Eirikrinn, Cymru prince
Millennia – Rhiannon
Sorgedon, Black prince


What a cruel woman happened to me to fall in love with. My fingers run over white and black piano keys. In response to my pressure they get up and let the music fly. I wish it could fill my mind replacing thoughts about her. She stuck in my mind, in my dreams, in my blood, in my nostrils.

  • I don’t get how this poisonous bond works..

I curs under my nose. Not the first time. My fingers push those magic keys forcing a miracle from them. We were told and retold old stories. We are born to crave and to find the only one meant for us. She had to be mine. But from the beginning everything went not like it had to be. Was it a sign I denied to believe? Memories of my sloughteries just to get to her floods my mind. I shut my eyes and push the keys harder, destroying the beauty. I stand up not able to stay in one place for a longer time. Somehow this hall becomes too small. I reach for the window. Night’s air blows my hair and I intake deep, though my heart is heavy and takes the whole possible space. I met her unexpectedly. In foreigh land. My heart fell in love with her not knowing that she was. My soul shouted for her. I was sure, hers reached for me as well.. How could she stay true to the Black?! Coldness washes my back. What is wrong with our bond? I grip my dagger at a sudden sound and look around the shadowy hall. It appears to be only the drum’s stick. Both broken parts still remain locked between my fingers. Porir wasn’t joking. This woman, my sunshine, will become the death of me.

  • How could you say it to me?!
  • You lost your mind, Milly!

Their voices drag my ears attention. I recognise both of them. My  eyes find their shadowy figures quickly. They stand in a yard under a sad night’s sky. My Sunshine is ready to drag his face along sharp stones. Her eyes burn in fire. He fists her curl and she steps away from the Black, turns around quickly stepping one more step away.

  • What happened to the Black’s fist, Sorgedon?! 
  • Milly!.. You do as I say.

She doesn’t look at him. It’s clear he backes her off, but her head is raised high. She looks more lost in herself.

  • I relied on you.. I trusted you, brother..
  • Nothing you say will change my mind. It’s on my terms or..
  • How dare you do it to me?

She pays him a cold eye and turns in a moment to check horisont leaning a bit over the defence wall. Her hands ramm the edge. She looks like she is in command and ready to fly as her cloak caught by the wind waves in the air. My heart beat returns. I love her ability of strong feelings.

  • Estrid can’t stay here. 

Black’s words whips me as a metal leash. Sunshine counts her steps walking slowly along the wall and then back. Her head is held high. If I didn’t know her better, I would say she looks calm and cold. But she is in fury. Suppressing it deep in that sexy fragile body of hers. My heart trembles. Black catches her firm by shoulder making her stop pacing.

  • Milly, you both have to leave. Now!

That’s a rough command, making me deeply breath. I feel my heart shaking and racing. She is not going anywhere!

  • I had to finish you then, Black. No mercy! No remains!

My lips move on themselves not asking for my permission. Legs follow their lead passing almost empty lavish halls. Walls and faces fly in my view as I rush out. He stands alone. His back to me. At the edge of the yard on a cliff where she stood. I like to see my prey’s eyes when they die. I will call out.

  • Rhia trusts you.

Toke’s body cuts my way. I take out a dagger and aim at him. His grip stops my hand tearing my eyes from Sorgedon to look at him.

  • Don’t piss me off, Toke. Stay out of my way.

My words slide as a mist through my bitten teeth. He launches on me, but I bend and roll him over my back sending him down to kiss the bare ground. I shake my head slightly with a small smile. When will those young people learn? I take the way back to Black still facing his back. He looks deep in his thoughts if he didn’t notice me being behind. 

  • They are not leaving..

I stumble as Tokes foot hits hard my back and a spot between my shoulder blades. I get up with the nearest longer stick in my hands. My wrist spins, letting its end swing the air and I hit that kid unexpected and sudden. He winces at the pain in his leg and ribs, tries to guess where I will blow next. I check on Sorgedon. He, sure, doesn’t pay any attention to us. My stick hits Toke hard under the chin. He stumbles backwards with the bleeding nose. Not covering it. I feel almost proud for the boy, but my anger still is the player on this field and won’t be calmed down till it gets it’s prize which stands in front of my eyes in a form of Sorgedon. 

  • Father!

Black whips around rooting me in a place. It can’t be true! It’s not true! Sunshine?!.. Two of them?.. What have you done?! I try to steady my jumping heart which sinks in agony of betrayal. Blacks..

  • I’ll take it from here, Toke.

I don’t check on Toke. Don’t even try. My eyes are layed on the Black prince. He is and always was the real obstacle in my way. I was distracted. Misguided. My stick crosses air like a fan. I wish I had something much sharper.

  • Toke is Black?
  • She forgot to tell you, isn’t she?

He chuckles after throwing words of sarcasm. He can’t hurt me more as I am hurting.

  • You know, between Ahh and Ohh in her bedchambers.
  • You are hurting, she doesn’t invite you anymore, Black.

Sorgedon laughs at my words aiming for my heart with his dagger. I let it fly crossing the air.

  • Won’t last for too long. She knows her place.

My wooden stick under his throat squeezes it.

  • She is not leaving!
  • You poisoned her, Cymru, but somehow she resists.

He escapes my grip and spit proud words which cut more than his silver dagger.

  • She loves me.
  • Maybe, but her veins run Black’s blood.

Sorgedon places his palm on his heart. Just the way my Sunshine did several times when we met. My stick hits his neck and he drops to the ground. Liveless.

  • Our bloods are bonded!
  • Father!

Now it’s my time to chuckle. Toke stays aside just as our rules say.

  • Your son is young, but his age shows me how long you haven’t touched her.

I am blown by a hit in a tummy. Head hard meets the stone behind. Lions eyes cross my blurred view leaving a red wet mark on my face.

  • You failed, Cymru. 
  • I did many things.. but.. I am still here.
  • She will come around. She will change her mind. 

His voice comes from deep. I make him angry. Very well. It will distract him.

  • She has Cymru inside. You will never change that!

Sorgedon stops for a second as frozen. Perfect time for my pole.

  • Toke!

Estrids voice comes quicker as her body enters.

  • Rhia is pregnant.

Toke opens his mouth and her eyes switch between me and Sorgedon. Well, well, I meant, she has my blood, but I wish this interpretation could come true. My heart aches. We had once. We were so close. 

  • Estrid.

My eyes return on her. She is in horror. Her hand launches for hairclips and they fly aiming their edges at Sorgedon with each step closer.

  • Estrid, for your own sake!

Sorgedon covers his heart with his hand. Hair clips pin his skin and he hisses. She takes away his lion dagger and the lion’s red eyes shutter against the oldness of the stone. I smile at the family drama. Looks like they don’t need me. Cold silver in her hand enters his thigh.

  • Hear me out, finally!

Toke places gently his palm over hers.

  • Toke, so that’s why she left? She didn’t even say goodbye. She left us again.

Coldness washes my back again. I feel nausea. It can’t be true. She promised me.

  • What did you say, Estrid?

I plead with her to change the message she just delivered, but find only mirrored pain in her gaze.

  • I told you, Milly will come to her senses. Your f*cking blood will never change us.

I leap on him and my hand makes his heart pulsate at my wanted rhythmus. He roars, making tremble all ancient walls and that is exactly what I wanna hear!

  • Look into my eyes. She is different, Black! Different!
  • She just.. left you.. again. She.. run!

He is fading and my blood in my veins jumps running a joy, pumping lightness in my heavy heart. He is over! After all.. Estrid’s hand snatches my hand and I hiss at her in anger. My eyes hardly filter her in my view. 

  • Some actions may not be forgiven, Eirik.

Her gaze is sticky as a magnet not letting my eyes go. I move my head, but it comes somehow more in horizontal number eight form. She pins me in this circle. I feel so foreighn, so far away from HER. I love and hate our invisible chain. Where is she? I step backwards. I want ALL of them wiped. They are just tiny figures standing in my way.

  • Eirik, she is still out there. 

Estrid’s voice rings deep in my dark mind. Invisible force makes me move. Away. Away from all them and nearer HER. My heart screams filling place in my ears.