Millennia – Rhia(nnon)


  • Rhia, that’s him..

Andvari aims his dagger dangerously at Eirik. What a stupid move!

  • I know.

I slide between them winning a bigger distance between the two of them leaving my back turned on Eirik. Andvari arches his eyebrow signaling it’s not safe. 

  • Rhia..

He tells in mid whisper, warning me. Eirikrinn tugs me closer and I smash into his chest gasping for the cold air in pain as my back leans against his hard muscles and metal rake sinks deeper in my flesh. Andvari launches on Eirik. I stop him, outstretching my hand with raised palm forward so blocking his way. He won’t dare. My hand was quicker than Eirik’s. This time.

  • Don’t.

I hiss shortly through my bitten teeth as the pain slowly starts to fade.

  • Sunshine?! 

Eirik’s voice softens and his hand goes to my shoulder reattaching my body from his. His point of attention shifts to my back leaving Andvari a bit aside. I still hold my hand just not so high any more.

  • You don’t need that, love.

Eirik’s voice drops to a low, throaty, mystical next to my ear. It wraps me in that caring and warm ancient accent of his I love. His fingertips brush next to my backbone feather light rising my awoken arousal. My legs buckle and I try not to close my eyelashes as my heart is racing pushing out oxygen out of my lungs. He unclasps the metal rack slowly dragging spikes off my skin, freeing one vertebrae after another. Slowly. Too slowly. Taking his time. I’m not sure how long I will ahold still in front of him. His hands work from up down and with each free coll of backbone I feel more free. My heart flutters in butterflies, skin shivers, becomes even more sensitive. My eyelashes whimper at a sensation of his touch trailing over my bare skin. My chest rises and falls following my deepened breathing.

  • Let her go!

Eirikrinn isn’t affected by the command of Andvari. He unklasps the collar and his lips land hot on my neck leaving bruises. Metal rack hits wooden floating floor with the sound. His lips still wrap my skin sucking deep. I missed him. Missed him so much. Need of him bubbles in my low stomach. It finds its way down between my thighs pressuring heavily. I keep my eyes open against my needs bubbling inside as hot lava threatening to burst out.

  • You keep running, but I will always hunt you down.

His mood shifts as do my skin under his different rough touch. It’s more warning or a rough remainder rather than a threat. His fingers tighten around my throat tilting my chin so high that airflow instantly stops. I’m on my tip toes and feel myself already in the foggy room going darker and let my nails deep into his skin. He hisses audibly as suddenly burned letting my body for the gravity’s mercy. It slides down and lands flat on the floor, I’m on my knees in front of him. I tilt my chin hurriedly. Hair scatters around messy, but uncovers my face. His fingers intervene with my hairy waves and my skin again shivers. He dips his head meeting my eyes. His gaze is wicked and undoubtedly acts as a trigger. My heart flies looking for more space. I want him so raging even more! My hands shove down his pants and his shaft springs in front of my mouth. I am guided by magnetic instinct, wrap my lips around making it wet from the core to the tip and all the way back, slowly at first, but keeping up pace. He growls fisting my hair at the back of my head more holding himself on his legs than guiding or punishing me. He closes his eyes, swallows his moans leaving just the animalistic sounds. Snapping his head back he rocks his hips into my mouth. Edge of my eye catches Andvari stroking himself as he watches us. My cheeks flush.

  • You want him, here?

For sure Eirik catches me blushing and staring. He shoves his finger rough into my mouth next to his sliding c*ck, both of them now moving together. I close my eyes as the picture he draws fuels me. He takes it as a yes.

  • Accept your gift, love.

He almost drags me and settles next to Andvari’s feet on my knees. Our eyes meet. I don’t need his pity. Quickly it’s changed by fire in Andvari’s eyes transformed into shining black. He holds my chin brushing my lower lip with his finger. He licks his lips. I mirror him and his shaft enters the opening between my lips leaving the wetness of his precum for me to taste. It’s a bit salty and chill. His moves are careful, eyes full of love I never noticed before. F*ck that’s a fine line! My heart shudders. There is an undeniable chance we both will be dead till the sunrise. I squirm trying to pull out, but in this position his c*ck enters my mouth only deeper. Andwari lets out a throaty growl. Eirik leans into me from behind, I feel his range storming as he grabs my upper arm tilting me up on my feet. He mid-whispers not hiding his words.

  • Impale yourself on him.

I lock my eyes with Andvari. He smiles at the edges of his lips and gives me courage.

  • I won’t hurt you, Rhia.

This line is too fine.. Too fine.. My heartbeat quickens.

  • Eirik..

Eirikrinn’s steely eyes don’t change, but the energy around him is burying.

  • Eirik, I was back, but you were gone.
  • You play with me. You keep running! 

His voice is dry. Words are clear as the still night. He doesn’t believe me.

  • Not any more, Eirik.

My fingers reach for his lips. He catches my wrist keeping away from him. It’s a torture!

  • So do as I ask, Sunshine. Show me you care.

I bite my lower lip thinking what is better to do, but my mind doesn’t cooperate. His husky voice does his magic. I hear my heart hammering in my ears.

  • Do you need persuasion?

Eirik nods slightly and Andvari presses my back from behind, I feel his flesh against mine. A bit warm. Pleasantly. His hands follow my body lines checking every curve of my hip and sliding V down in front, hugging my inner thighs and squeezing them, his thumbs brush my clitor. My eyes don’t leave Eirik’s. He is standing in front of me and observing. My lips betray me and they moan leaving Eirik’s eyes narrowed. He turns his head aside. 

  • Prove me, love. 

Andvari’s hands play with my body as I try to stay still. They follow my curves down and up, find my breasts. I stop my moan. This weird situation becomes hot as he watches me.

  • Lower yourself on him.

He doesn’t turn back. His voice is strange. I can’t get to him, to his heart. It’s a dangerous grey zone and we all three are tangled here together.

  • I returned, Eirik.
  • Enough words! Show me in action.

He gives a sign and Andvari lies down. Eirik holds my palms. That strangeness doesn’t go away. I feel an urge to win him back and it looks like it’s the only way. To give control away and obey.

  • Face me, Sunshine.

Eirikrinn helps me to ease myself on top of Andvari’s ready shaft underneath me. I face Eirik, as my ashole stretches making more and more place for Andvari’s sliding wet c*ck. Andwari’s hands grip my hips firmly tilting me a bit up and he starts to move out and back in. At first slowly, finding his way in, and then out, in again stretching deeper and groaning, out leaving emptiness, but always coming back and with a bigger force hitting my moans out. I close my eyes at intencity, slide my legs, open them wider and lean back to Andwari to support my weight.

  • So flushed. Wide open. Vulnerable.

I open my eyes just to meet Eirikrinn’s hot burning gaze on me from a distance. Andvari drills my tight hole steadying me as I slide him vertically up and down my breasts freely bouncing, slamming sweaty skin. 

I miss Eirik’s hands on my body. My eyes probably plead because he kneels and licks my pussy sending me to the stars at the single touch. Twice. Twice! Damn him! And leaves me aching. Damn! I growl in frustration.

  • Sweat as a beautiful flower. And so.. cruel. 

I shut my eyes at the moment Eirikrinn’s nail cuts my hard nipple. I moan loudly. His tongue and fangs join pleasuring me as Andvari keeps working my tight hole moaning underneath me. Eirikrinn’s hand returns down and plays with my bud teasing me. Heat flashes my body. His hand on my skin, but he still keeps distance. Damn him and his anger!

  • EIRIK!
  • Right, sunshine, correct name.

His devilish smile crosses my eyes. His fingers slide easily into my damp pussy. My breath hitches and I struggle to intake air.

  • So dripping.. Is it for him?

I can only shake my head and that’s exactly what I do.

  • Will you accommodate both of us?

We lock our eyes and I see man which I love and crave. I nod. We meet in a long biting kiss. Our lips meet in a needy sensation, tongues dance in a perfect change of saliva, light bites and sucking on lower lips without fight for the power, just tasting and drinking each other as starving creatures. He positions himself not letting my lips go and enters me front extremely carefully. Both men fight inside me with their long and hard shafts. Both of them with each thrust are claiming a piece of me sending pleasure waves and tearing my body front and behind. My body becomes a field for their battle as one pushes in and other thrusts deeper in response. Both competing and filling my holes, brushing each other and growling together. My insides clench once, second and third time as my body slips at the edge of sensations. I am lost in two low male throaty voices that share their moans. All around disappears.

  • You are mine. I am yours.

Eirikrinn claims me now also in words. The thought hits me. It’s not me who is vulnerable. It’s him. 

  • I’m done running, Eirik. I waited for you.

I reassure him. Eirikrinn’s hand holds a firmer grip on my hip. He pumps into me deep at insane power cutting through my squeezing inside walls. My body obeys to him and breaks in orgasm, way to quickly spasming them both. Eirik pumps me further as I ride our passions waves and joins me filling with his seed. My body goes numb and I slide off Andvari. He kisses my shoulder giving me a smile and gentle look. Feeling of danger returns instantly. I just know that situation is already f*cked.

  • Leave the palace.

I mouth to Andvari without sound. He turns his head to the side giving me a refusal. I continue staring him down. He has to understand, it’s an order. He smiles softly sliding down from the swings and disappears behind the door. My eyes follow his way till I see him no more. Eirik meets my eyes, but says nothing. I am afraid of his silence. Instead he gifts me a kiss and cuddles next to me. I let out a sigh in relief.

  • You wanted to feel, love.

I nod and kiss him. He looks searching my eyes, then brushes my hair softly and plants a light kiss on my temple. He definitely acts too sweet, but this taste of suspicion I brush quickly away as Eirik covers us under my feathers cloak. He spoons me with his large body. Our fingers intervene and move with each beat of the heart. We are stronger. We can face fate. With that last thought tiredness hits me.

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