I stroll lost in my green oasis. Fingers brush heads of little bushes and their naked leaves. I take my high heels off and wrap my finger around a slim strap. Running water captures my attention. Bare feet count little stones till I reach and sit at the edge of the fountain letting water tickle my legs. I avert my face to the stars and take a breath. Six moons.. And nothing bad happened. Smile spreads on my lips. Eirik stayed. Every night he wraps me in his warmth and protection. My nightmares stopped. If I wake up wet, it’s not from fear any more. I bit my lip. If only Sorgedon could live up with that.. 

  • May we?

I nod to the men hanging small lights in the garden. I hear a sharp click and dim lights shine as bright as the stars over us. One more party. End of human year. We don’t count accurately as centuries are an easier measure for us. But tonight feels like the best time to tell him. My smile reaches stars. It will make him the happiest.

  • It will be special.

I say dreamy and blow the night air. It forms a little cloud and disperses slowly.

  • May I freely speak?

Foreighn voice approaches me from behind. I nod.

  • I can’t find Andvari.

I look at him. Guard. One of mine, though I’ve never seen his face.

  • Why do you need him?

He hesitates. I feel he needs a push.

  • If he can know. So do I. Speak.

He looks around and in an eye blink stands next to me. My dagger stops at his throat. His hands are empty, but that means nothing to me. He would not be the first one. As much as I strive for peace, some of them are always hungry for power I have.

  • Don’t even think. Why are you here?

Silence drops. I wait. Patiently. He will talk.

  • Someone is coming.
  • What?!

More stupid excuse after unsucessfuly attempt I haven’t heard. I play with his life. He could at least try to be more creative.

  • Where is Andvari? I.. I really have to talk to him.

I look at him with rising suspicion.

  • He left me at the checkpoint.
  • Where?
  • They are moving this way.

I press him to the tree. I don’t like that he ignores my question. Something doesn’t come here together..

  • Did you recognise any signs they have?

He shakes his head while I try to figure out what kind of trap that is.

  • They are nothing we know.. Humans are scared!

My attention snaps back to him. I let a laugh and let him go. He stares at me in surprise frozen. He amuses me. His stupidity could be a reason why Andvari sent him away.

  • Where is Andvari? Shortlivings even came to us asking for help.

My laugh cuts immediately and I turn on my heel to face him. Impossible! He nods. Probably at the look on my face.

  • Where?
  • At the shore. Far.

He gestures north direction. His body muscles tremble. I can smell his fear. He is definetelly not lying.

  • How many?

His voice drops to a whisper. I can feel him forcing words out.

  • ..too many..

He closes his eyes and covers his ears. I’ve never seen someone so scared.

  • Zip your mouth.
  • But..
  • One night. Meet me and Andvari here tomorrow.

Guard opens his mouth, but it doesn’t let out any sound. I shush him with a cold stare. HE is here. I disperse the guard with a wave of my palm. Eirikrinn laughs approaching me from behind. 

  • You shoved him so quickly away. Don’t you want an audience, love?

His hands snake my waist from behind kissing my neck on my vein lightly. We both feel it pulsating. Air vibrates at my neck as his fangs prolong. I watch the guard disappear in the distance. Others left earlier.

  • Greedy as always.

I spin in his embrace to kiss his soft lips. They meet mine with welcome and my head starts a bit to spin. 

  • I love you.
  • To the moon and back.

His husky voice shows he needs more. His lips lower on my collarbone drawing a line. Climb slowly on my breast as a spider. My breath deepens. I look into his eyes and he meets mine still working me with his tongue. I flush. My fingers entangle into his hair as I hold for him. He growls as pleasures my other breast with fingers playing as strings of an instrument. My head snaps back opening lights over us. I send moans to the moon. He settles me on the fountain’s marble edge I was sitting earlier.

  • You are a rare beauty.
  • Beauty is so fragile.

He brushes his thumb over my lover lip while other plays over spot between my legs. His eyes roam my face as I try to fight rising arousal. His lips speak and my answer him, but my brain slips in a grey zone on an intensity of his touch.

  • Aahh!

His head lowers once more, hot on my cheeks and wetness spreads between my breasts. He blows cold air on my skin and pressure rises in my tummy as he keeps teasing me between my legs.

  • Eirikrinn..
  • Mmm, I love my name in your lips.

He murmurs in his magic voice as he plays me with his fingers. I lean back and he lowers himself even more. His tongue joins his fingers and I grab for the cold edges of the fountain.

  • Don’t shush yourself, love.
  • Aaah!

I respond as under command not able to stop moaning louder. His tongue circles finding new places. Explore a spot of my pleasure. He enters my pussy deeper and I stop my breath. Just then he gets out leaving me whimper. My skin shivers as my body misses his body warm.

  • You are perfect.

He leans in only to brush the curl of my hair. I arch and anchor myself into his shoulders. Our bodies meet again in the warm. His moan replaces other sounds around. His lips suck and tongue mastery jumps, writing a letter down my body. My fingers cover his muscles and write the answer to his tongue’s letter. He disappears between my tights, grazes my lower lips between his teeth and fang catches a spot a bit up. My fingers entangle into his hair. He breaks me. Here. Under the stars. Licks my juices with a growl and a moan. My body unpowered leans back, but he catches. I feel my hair dump. Oh right. Fountain. Senses come back not rushing as he rests breathing on my breasts in my hug. He is still on his knees and not sate.

  • Dance with me, Sunshine.

I look at him, the perfect man in front of me. I hold him my hand over without much thinking. We help each other to stand up. And I’m pressed against his hard chest swimming in his scent. He breathes mine and guides us swirling and twisting. He hums a silent melody I’ve never heard. My body obeys to his lead and follows flawlessly. His hardness pressed against my thigh. Our eyes almost never separate. Time just stopped not even trying to reach for us. We are a force. Our foreheads meet. Now it’s the time to tell him.

  • You will hate me.

I am abacked by his words. His eyelashes close, hiding his eyes. We swing slowly.

  • I am sorry, love.

He presses his body into mine. I feel he is hurting. I look at him. His face is cupped in my palms. My heart is hurting though I don’t know why. 

  • I am sorry, Sunshine..

I hug his back and place my head over his shoulder keeping his body shielded with mine. I feel his fear.

  • You are.. my world.

His voice hitches. He knows me well. And he truly believes I won’t like it.. It takes me a few moments to find a possible guess.

  • ..Andvari?

I whisper into his ear. He nods and tugs me closer again as I’m his air. My head rests on his schoulder. Tears roll down into darkness making my fingers and his shoulder wet. Lump forms in my throat blocking air and I open my mouth. No sound of breaking heart. Nothing. Just drilling pain. Eirik strokes my hair. We don’t share a look. We still swing under music no one hears. His hands run over my back soothing my pain which shakes my body. 

  • Now you both will hate me.

I am shared between grief and loss, anger and love. Can’t decide what I feel stronger. I inhale deep, soundless, but shaky. My lips move, but only mouths without sound. Looks like my voice is rooted the way my body.

  • Sunshine?

His worried warm words cross by. I check on him tilting my eyes and meeting his. 

  • Sunshine, say something.

It sounds like a voice far away. I ordered him to leave castle. Why did he stay?

  • Andvari and .. and .. and? He is..

My lips form various airy letters. Why didn’t he listen to me? I had to know better. I had to keep both of them apart.

  • Both..
  • I know. I know, Sunshine.. I am sorry I hurt you and Estrid.

I look up at him with empty eyes.

  • She?. why?
  • He is her father.

I shake my head. My dare Andvari. I sink in open emptiness. It was his part of my heart. My friend, my steady, my warrior. Andvari, the enemy is coming, they are reaching for us. You always wanted to fight, to win. It was your dream, but you was stuck with me. Now we could do it together. But you won’t be back.. right? I swallow a large lump. Never.. You had my trust. You had my back, when it was dangerous here.. It’s still dangerous.. And I need an ally..

  • Sorgedon..

It comes silent, in a whisper. Eirikrinn’s fingers enter my skin. I jump from the fog I was swimming in.

  • Sorgedon?! You stayed true to him?! That’s all you will say?

Eirik keeps me at a hand’s length, his eyes are hot black on me.

  • We were lulled in illusion. Past is racing us with a full force.

My eyes run into his eyes. He looks hurt and crashed. I kiss slowly his fingertips trying to soothe his pain. Why is he hurting? I’m not blaming him. I’m not running. Even after what he did, what he just said. 

  • I will never surrender, Eirik. 

He stays silent looking at me. Dimly. I kiss lightly the tips of his fingers.

  • For those I love.