Immortal Diaries. Fatal Blossoms: Carnival Parade

    That’s right, my dear, I’m screaming from joy! I was waiting for one of my favourite events to come back and it’s finally arrived. Look at those gorgeous outfits and sceneries!

    It’s hard not to love them, right? <3 I feel that fresh breeze of joy and music, dances and that souther vibe of living the day as it would be the last one. Don’t they remind you of Rio? or maybe that dreamy Paris night? 😀 What ever suits you, I think they are perfect. I rarely take my word back, but I do it now, as outfits for the last couple events are wonderfully created. I love every detail, even the small one. I already imagine where I will use these new earrings, hat and skirt. And oh, dear, look at the boots! *wolf whistles 😀 And FEATHERS! <3

    How much and how to get seeds?

    The best part that getting one of these sets won’t be the end of the world. That’s why I love this event. Always good looking pair of new outfits and more or less reasonable price. The only downside is, you get whole set or not a single item from it.

    For those, who wonder, how much would it cost in detail and how to get, please check out my older two posts here and here.

    In the first one you will find the list of Tasks. It will help you to have full overview in one place of what has to be done. It’s also worth mentioning that tasks are quite easy and may be done not putting super big effort (if you are not newbie). Spending is NOT required to complete them if you have a bit of items saved. However there are task that requires Build in alliance 3 times, that can’t be done in one day and can’t be bought.

    In the first one you also get guidance on how to spend smart, step by step how to get set for the best price. The best part is: you may do it in 3 days! If you are the one who is not interested in anything above and just looks for pricing info, it’s 10.500 diamonds for each set if you do all the tasks.

    The second link will bring you info on alternative way how to get the set. The price would be 5200 diamonds AND 11 US dollars AND completed tasks.

    My 3 hints for you are these:

    • 1 stone equals 10 seeds.
    • Make you you get stones of the right colour (if you are aiming only for 1 set)
    • 5 or 11 dollars can help you to get the set if you are short on diamonds. All depends on your spending budget in this game
    1 stone=10 seeds
    Get the right colour stones!
    11 dollars=5600 seeds

    If you decide that Sets aren’t for you, you still may get some stuff from this event. Keep in mind that some tasks will get done just simply playing the Immortal Diaries game. If you complete all Tasks for one set, you will have 3600 seeds. It will be enough to get scenery, both dressing items, pfp, 6 letters and coins. I would be taking all of those! 😀 It’s a powerful feeling when you don’t have to choose, just take everything you see and like 😀

    Tag hunting

    If you feel torn that you have enough diamonds only for one Set but you can’t decide which one Set to choose, maybe this info will come up handy.

    PINK SET in aka Moulin Rouge vibe has nice Tags that will be helpful in many dates. Noticeable that most of items have required special tag (Pink, Exotic) and 1 other main Tag. Exception is boots as they have all 3 Tags (SB) for Garrett’s date 10-6.

    Bodice helps in Adrian’s date 6-9 (C). You can add there neckpiece as well (B).

    Skirt and hat are somewhat helpful in Adrian’s dates 6-6, 12-6 (C).

    Stick is useful in date 7-6 with Marcus (BA).

    BLUE SET, aka samba dancer’s apparel, has appealing tags:

    Extravagant headpiece helps in Caleb’s date 3-6 (A). It’s also useful in Adrian’s dates 6-6, 12-6 (B) together with Blouse (B) and Make up (B). Make up is one of those rarer gems in this game.

    Skirt is useful in Caleb’s date 7-6 (S). Leg jewelery helps here too (B).

    Posh blue feathers can be used in date with Caleb 13-6 (S). I see it as another gem in our wardrobes <3

    So which one SET TO GET? I see main items (main score bringers in contests) in both sets having quite repetitive tags so you may already have some substitutes for these new ones. If you don’t have, Blue set would bring you better valued items this time. It also has couple of rarer items and helps in higher level dates.

    But if your heart tells you it should be the Pink one, go for it! The game is just a game, so let’s have fun hunting any of these two sets (or maybe both? :D)

    Ciao, Danielle -6 May, 2023-


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