Immortal Diaries. EVENT. Tempted Reflections: Scandal

    We are welcoming back Tempted reflections event the last time we’ve seen in March. Sure, new sets, five star rating items and almost the same rules. Almost.

    But let’s have a look at the new beauties we are been offered to get this time. It reminds me of jin and yan 😀 Classic colour combination, black and white. What could be more classic than this? 😀

    Keep in mind 2 things:

    • You won’t be able to bid your collected points for the desired single items. Event points will be automatically distributed among all items from the set.
    • If you aim for Noir set, firstly you will have to claim white one “Innocent lies”
    Distribution of event points for the set items

    While some gamers are in high hype about this event, I’m looking at it with more moderate amount of joy because of above mentioned restrictions.

    Also, I see this type of event mostly made for p2p gamers but if you are f2p and have saved diamonds that you are willing to spend, you also have a good chance as the price is reasonable (f2p, scroll to the very bottom).

    How to play?

    Traditionally event last for 7 days so we have time to play and get sets.

    Just like last time we get mini game to collect a few extra free event points. It’s random amount but we will get apx 30/day (~2000 event points in 7 days) for the “Innocent lies” and way less for the Set Noir.

    Mini game is easy. Swipe with your finger connecting 3 asked things and you are done. I love this one as it’s not complicated, takes seconds to complete and doesn’t take time away from the main game itself.

    Another way to get extra free event points is to complete the Tasks:

    A) 15 dispatches per day. It can be managed free, especially if you are vip (non matter the level) and have purchased extra dispatch ships.

    B) Devs went two steps forward and the easier Plant Task (we had last time during this event) they made much more difficult. 55 Plants per day instead of 20 we had!! Feels like robbery, ya?.. I feel everyone who already complained on social media about it. I can see this task completed every day only if you have like 9-10 flower beds at least and you will be joining the game exactly every 3 hours, 6 times the whole week daily. Sounds insane?! I’m with you, guys.. Fertiliser bags here will be extremely helpful (I know, I know, extreme expensive). On top of all this we just had Alliance garden contest.. But if happens that you are more lucky ones and have this event paired with Gardening contest, use fertiliser and don’t think much about it.

    C) Top up may be seen as one of the Tasks (I don’t see it this way). It’s also an option to get event points: 1 dollar/day = 1000 event points for your “Innocent lies” and 500 for the Noir.

    15 dispatches
    55 Plants !!
    Top up

    How helpful is Top up?

    You already noticed that Top up gives you the most points. If you think you may buy 7 top ups and you will be done, think once more. This game is all about spending money but also playing Immortal diaries (spending more time in game). 7 daily top ups will bring you 7000 event points for the first set (white one). Overall you need 22.000 to get it. So now you see it’s not even close to the half of what you need but it’s true that it gives you a boost.

    Of course you may get the same amount of points using diamonds. It’s all up to you 😉

    Is it worth completing Tasks that are so hard this time?

    Now you say, and what if I will complete all those damn hard tasks, every single day? Will I get at least one of these sets? All Dispatches and Plants will grant you with 1560 event points/day. That makes 10.920 event points in 7 event days. So my answer to your question is ‘No. You won’t be able to get the set just yet’, but let’s admit that it’s a big portion of what you need so I would be trying to get as much done as I can if I was aiming for the set in this event.

    Use your diamonds for unlimited offers

    If you top up (1 dollar every event’s day= 7 dollars/event), complete all the free tasks and play mini game, you still will be missing ~2.000 event points. You will get those by buying ~20 “Tempted Album” for 50 diamonds each (~1.000 diamonds in total). And that’s only for the first set.

    Everything is counted assuming that you are a vip gamer and you are playing game for awhile, as I don’t see how newbie OR not vip (f2p) gamer will complete the Tasks, and not to mention buying top ups.

    Almost the same applies for the vip ones that don’t wan’t to spend extra real money on this event. If you play mini game, complete all the daily tasks but don’t buy top up, you will have an option to spend diamonds: buying ~91 “Tempted Album” for 50 diamonds each. Sign “~” is because of the random amount of gifts you get during mini game. Total spendings will be ~4550 diamonds for the first, white set “Innocent lies”.

    Second set

    If you complete daily tasks you also get some points for the Noir set: 600+570= 1.170 event points/1day (8.190 event points in total during event).

    Mini game might give you ~20 items every day for this set, what makes ~2.000 event points during the event.

    I don’t know yet for sure how many event points we need this time for the second set, but in my notes I see that previously it was 14.000. The missing ~3810 points we may cover by buying ~38 “Tempted looking glass” for 50 diamonds (~1900 diamonds in total).

    Set for f2p gamers?

    I hear people complaining that it’s impossible to get any of these sets during event for the gamers that don’t spend any money. Let’s look at this.

    f2p has only 1 dispatch ship and, like most of us, doesn’t spend 24h in game. Realistically, f2p gamer might manage 8 dispatches per 1 day. Meaning, they will be able to complete only 5 dispatch tasks per day in this event. They won’t be getting extra items that vip members are rewarded with. That leaves f2p with 500 event points per day for the first set.

    The Task Plant looks a bit more approachable as f2p don’t have to be vip to be able to buy plant beds. All we need is to progress on Queens path and spend diamonds. If you are not a freshly baked newbie, you already have a better chance here. f2p also gets daily some diamonds and it’s definitely harder to save them. However I encountered that most f2p gamers manage to get 4 flower beds. If so, 20 Plant per day might be done with some effort (p2p have tremendous 55!). That makes 5 completed Plant Tasks every day and brings another 500 event points.

    In 7 event days f2p gamer will collect 7000 event points from partly completed Tasks, ~2000 event points from mini game. The rest 13.000 event points can be covered by buying ~260 “Tempted Album” for 50 diamonds each what sets the price of 1st set at ~13.000 diamonds.

    It’s true that f2p will spend more diamonds than p2p but I believe that with that demanding Plant Task most of p2p gamers will do only partial Task just like f2p. The only huge difference will be that p2p will buy top ups to make up for undone tasks and f2p will have to use precious diamonds to achieve the same result.

    Let’s not to forget that f2p diamonds will bring only half points p2p get. If I were f2p, I would want to become the lowest level vip to be able to get the set for the half diamonds price (6.500 diamonds is a lot for the set but sounds much better than 13.000, right?). Remember, not every p2p spends fortune. There are p2p like me that play with having very economic/affordable budget.

    What about 2nd set for f2p?

    By completing 8 dispatches and 20 Plants daily (you already do for the 1st set) f2p will collect 750 event points per 1 day, 5250 event points per 7 event days for the 2nd set. There will be ~2000 event points from mini game in 7 days. The total 2nd set price should be 14.000.

    You will need ~136 “Tempted looking glass” for 50 diamonds to cover missing points. That makes ~6800 diamonds for the 2nd Set “Noir”.

    Happy hunting in reflections land, beauties!

    Danielle 15 May, 2023

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