Rhia-Millennia-Black princess


I was so suspicious about the whole story my son told, but he looked so sincere. I could tell, he believed in every word he was saying. He alarmed me. Contrary Silva.. She never mentioned anyone brutal, also any battles she couldn’t handle herself lately. That left my heart uneasy. I asked some guards around and they proved Toke’s words. Our borders were attacked regularly, but as they explained, it lasts for years. They didn’t look exclusive for them as it’s nothing unusual, and nothing they couldn’t handle. Andvari was silent for years about that as well.. Maybe he doesn’t see him as a threat as Toke does. He couldn’t lie to me so long. He doesn’t know where to put his tongue while he is around me. I have no reason not to trust him. And still.. I feel alerted enough to have to measure the danger myself, to calculate how big the real threat is. I am still weighing the danger at our border, but already gave an order to start war preparations. And Toke did what he promised. He feels better when he thinks he handles the situation. I just don’t want to lose him. He needs more action. His young blood is eager. We need his energy and thoughts put in a useful direction. And that’s a little I can do for him. We are preparing for a war, I am not willing to enter. If there is any possibility, I will find the way to turn it to our kingdom’s benefit.

I leave the bath and let servants dry my skin. I look through the window in the cold darkness. 

  • Where are you, Eirikrinn? 

I dismiss everyone and put on a sheer short white dress. Last time I wore white, he was with me. My fingers run through the fabric. My lips sadly smile. Years passed. Only he awakened my heart. No matter who I choose, my heart stays hard and lifeless. No ones bites, no ones kisses, no ones f*cking brings me to life. I adjust my little dress, the only one piece covering my body. No. Not quite right. I need to feel something. I take a wide white leather collar and run my fingers on its rough hairy surface absorbing its imperfection. 

  • Help me. Do your job.

With a decision made I close it up tight on my neck and the long metal rack attached to it wraps around my backbone sinking into my skin under bone. I shut my eyes instantly, till the pain winds up. My breasts are exposed now and look two sizes bigger squeezed between those two thin metal ribs. Just right for the occasion. I sigh. Everyone will be down there. Making out. Feeling this pain in every abrupt movement, watching them, hearing their loud moans and maybe only this time the right man next to me.. I shake my head not believing my thoughts. Everything put together may have to work out, right? I let out a long sigh. 

  • Rhia?
  • I will be there, Toke.

I hear his light feet disappearing in the party’s direction. Who is that man my son was talking about? Maybe he is the one for tonight.. I brush the thought away and throw on the cream feather long cloak covering my nudeness.

I slip through the back door where no one expects me. My finger shushes the guard and he gives me his silent nod and smile accompanied with the V on his heart. I enter the swings a bit further from anything in the main area. Secluded and secured edge, perfect to observe others. Good place to see him from. I silently run my eyes looking for a sign of him and give credit to my son as he pulls one more extraordinary party. I sit down on a furry board, leaving my bended legs a bit aside as I lean into one of the swing’s holders.

Slow air flow blows into my neck starting up from my right shoulder. I start giggling. He used to do it so often. It always tickles. How could I forget? It brings my smile.

  • You look lovely, gorgeous.

He slides elegantly and lightly as a wild cat next to me as he belongs here. Kisses my temple.

  • Hi, handsome.

I give him my sincere smile. Sorgedon lets a short bright laugh. His eyes dance in joy.

  • I could use to it.

His head finds a slit in my cloak and slithers inside. I can’t stop my laugh as feathers tickle my skin. His head rests in my lap looking up at me. 

  • You don’t need them, Milly. I can give you all you want.

I stare at him. This though never crossed my mind earlier. He turns his head and nuzzles his nose at my bud slightly brushing it. I still think his words over. Maybe he is right.. He grazes it with his teeth. I moan instinctively against my will as wetness flush down my tummy. He growls.

  • I missed your smell, Milly. 

Sorgedon snakes my waste, his fingers play on my side ribs. I don’t hold my little laugh. We playfully wrestle as kids and I feel me relaxing. First time in those long years. 

  • I know what you want. What you like. What makes you feel more than good..

He crawls his way up my cleavage blowing cold air. My skin reacts instinctively and he pins it with the sharp edge of the feather. My body exposes at him. Hands fist feathers on the both sides of my body. Arousal..

  • Sorgedon..

We both laugh as he misses his way up to me. I catch him right in time not to slip down the swings. He lies on his back next to me sinking in a hill of pillows.

  • Give me time to think about it, Sorgedon.

He nods in agreement. I slide through the light curtains landing quietly down, leaving him on the swings. I silently find my way out to the empty connecting hall not dragging unnecessary attention. The only one sound I hear is my calming breath. What was that, Milly? I pull my fingers one by one from the root-place in my palm as I walk in the shadows. My body reacted stronger as I could expect. It gives itself easily to the touches of Sorgedon. I squeeze my eyes as ache returns to my heart. I need you, Eirik.. A tear rolls down my cheek and I stop others shutting my eyelashes close. It’s just my body. It warmed up at Sorgedon’s touch. My body knows his, as they were together for years. That was not my heart. I am lost in the palace, in silence, barefoot. Not my heart..

Presence of Eirik sweeps me off guard and my breath hitches. I twirl around ready to see him, but find no him, no one. My eyes run over the judge hall looking for him. I listen carefully. I hear. Woman’s moan. Shake my head brushing glimp away. I try to steady my breath which speeded up at a though he is back. I take air deeper and deeper, but it doesn’t fill me up, so I flee out for the fresh air.

  • Eirikrinn.. 

My lips part, but just suck so needed air in. I blink not believing in scenery in front of my eyes. He stands there, back turned to me, his hand slapping her ass as she moans. That’s him. I could recognise him even if I couldn’t use my eyes. Storm hits me from inside as wind blows his forest scent and hits me with moose in the air confirming me what I already knew. My legs weaken, I hold on a bony railway and can only stare at him. He whispers in her ear. I can’t hear his words. He f*cks her like crazy forcing louder moans of her. I blink and flee back to the nearest hall, which appears to have the same swings I left earlier.

  • Love, you are back.

I mumble under my nose and blench at my voice as it sounds so foreighn. My eyes run through the content of transparent beds not really absorbing. They stop on the woman in pleasure. She is on her knees and the man stays behind her holding her weight up by her upper arms. Her face is turned in ecstasy. Man runs her body making her arch. Her nails run his skin till the blood. He leans into her moaning. You can undeniably tell they have a strong connection. So do I. My heart hammers alive. In want. In fear. In pain. In jealousy. In love. In desperation.

  • You could have what she has.

I snap to Andvari. He smiles and hands me a smoky goblet placing himself close behind my back, but still in a reach of our eyes. 

  • Drink with extras. You know me well.

My eyes return to the woman. I dip my lips into the drink, slowly lick them. Andvari eyes flash.

  • You deserve what she has.

I sink in his eyes as he licks my fingertips slowly and carefully avoiding warlock’s rings. My heart still hammers not finding the right place or rhythm. He found me. He is here. My mind runs back to what I saw as my heart races. Andvari sweeps me off in his strong hands and grounds me to the bottom of the swings in soft pillows. I laugh as the drink hits me and everything around twirls. He is back. I have to tell him! Andvari puts an eye bandage covering my view. Maybe it’s better as my world dances in dizziness. That forest scent. I breathe it in deep intakes. My heart flutters.

  • That drink is damn strong. No rush, Andvari.
  • As you wish. We have all night to ourselves.

I sink in music as his fingers slowly run across my body. It whimpers at the sound of drums. Estrid performs.. I smile.

  • I want to feel.

Andvari chuckles in his low voice.

  • I will give you what you want.

He dips my fingers in a goblet. Liquid is warm, babbling blows energy tickling my fingertips. I feel smoke frosting my fingers. Extras..

  • Andvari..

I try to sit up, but laugh lightly at my failure. Drops land onto my face and roll down my skin leaving wet traces. One drop manages to land on my lip’s edge, but it was caught by his fingers. He sucks on it slowly. I can hear his throaty growl. That doesn’t feel right. I make one more attempt to get up. The forest’s smell doesn’t fade. He unwraps my body from feather’s cloak, slowly, as a long wanted gift. I feel his hot gaze on me. It scares me as hell beacuse I feel, I crave. He runs his finger at the edge of my collar.

  • Aaahh..

It was undeniably my moan expressing my heart not only pure need. I finally manage to brush off the blinder. I have to see him. Eirik comes straight away in my view, half of feet across from me. His finger is hooked under my collar. His dagger and eyes are pointed at Andvari. Andvari holds his silver one in his palm. Both in dishevelled clothes and messy hair, with dagger’s cuts on skin, coal black eyes killing each other. We swing slightly in the air.  

  • Eirik..

I gasp terrified one of them will be killed now.

  • Did you pick him?

His voice is cold and stings deep in my bones. Why the hell he asks me that now?!

  • I pick someone every year. Just the way YOU did today.

I feed him the answer. He locks his sharp eyes with mine. No more words. This situation starts to stink. My heart shivers. My fingers curl into fists. F*ckin Cymru blood!

  • You had yours tonight. She was good, right?

I am abacked by the bitter in my voice and furry. He cracks a smile. Devilish. Not the one I used to see. I look quickly at Andvari, just to check on him.

  • Do you want him?

I blink. It’s a dangerous game Cymru plays. He tugs my collar and I gasp, half in pain, half in surprise. We still find ourselves face to face. Eyes locked. I cup his chin in my palm softly.

  • You won’t touch him.

He laughs ignoring my silky voice. I see those lovely lips move and little dimples appear. He stops as quickly as he started. His gaze bores in mine.

  • We will see about that, Sunshine.

His lips stop a hair from mine and his eyes slide on them. I order Andvari as a gesture to get out of here. His eyes question my order, but he finally shifts.

  • No.
  • Eirik, we..

He silences me with a kiss. It’s hotness burns my lips. They open letting his tongue slip in and explore, leaving space just for the air we share. It’s a claim, an anger, a passion.

  • This can wait. 

He unbuckles my cloak in one move revealing my shoulders. The last mostly covered place of my body. I remain straight. No matter what, I feel safe in his hands. His fingers trace slowly metal ribs on a front and sensitive skin under my breasts. I moan into his lips. 

  • Stop.

It’s a command. Apparently meant not to me. He points to Andvari.

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