• What were you thinking!?

He shouts. He is angry, but his voice sounds lost. I open my eyes slowly.

  • Speak to me!

His chest moves heavy. Tight clenched fists. I will meet my fate. Tonight. My head hammers. My throat is blocked with some heavy knot. My eyes are so unreliable. They close. I force them to open. Unsuccessfully.

  • What were you doing out there? You said.. You!. 

He bubbles in not so loud words.

  • What were you thinking?!

I hear desperation in his voice, but I still fight against my body.

  • Milly, wake up!

I feel his panic and growing fear. I want to be here for him. I try.

  • Milly, don’t leave me.

He whispers. I just manage to drop my bloody palm on my heart. It stays there. After a million times I finally manage to open my eyes to his pleading words. Eyelids are so heavy. He stares. Directly in mine. Black like a dark night.

  • Take it.

I tap my heart spot with my finger. His eyes stop on it. So as his breath. 

  • I don’t regret it.

He looks long at me not breaking our contact, till he sighs, kisses my temple. My eyes start to close acting on their own.

  • Hold on, gorgeous. Breath. 

He lifts me and brings us home.

After a few days I feel as new.  My new King throws a victory party in our castle as we call our mansion. Taught my color is white, I choose a red silky flowy dress. Just because it’s Sorgedon’s favorite. I decide it’s most suitable for such an occasion. We celebrate our victory. 

Our castle’s garden looks marvelous. Some clever guy caught lots of bugs, put them in some strange transparent things and now at night those bugs provide us with a dimm light. I am in awe!

  • Hi, Milly.

I turn slightly just to find him standing nearby.

  • Hi, Morty. 
  • You look gorgeous.

He meets me on the castle’s main staircase to the garden. His eyes check my body lines. I am used to it. He always looks hungry.

  • You look.. very alive.

I answer with a smile a bit teasing him.

  • You were right. King indeed returned.

He smiles shyly, but I hear sarcasm in those words. I trail his eye gaze and see Sorgedon surrounded by five women in a fountain. I bite my lip. Wet clothes suit him. He looks joyful and carefree. And Morty is right. Sorgedon always used to greet me first. Though this little detail doesn’t slip through my eyes, I won’t give Morty satisfaction. 

  • You need a woman?

I play dumb and playful. His eyes widen and his eyebrows tilt in surprise. 

  • You are one of us, Morty. Almost brother. Just say and I get one for you.

I add casually. Two wet hands make a trail down my shoulders and arms, wet body glues to my back and sweet kisses are gifted to my neck. Morty turns his gaze to the side and excuses himself.

  • Gorgeous, I saved you a dance.

We spend the magical night dancing in the dancing colorful fountains on the grass. Don’t ask me how they pulled it out, but it’s fantastic. Everyone celebrates. Every face radiates joy.

  • Come, gorgeous. 

He points to the garden’s labyrinth and I am giggling disappear in it. I run silent, quick and careful as I can manage, but be sure he tracked me quickly and trapped. We are giggling in this green pathway like kids. Finally all that awful stress is totally gone from his body. At this moment I see a passionate man seeking for his woman. I can smell his thoughts. His breathing also gives me signs. His powerful hands tear up the lower part of my dress. This gesture makes me want him. He makes that again. And again. I distract him with a kiss, take off my shoes and run with a laugh on my lips. He chases me, catches and treasures every part of my body. I moan. I tear his shirt and lick his abs. He lets out a moan. I open his pants and my wet tongue touches the tip of his c*ck. He moans aloud. With one move he spins me around and stocks himself into me. He is gentle, but f*cks me strong from behind. His hands-on my breasts and powerful strokes raise heat in my lower stomach. I feel his palm’s pressure on my back and I bend down. We moan loud. Together. That’s it. That’s what we needed tonight.   

  • Stay in my chambers tonight.

I search his deep dark eyes.

  • You are not mad at me? I.. you know.. I disobeyed..

He silences me with a soft kiss.

  • You may take any one of those in the party.

Sorgedon smiles and shushes my lips with his finger.

  • You are forgiven.

I look at him not knowing what to say as the night unfolds on an unexpected route.

  • You made much more than that, gorgeous. 

His words don’t click well with what I was ready to hear. He places a palm on my chest.

  • Kingdom and future, my dare.

Is it a joke? As a response to my silent question he lands on one knee. I stare at him in disbelief. To hear his words was hard to believe, but this..

  • You are my future queen.

His palm rests on his heart. I don’t breathe and search any hint in his eyes. And now he kneels in front of me? It can’t be! He thinks we are equal! My heart makes a happy flip. He rises.

  • I will come.

He nods and kisses my temple.

  • Your satisfaction will make me and our kingdom happy.
  • That’s the most romantic words any woman dreams to hear.

I slightly tease him. 

  • Don’t tempt me to skip our party!

He bites his lip and I stop my chuckle at his seriousness.

  • Was I out for so long that you stopped mixing duty and pleasure?

Sorgedon presses his large body to mine. His eyes eat me alive.

  • I had other plants for you, gorgeous, on that last battle night.
  • You’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

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