Eirikrinn – Cymru prince


  • You came here for her, remember?

I look at the new voice. Toke comes to me slowly with his hands up. That’s not she.. Not my Sunshine.. He is right.. Right. I start to breathe and loosen my grip on the neck I was wrapping.

  • Come. Looks like you need a drink.

As much as I don’t want to agree with him, he is right. A drink could make me good.

  • Come.

I give a last look at Fergus.. and her. That’s not Her. I close my eyes one more time and jump over the edge down. Gasps fill the hall in a few waves. I land lightly on my feet with a bit bended knees and spread wide my hand fingers. I feel all those eyes following me, but with each step evening comebacks to normal and parties sounds fill my ears.

  • You like to show off.

Toke hands me a drink and opens his mouth instead to hold it shut. I drink it in one gulp. Strong and burning. Just what I need. Toke gets me the second one. I am really grateful for that. Thick drink leaves it’s texture all the way down my throat. 

  • Don’t even think to act this way in front of Rhia.

Why does he have this need to speak now? I gulp down the drink and head out to the balcony hooking Toke’s shoulder on my way out.

My mind f*cks with me. Why is that? I rake my hair into fresh air more with my finger bones than with my fingers. As soon as I reach the edge of my way my fists land hard on it making long curvy cracks. I roar. Once. Letting me out. Maybe it will give away my sorrow.

  • Just a man of my taste.

Her voice is smooth and wavy. I don’t turn around. My fingers squeeze the railway’s edge tight and it starts to fell apart in pieces.

  • With a temper. Rough at the edges.

Her steps come near. I hear her nail brushing surface. I can smell her bloomy scent. I curse silently under my nose. 

  • Who sent you?
  • And that voice of yours makes you more special.

She ignores my question. Her fingers carefully trace my hand over the clothes. I catch her hand and whip myself around. My body presses her into the nearest large bumping exterior wall stones. She gasps letting out air from her body through lips.

  • I like you rough.
  • You’ve seen nothing.

I tug her wrists painfully and she moans. From pleasure. They all are more or less the same. Her head snaps back letting her long wavy hair swing. I tug them in a fist narrowing gap between my lips and her ear.

  • Why.. are you here?

She presses her ass into me. She is curvy. Hits me hard though it’s only a slight touch, but it reminds me of my needs.

  • Stay silent.

She nods breathing heavily still facing the wall. I let her hand go and she reaches for my dick. I return her palms on the wall without softness, my chest pressing her back. My lips to her ear.

  • Is that what you want?
  • Yes. 
  • Lift your skirt then.

She does as she was told. Good girl. I tug her hair, unbuckle my pants with one hand and free my hard shaft. I stoke. She moans as I accidentally touch her, buckles her round moon shining ass towards me. I give it a slap leaving a colour on it. She gasps in pleasure. I repeat. She answers that as well, this time with a louder moan.

  • Stay silent.

I command. She bites her lip. I work on her buddy till she soaks wet my fingers and shove into her pressing more moans of her mouth.

  • Shut up or I’ll stop!

I slam my c*ck into her and out, in-out, in-out. Empty movements to me. Every time it’s the same.. I growl in disappointment. It’s the same. Not enough. I squeeze my eyes as I get angry and push harder into her. I need the true feeling! She lets out a cry. Her body trembles and her legs are shaken. She is worn up. No use of her.. I let her go, not looking at her face for once. I fix my pants. Frustration scratches my wound in my soul.

  • That was a poor performance, but definitely drew much attention.

I don’t turn around. I know that voice too well. What a hell is he doing here?

  • Don’t say you are now shy. It didn’t look that night back in my castle. You shined as a star then. What has since then happened? 

His sarcastic tone pushes me to do what is better to keep on hold. I wrap fingers in my fists even more tighter and nails cut deep into flesh. My shaky breath points to me that I won’t hold myself any longer. 

  • Oh I know! You miss my bony spiky snakes!

He laughs as my head replays views of his guards destroying my body. Back then I believed I lost her. And now.. Where is she now?..

  • How could I let myself be so badly misguided?! Your bond is void. And my sister proved it! 

My palms wrap his shoulders and I lean into him as I am going to share a secret. Just then my fist blows him far, hitting the torso. He lands hard backwards, but stands up quickly. My fist joins his chin from down towards the sky. Sorgedon’s neck snaps back with a sound of crack, but head stays on his neck. We twirl rounds in the air between two balconies just outside the main hall. I don’t feel pain though my knuckles are painted in burgundy fresh red. No need to know, his or mine. His anger is large and wild. So as mine. Our hands and legs meet in an accurate fight. I hear Her voice. Not again!

  • You didn’t know, right? 

He chuckles through bleeding lips. He probably reads my expression. Wait! He heard her as well! Sorgedon makes a wide smile covered in sarcastic red lines of blood. His deep glistening eyes stalk my moves. He just did me a favour not knowing that!

  • She is here, but she is not yours, Cymru.

His words aim to my aching tired heart and I aim his head several times into the wall till he hits and slumps to the ground. I don’t want him dead. Not now. I want him in pain and near death much more. Time after time. After everything he has done instant death would be just a gift. For every moment I thought she was dead. For hunting us down. For staying between us. Again her voice surrounds me. She is not in my damn head! My eyes fix on Sorgedon. He lies still just some unrecognisable sounds let his body. I smile happily. So where is she?

I return to the hall of carnal pleasures. Climb the first goblet I find and start to move up checking one after another. She has to be here. My eyes see what wasn’t meant for them. Naked bodies, some tangled, some stretched, all in desperate need. She can’t be here. I don’t want to find her here. Sorgedon couldn’t reach that low to give his sister away to anyone. My heart shakes and disapproves everything my brain pushes towards it. I check one by one, not missing any of those secret spots. My heart hammers with each one less left to check. She is not yours anymore, Eirik. Whispers my mind echoing Sorgedon’s voice.

  • She is not here.

I mumble and land in a jump down again. My lips blow out the air emptying my lungs with a bit of relief. I curve a little smile in a hope my heart won a battle against my mind. I’m not sure any more, what were her true feelings for me nor how far Sorgedon is ready to go punishing her.  

Party sounds return to my ears and air clears as my feeling in my gut easies. Music fills the air. That’s a war dance and I follow it to find the show place. Maybe she is there. Just like in Black castle. 

On a dark stage in the shadows of red smokes stands a woman. Her back muscles and palms move in perfect syncron with the music. Her fingers act as a magic glueing eyes of everyone at the points she wants them. Her trained plastic body follows the flute and she swings as whirlwind in the music. The light scarf in her one hand dances and opens in a wide fan. She fights the air demons smoothly captivating more and more eyes. It’s seductive. Their growl, men and women, all hungry in their sexual needs. Flute is joined by silent drums. Their sound rises. My heart blooms. I know her! I try to catch more of her face. Shades doesn’t let her show off. She swipes up a curved sword and works it mastery swinging and twirling around. She cuts air with it sending vibrations and I am blown back to another performance I saw back in my life. I swallow an unsmooth lump in my throat as her hair follows her body. Our eyes lock and she smiles at me. Her head slightly nods. I do the same. She whisks her hand and four sharp icicles fly towards me. I catch two of them between my palms. They scratch skin till my palms bleed. Two more I avoid with easy jumps and slightly bended. They shutter on the floor behind me. Coldness calms my red palms. I can’t hide my joy. Woman holds me the sword inviting me to the stage. It’s not the time I refuse her. She pushes me hard back as soon as I join her, but I keep a hold on a sword. She brings two more and we meet in a sword dance between our wet bodies. We aim and avoid sharp blades and their flying cuts over our skins. Crowd cheers leaving loud drums play in the background. She is something. Her glistening red sheer outfit brings more drama and weakens the crowd fulfilling her job. We end up shielding each other on the floor from imaginary danger. Crowd erupts, more eager for blood.

  • What do you do here, Eirikrinn?

I forgot how nice her voice sounds.

  • Toke promised me a meeting with Rhia.
  • Tonight?

She blurs the question in surprise arching her eyebrow.

  • Sure. Rhia picked the date.

Estrid hesitates. I snake her waist gently and tug her closer. Shadow of Sorgedon crosses my eye. He is boiling in anger, Toke holds him. Too much drama? I smile openly at them.

  • Does Black bring you troubles, dare?

After a short pause she cups my face gently and looks into my eyes.

  • Nothing I couldn’t deal with. 
  • Just say a word..

She stops me with her beautiful smile and gentle gaze.

  • What is it?

I whisper in her ear and she answers the same.

  • Stay close for a while.

She eyes Sorgedon. He is pissed off and Toke has a hard time dealing with him. Knowing Black’s reputation, he chose this time the wrong woman to play. I hold a slipping giggle.

  • Estrid, what is this party about?

Her attention snaps back to me.

  • Tonight is awakening.

She says it is so simple tilting her shoulders a bit, as it’s a natural daily ritual. 

  • I don’t get it, Estrid. It’s all new for me.
  • Rhia will give herself for the chosen one. Once a year she picks someone to awaken her heart, make her feel. 
  • How it differs from f*cking? Why is it such a big deal that everyone around celebrates it?
  • She gives her power away, submits. For them it’s a possibility to rule this kingdom next to her if she after tonight will let him or her to stay. I was sure she already picked someone else..

I follow her gaze and stop at the large swings up there between two roman columns. Sheer curtains swing lightly in the air and give wanted privacy. How did I miss this place earlier?!

  • ..but if she asked you to show up here tonight..

She traills her thoughts. 

  • Is Rhia up there?

Her eyes slip to the guard and make an almost unnoticeable gesture, he answers.

  • Sure.

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