I spend so much time in the gardens. They are wonderful like the whole palace of Eden. No wonder why Eirikrinn’s mother was swept away by the beauty of this place. Water runs along garden ways, lots of fountains. Their sound and view always calm me and help to think. Lots of orange trees let out that wonderful smell at night. I even picked up some leaves yesterday and placed them near my bed. 

In this land they grow solid plant tunnels so even at a day time I go out and enjoy time alone. Servants were surprised when they saw me here for the first time. Now they know I love this place so they give me my privacy. 

I am overwhelmed. So much news. So many feelings. Everything is so mixed up. Even if I relinquish “deliver a message”, fate itself stands against us. I am a princess. He is a prince and he has a bride. 

It’s time to leave, but before that I have to finish the job I am here for. With a decision made, I return to the palace. Eirikrinn in his bedchambers and that’s where I find him for our goodbye.

  • Are you well, Eirik?

He looks lost in his thoughts, fingers play lazily with the knife.

  • With you always.

We both share a small smile. He hugs and kisses me gently. His lips slightly brush and touch my lips like a feather. He is happy. I missed him like this. We both had a hard time lately. I return him a kiss and a hug. It’s more passionate. His lips make a trail on my neck. 

  • Mmm..

I don’t hold a moan, though it is quiet. He smiles. I don’t see, just feel it. His hands slip my dress slowly from my shoulders and lips give those exposed places a hundred of light kisses. I untie his shirt slowly matching his pace. This time he is not in a hurry. The shirt slowly gets up and meets the floor. My fingers run down his muscles.

  • Much better.

He meets my comment with a smile. I take a time to adore his masculine shape, broad shoulders and abs, hairy line trailing down and disappearing in his pants. I lick my lips as they suddenly became dry. I feel his breath on my skin and my niples harden. Our bodies glue to each other, his lips reach my collarbone, trail down between my breasts and he cups them with pressure. 

  • Mm-ah!

I gasp. We let slip the dress and his trousers hit the floor. I am placed on the bed. He takes me in with his eyes from a distance. His gaze changes to night dark. He growls deep from his throat and I moisture down between my legs. We can’t stop pleasuring each other when we are together. And we don’t this time. He joins me on the bed, takes time and savours my breasts with his mouth and moving tongue. His fangs leave red traces on my sensitive skin. They heal quickly and he repeats leaving new marks. We both moan. He takes a niple between his teeth and grinds it. I arch my back and scream from pleasure.

  • I guessed you would like it.

He chuckles not letting my aching nipple go. I open my eyes and he enters me between my legs. All at once. He presses my walls from inside and starts to move out and in. Slowly. 

  • So tight.. So perfect..

He growls louder. His words sound ancient. It dazes me. 

He quickens a pace, pounds into me so strong that the bed hits the wall and it trembles with each move. Our moans don’t mind other sounds. He takes my nippple between his teeth and squeezes tight. I am shattering in pleasure and let my nails into his back.

  • So..  perfect..

He doesn’t stop. Holds grip on my hips. I meet his every move matching his need and power. He changes angle a bit and finds my sensitive spot. I let out a throaty cry. 

  • Come for me, Sunshine.

He hits exactly there a few more times and I tighten around him. Bite his lower lip, drop of blood appears, he smashes our lips in a kiss. It’s the moment when we find release. He slumps his relaxed body next to me. We are both breathless.

  • Erikrinn!
  • Wait.

He stops Porir to enter the door. I cover myself just in time when Porir enters. His eyes dart to the floor when he notices me.

  • Eirikrinn, army is coming.
  • Whose?!

Porir shrugs his shoulders.

  • They are dressed in black. No flags.

Eirikrinn growls. It can be anyone, even a kid knows that.

  • Gather our men in the yard. I’m coming.

Porir quickly leaves. Eirikrinn dresses.

  • I trust you, you won’t hit my tree again.

He says as he hands back my dagger.

  • Eirikrinn, army?!
  • Don’t leave mine or yours chambers.

He wants to protect me. Just like my brother or father.

  • Your friend! Will he help you?
  • No. He won’t be here anytime soon. He visits Cymru. We are on our own.
  • The land of Dragons?!

He nods. Kisses me on the lips and quickly leaves. My heart pounds quickly. Damn! Battles repeat and repeat no matter where I am. Angry rises towards my fate. First, Beast slipped my hands and no this, one more battle! One more unexpected attack?! I breathe shallowly. Beast is responsible and he is not event here! It’s time to leave and face him. In Cymru! 

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