chuckles and this strange invisible impulse tingles my skin. I turn, straddle his hips, open his trousers. He stares at my eyes silently, holding his breath. I slide on him and he shut down his eyes. I drink his view in and slowly move my hips. He lets out a low growl in response and his eyes open again. I could stare at them forever. His hands hold my hips firmly while I ride him exploring our perfect fit. He growls again and I feel me tighten around his d*ck.

  • Eirik..

He pulsates and finishes together with me. I collapse on him. He smiles in my hair wrapping me in his hands and his magical scent. 

  • You are mine.

It’s said very quietly. It wasn’t meant to be heard, but my ear stole those three words from the air. 

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