We leave forest Eden behind. Gharnatah is beautiful. Houses are not so high like in my Black land, smaller windows. I guess because of more or longer sunny days. They also have enormous terasas, porches with columns. I like flowers near them. Some of them even bloom at night. I can’t stop my curiosity, lean over and smell. It has an unknown sweet and fresh aroma. I close my eyes. Eirikrinn cuts one bloom and tucks it in my hair behind my ear. I can’t hold my smile. Why do we always live between battles on the edge of war? Life in peace is much better.

  • What’s on your mind, Sunshine?

He probably noticed a change of my mood. How does he manage to do it?

  • Eden.

I say only those four letters exhaling.

  • We are almost there. I see, it burdens you. What massage do you bring?
  • Don’t worry about it, Eirikrinn. Where do we go from now?

He points up a mountain.

  • I can’t go to the mountains.
  • You want Eden.
  • Exactly. I already wasted my time.
  • This is Eden.
  • A mountain?!

I don’t want to believe it. I was in a cave, desert, sea, forest, some sanctuary and now.. mountains?! I need to find a person. I already went to one Eden and it ended up not as expected and without the result I wanted. I need to find Beast and send him a farewell of his fate.

  • No. Look. At the step of it.

I find the place he points and describes.

  • …Castle?! Are we going to castle? Who lives there?
  • My friend. My mom loved this place and I am there always welcome.

I hesitate. This place looks grandiose. I think it never saw war. It radiates joy.

  • Your mother?

He nods. His mother used to live in this part of the continent? in the castle? He is definitely noble and has good powerful connections.

  • I don’t remember her well, just her sparkling eyes, joyful smile and long hair. She loved dancing. We danced even in the gardens.

Smile doesn’t leave his lips and eyes as he looks into the distance. My mind wanders back to my home, our garden party and dances with my brother and friends in those funny fountains on the lawn. I smile.

  • Sounds nice. You also lived there?
  • A while.

He says it with a sad smile.

  • Our parents and memories of our youth shapes us. I am sure, your mother would be proud of you.

I take his hand in mine.

  • You may have a rest up there, Eirik. Meanwhile I have to bring a message.
  • That is Eden. This palace is sometimes called that.

I turn my gaze again to that place high between snowy white mountain peaks. Is it? Could it be? I need a person. Maybe the person living in that palace is Eden I need. My heart says to check it. I have only this one clue and it’s so foggy. I let out a long breath as the decision comes slowly.

  • Let’s visit it then.

He grabs me by my hips and tilts me higher. I am pressed to his perfect body. He spins me around with such joy. 

  • Woah!

I can’t stop laughing. Is it the effect of him or this place?

We need less than a full hour till we reach the wall and gates. They are open. Castle grounds are full of people. Looks like many species live here together. In peace.

We enter the castle through the side doors. My jaw drops. I am in awe. I have never ever seen nothing like it before. With each hall we pass by, my awe grows.

  • Do you like it?

He asks, snaking my waist from behind and kissing my neck under my ear. 

  • It’s… it’s… Magnifice. I think I share your mother’s taste. It’s… It’s just…

I search for the right words, but struggle to find them. I have a shortage of words to describe what it is for my eyes. He chuckles in my neck and those air waves tickle me. 

Architecture makes this building look tall and light. It’s painted in light colors. We live in dark places and all THIS.. Real masters worked many years to create this paradice.

  • Lets wash ourselves and relax a bit. 

I nod and follow him through more halls stopping to check some of them more accurately.

The bathing room is ample like everything in this palace though this basement is more ancient. Water mirrors up on the ceiling arcs. Eirikrinn drops his clothes and enters the water naked. I do the same. Water hugs me pleasantly and I feel how it washes off the heaviness of the last days. My shoulders become lighter and calm returns to my heart and head. 

I rinse my hair and feel Eirikrinn’s hands stepping on my thighs. Inch by inch higher. My breath catches a quicker rhythm. Then his lips follow, they climb higher, making my body tense and shiver. His tongue pleasures my seam. I let out a moan. It rolls over the water and finds echo between walls. His tongue enters deeper, spreading my heart beat. In an urde I touch myself, my upper body, my breasts. He enters his fangs a bit and I know he watches me. He likes it. It pleasures me more knowing he is watching. My body flushes and cheeks start to burn in inner heat. His scratching fangs and circling tongue don’t give me time to think. I sink in rising desperate need to reach sweet relief. Few more moans, louder and uncontrollable escape from my lips as my head snaps back. He rises up and dips me on his hips. His hands squeeze my ass as I slide on his ready shaff. We fit like two matching pieces. He moans and thrusts not stopping. I moan back in response. He says something I don’t understand, but his voice is so magical. He catches my lips with his soft ones.  We share the air. His thrusts are now at intense speed, I feel me squeezing around him. He growls in response and slams into me one more time. My breath hitches and he sends me through the edge. I hear him growling, open my eyes and find him orgazming. He looks so peaceful and handsome.

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