First came one more unexpected attack. Then followed my father’s death.. Father.. our King.. I miss you.. Betrayal of our warlocks on our land. My kidnapping. It wasn’t an accident, right? They knew what and why they were doing it? It was pre-planned. That means, they won’t stop and I have to be ready for the next attempt. 

  • You look pale. Are you well, gorgeous?

His index finger tilts my chin. The thumb of the other hand strokes my cheek. I lean my head slightly into his touch. He looks in my eyes with concern.

He is right. I don’t take much care over myself lately. How could I, when my heart is shattered. I can’t collect all those sharp pieces. Tears are pricking my eyes. I’ve been lost in my mind lately. I can’t summon my thoughts and work on a plan. We can’t leave like this to Cymru. I hold my brother here, in the borders of our land, but I am not sure how many more excuses I am able to find to persuade him to make anything clever than just slaughter which will definitely leave lots of our people in ashes.. Did I forget Eden? What beasts did? No, not at all. I want revenge. But is it worth this cost? Our enemy is much stronger. We can’t conquer him the usual way. Somehow I think we can win only if we choose our tactic wisly. My mind murmurs somewhere deep, we need to take out only one man, the right one, the most dangerous, but how..

  • No worries, Sorgedon. I am well, just have lots on my mind lately.
  • Gorgeous, I will do my part better. I will protect you and our land You will be safe. It’s my promise.

He hugs my shoulders and kisses my temple. I let myself sink in his warmth. 

My thoughts don’t stop messy wandering. And always comes back to him. Eirikrinn. My heart breaks in small pieces everytime just on the thought about him. His men had those awful red capes. I shut my eyes on a single memory. He was in red. That man in the yard of the Eden palace wasn’t my Eirik. This man has no mercy. He showed himself as cold and cruel. At his appearance all men respectfully made that terrible sound beating their chests. His moves are rough. His voice is severe, but it blowed power into his men, he.. He brings empty death around himself. And still my heart cries for him and squeezes. Hell.. 

  • How many centuries will it last?

I say in a whisper wishing my life was shorter. Sorgedon makes a little distance between us, just to look into my eyes, our bodies still touching.

  • Our bloodline has an eternity. Gorgeous, leave your worries for me. I will take care.
  • You always do, Sorgedon.

I brush his long hair from his face aside. I smile. I love my brother. Nowadays only he makes me smile.

  • Hell, you are gorgeous when you smile.
  • I am always gorgeous!

I tease him and giggle.

  • That’s true. 

He chuckles and plants a little kiss.

  • I like when you smile. Let’s go hunting and have a party tonight.
  • A party? In such times?

He is always spontaneous and a party man. Give him music, women, goblet and old good daggers fight.

  • I love when you are happy. I want to make you happy. Let’s smile and dance, show others we have no fear.
  • We feel the treat, but we don’t fear.
  • But others have doubts.

I think about his words. Looks like my brother grew up.

  • … You have a point, Sorgedon.
  • I will invite alliances and possible ones. Let’s show them we are together.

My mood and heart are not ready for celebration. But this party is meant more for the Black kingdom, strengthening our ties with alliances, giving hope for our men and rising their spirit. We have to hold and enlarge our clans.

  • You know, I would love that!

Comes up cheerful. Even I am surprised. He catches me happily, lifts me a few feet from the ground and spins around his axis. We share a small laugh.

  • Don’t forget Colombina.
  • Masquerade?!

I widen my eyes and move my lips to repeat what was just said.

  • I remember you loved it.
  • You can’t blame me! Our parents organised fantastic masquerade balls back then!
  • Ours will be even better!
  • … (wide smile)
  • Stop dreaming! 

He elbows me. 

  • See you in the woods!

I’m still beaming as I hear receding his voice.

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