• You are mine.

Eirikrinn’s words play as a melody on repeat in my head on and on. It can’t be true. I can’t be his. I already belong.. Belong to my family. To my blood. To my brother. It was always like this and it should stay this way. But Eirik.. My heart doesn’t take all those thoughts as an acceptable answer. He is.. sweet.. a sweet distraction, but I have to stick with the target and move on. I have to go. I have to leave. I can’t be his.

  • I’m off for hunting.

I blur quickly afraiding I could change my mind. Both men lift eyes and look at me. Silence saddles. Porir glances at Eirikrinn, then back at me.

  • I’ve to feed more often.

I explain myself by pointing my finger to my still very pale skin. They say nothing. I put a palm on my heart. It’s definitely a goodbye, though I feel a squeeze in my chest. My stay here takes longer than I expected. Move, Milly, move. You have to move.


This woman is mesmerizing and perfect. She surprises me with her natural presence. With her around I want to be different and my priorities changes. Porir said it’s all because of good sex. I don’t agree with him. Yes, sex with her was perfect, but she also awakens something in me, some hidden side of me I didn’t know I have. I have to admit to myself, I liked it. She captured my eye standing on the cliff and from that very moment I adore her. After meeting her in person, I know we fit like custom gloves on the hand, like we are meant to be together, though this morning she is silent. I have nothing against it. Maybe she needs time.. She kept her distance the moment we met, but later she dropped her guard. If she needs time, I will give her time to let me in, to trust me.

  • I’m off for hunting.

Damn, Eirik, you scared her! She is running from you? Couldn’t you hold yourself in your pants? Of course she will leave you. She is not damsel in distress, she can take care of herself. Such a strong spirit will always look for freedom. Caging her now is not an option. I stare at her, not knowing how to stop her. 

Her finger points to her pale skin. I know, she made up an excuse. I look at her. Positive. I am sure. Why does she do it? Did I really scare her away?

I nod my head against my will. I want to keep her, don’t let her leave. My heart screams loud, she belongs here, with me. Brain fights my heart and heart kicks my brain. It tears me into parts. Why do I feel like this?

I look at her. Say nothing. She doesn’t trust me, not yet. We were too short together. She is scared. And she is running. My mind guesses I’m not the only reason. There has to be something more. My thoughts wander to this morning when she was absolutely terrified, lost in her dreams. I held her closer to me, protected her in giving her shelter in my embrace from something that was hunting her in sleep. If she just let me, I would protect her no matter who, what or where. I can just wonder what could happen in her past that she is haunted in her dreams and here. 

She stands in the shadows a bit longer. Is it possible she feels the way I feel about her? Does she want to stay? Does she wait for me to stop her? Her gaze is steady, all fixed on me. She holds her hand next to her heart. What does that mean? My heart flutters. Does she really feel the same way about me? Her lips are moving. I don’t hear any sound. Damn, what..? what does she say? It was so prompt. I didn’t get it, so try to read her eyes. They are deep glassy. No fear in them. Now confusion creeps in me.. Doubled by frustration. Ohhh Hell, help me to figure out this woman!.. 

I look again toward the forest between the trees where I saw her last. She left. There is no sign left of her. No smell. No sound. She left. How will I find her? Without her name. Without a clue about her. Hell, you are laughing at me!

  • Do you want to pay a visit. 
  • … m?

Porir distracts me.

  • We’ve got some news. I’m sure you wanna check that place.
  • Ah, right. The bride. Where did you say this place is?
  • East. Few days from here.


We need a stronger alliance. Beasts sturmed us hard and outnumbered at least three times. They were prepared for our crash and I’m positive, they are not new at war. If we are gonna meet again, we have to find more support and update our guns. 

  • I need more time, Sorgedon. 

I let out the breath I was holding as Morty speaks up.

  • After my father’s death we can’t count on all old alliances. 
  • You read my mind, my friend. 

His lips in corners shift a bit up. Smile. I’ve got only a few loyal clans under my control. 

  • What’s the plan now, Sorgedon?
  • We have to find the way.
  • The way..?!

Morty’s eyebrows shoot up. I nod in response.

  • What way?
  • To the Beast’s castle.
  • Don’t you know it?!

I shook my head in refusal and blush. I hate how my body reacts and pray he won;t notice.

  • Not yet.
  • But your father dealt with them. For centuries..
  • He never told me.
  • But they met. Negotiated. Once you were there. You don’t remember?!
  • We met on neutral land.

Pause lands after my answer.

  • But you have an idea where to start?
  • They live in the North as my father told me. And Milly mentioned Eden.

We both go silent.

  • Send ten of our men to ask around in all directions. They have to be all ears. I persuade alliances. You bring me news. We can’t let Milly be out there for too long.
  • You think they will.. kill her?

His voice is shaky.

  • No.
  • Torture?

I turn my eyes to the side. My throat becomes too narrow for air.

  • Sorgedon..

Morty struggles to finish. I know he likes her, maybe even loves her.

  • Maybe.

I answer silently. He swallows hard.

  • I’ll bring you news.

With the palm on the heart he leaves me alone. I sit on the lavish King’s throne and put my face in palms. I have to save her, secure our kingdom. Milly.. Sudden burst of energy brings me on my feet and out of the mansion’s walls.

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