Rhiannon – Millennia


When I am with Eirikrinn my heart becomes warm and starts to beat. One single his look at me is enough to awaken my body and soul. His magic low voice makes me shudder and sends vibrating impulses down my spine. Air wimpers afraiding our force to blow out. Our force.. of attraction is undeniable. I know I am not alone left in this feeling. No matter how far I am from him or how long do we stay apart, my heart longs and beats only for him. And now, when we met and I know he is close, he still loves me, I am sure, he will come, he will always search for me. After a long time battling imprisoned in my body and head, I finally feel whole and at peace. At peace with my mind, at peace with my heart. I am his and he is mine.

  • Ahh..

I put my hand on my low stomach as pain washes over my body.

  • Don’t worry, my little, daddy won’t hurt us.

I stroke my belly in soft touches.

  • He loves us. Both of us. Ahh..

One more wave of pain stikes my body. I look forward to where my home is, to the high mountain. I have to reach at least the castle’s grounds. There is no much time left and nor shorter way, but this one looks safe. I run, take the way I know well.

Humans.. I smell humans.. The floating air brings their smell to my sensitive nostrils. Their sweat makes me nauseous. I can’t stop, it pushes me to run more quicker. Just have to escape that awful smell.. Uhh..

  • Aahh..

Pain strikes and my legs don’t hold me. I drop to my knees forward and bent over to hug my belly. I massage it. Make gentle circles clockwise. 

  • He loves you. He will come to us.

Looks as it helps and pain calms. I repeat till I can straighten myself and deep breathe deaply. Breathe still standing on four. I look toward the castle. The way is not long, but I am not in shape anymore. I won’t make the whole way up stones there.

  • Aaa-hh

I open my knees apart as pain from inside tears me off. It happens quickly and I am here alone.

  • Ahh!

I take a hold onto the nearest trunk and try to stand up, but fail. Breathe. I have to breathe. I suck in and blow out the air. With the next strike of pain I let my teeth into the branch of the tree, it sharply breaks under my bite. 

  • Aahhh!

I hiss as pain washes over my body again and leaves cold drops on my skin. I let my nails slide the trunk down and into the ground cutting through the soft moss. 

  • Eirikrinn, we are here..

I whisper through gritted teeth catching air as pain grips my trembling body. Sweat’s drop after drop leaves my body. It is stretching, leaving me no other options just to obey.

  • AAAAh! 

My knees are wide open and I struggle to gulp air and breath steadily. 

  • AAAHH!

New life is coming. I feel it sliding between my thighs. I hug it with one hand and keep closer to my chest. My eyes search surroundings.

  • Humans.. They bring fire. 

I grimace as the well mix of known smell reaches me. Milly, it’s time to go. Danger lurks nearby. Stand up and go. You are strong. Castle is not far. You both will be safe there. I encourage myself. Run. You can. You have to save both of you now. Just as mothers do. My mind demands my body to hold the weight and gives a command to my legs to move. It coordinates everything, just my body doesn’t cooperate and stays still. Milly, move! Go till it’s the right time! As I understand I’m still in place, I turn my eyes at my child for the first time. Fog bypasses me and covers my eyes. One my hand hugs the baby more firmly at tugs it closer to my side just in time as I slump powerless onto the forest ground. Pain down my tummy tiers me in parts. I hear howling wolves but can’t tell if sounds come from afar. They repeat in my pounding head and ears. That has never ended well. You have to live, my little. He will come. 

*** FERGUS’S POV ***

I hear a low throaty silent cry. 

  • Rhia..

My lips blow out her name in a whisper. I will never mix up her voice with anyone else’s. It’s the same one I heard in a pool so many times back in the castle. Now it sounds harsher. She is not in the village I left. Sound comes not from the castle. It is here. Somewhere in those woods. I follow the repeating moans. 

  • I won’t be too late.

Her voice signals growing pain. She is in danger. I take out my dagger reading myself for the one more masacre. My heartbeat is steady. I know I can take them all down. The only one my concern is to find her in time.

She is louder but not from pleasure. I hear one wolf howling longing. It gets a furtherance in mirroring howling all over. I have to be near. 

  • Oh, dear!

Three wolves surround her. I launch on them and two of them on me. We meet in the mid air battle in equal power. They two against me. They are not geting her. We turn rounds as rats caught in a wheel. No one could say where one starts and where another begins. We punch and kick on the go, use our nails and sharp fangs. I am not ready for defeat, so as they. We separate breathless as there is no winner. My eyes lay on the woman I came here.

  • Rhia!

She doesn’t move. I step quickly towards her. My movement is greeted by threatening growls and fur between me and her. 

  • Rhia! Do you hear me?!

She stays still. I turn my panicked gaze back at the wolves. 

  • What did you do to her?!

I grip tighter my dagger. Wolve’s opened mouths threaten me, their eyes don’t let me go near, stalk me wherever I move, but their backs are turned at Rhia. One wolf lickes her nose. Idea pops in my head.

  • I am here to help.

I drop the dagger and tilt my hands up. Keep a slow pace and walk towards Rhia. They stalk me but don’t bite or fight. They protect her. How did she manage that?! They growl and let out different types of sounds. Sounds threatening but don’t charge at me. Luckily.

  • Oh, Rhia..

I check on her quickly and accurately. Her body is dirty and wet. Heat radiates from her. I can’t hold a touch. Her hair is sticky and dirty. Eyes are closed. She lays still as actually dead. Her chest doesn’t move. Tears prickle in my eyes. The wolf that was licking Rhia’s nose, now catches my grief and howls.

  • Offspring.. no, Rhia, no!

I take the baby in my arms. It is still warm from the wolf’s body and fur. It just rubs off searching for something. I put my finger near it’s lips. They are soft, hug it, suck it and calm down again. I chuckle. It’s a light, it’s a miracle enlightening tonight’s losses.

  • Rhia!

I jump from the voice I hear.

  • Silva?!
  • What happened to her?

She ignores our meeting. I stare at her.

  • You are alive!

I try to say anything else suitable for an occasion but end up just tightly hugging her with one free hand. My heart flutters as never leaving me high. My eyes enjoy seeing her. I smile as a mad man. Tears leave my eyes.

  • You are here. It’s really you, Silva.

I brush her cheek gently trying to collect evidence she is real.

  • I am sorry for everything, dare. For everything I have put you through alone. For not fighting, for not supporting, for letting you go, for being your father.

She gives me a small smile.

  • Don’t say that, Fergus. I chose myself where to be. I went along my way. I lived my life in a way I don’t regret. I always kept an eye on you and I know you did that for me as well. I felt your care, love and protection even from far. You were the father I needed.

Tears roll down my cheeks. I always was softy. Nah.. I never expected those words. I hug my daughter again. She is in my world. She doesn’t hate me. What a relief after centuries hurting and wondering. Some movement squeezed between us asked for our attention.

  • A baby?!
  • Look. He is Rhia’s. Wonderful, right?

She looks confused.

  • Baby?!

I nod in response. Where does this question come from? She flees to Rhea and drops on her knees. Her skin starts to smoke as her fingers touch Rhia’s hot body.

  • Be careful!

I warn my daughter.

  • She breathes! Let’s bring her to the castle.

Wolf licks Rhia’s face one more time, howls and all of them disperse between dark trees.  

  • Wolves?!

She only now admitted their presence. I shrug my shoulders.

  • She made more friends than we know.

She raises her eyebrow in confusion but hides it well as the moment passes.

  • Help me.
  • I tried but unfortunately I can’t touch her.
  • I will manage then. Way is not long.

Silva’s look stops at the castle.

  • You will burn badly. Saying at least.
  • She saved me and my men back in the village. I can repay her now.

I won’t argue. My daughter, unlike me, had always strong faith, always knew what she wanted and always took it without hesitations and fears. I feel so proud of her. She definitely has part of her mother in her. I cover the baby in my shirt.

  • I bring the kid. It’s too chill out there. 
  • Call for warlock back in a castle. We need help.

Sadness returns to my chest and lump starts to block my throat.

  • She will die..
  • Fergus, she is not Vampiria.

Her determined response catches me off guard.

  • Vampiria was the greatest warrior and still.. left us.. Those pregnancies do no good to our women.

I shake my head slightly. My heart still hurts after those years. Our bond is not fading. I don’t regret having a daughter, but it is the main reason Vampiria is no longer here. Each birth is a torcher. Birth of a daughter is equal to death. We are sons and daughters of darkness, but somehow our royal bloodlines are still able to give birth. And we pay a price.. 

  • Rhia breathes death but she will find a way to live. She always does. Father, we have to help her body.

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