Millennia – Rhia(nnon)

*** FERGUS’ POV ***

She came from nowhere. All so looking girly and fragile. Beautiful face and feminine young body. I smelled her from miles away. Light wind brought her scent. Her sweet, oh sins, so sweet scent was so luring and dragged me to meet her not waiting longer. Wind and moon was playing with silk waves of her hair. Sins! I wanted her instantly. Pale skin, so smooth and aromatic. I could feel it without really touching her. The whole body reacted, my skin was tingling, I struggled to compose myself. My darling, you are so different and still both of you have a similar effect on me. 

  • Vampiria, you won’t believe me, but his girl called herself your name. 

I chuckle and shake my head sitting alone on the slope and looking forward into the dancing, rushing and crushing white waves. 

  • My dare, you have almost nothing in common, or do you? 

I knew you, Vampiria. I spent all the time by your side. Or at least, as much as you let me. You were my everything, you were my sire, my disaster and my breath. You found me in the village where you and your bloody army came for our blood. You killed everybody I used to live together or new the whole my short life. They were running and screaming. I stayed silent just watching the rising horror around me. I was sweaty and so scared I couldn’t even close my eyes and mentally escape what I see. You looked into my eyes with those your red ones. I felt in love as soon as I saw them. Forgetting who you are, why you came and not thinking what’s to come. You made me one of yours on the same night. From the intensity of floating feeling and memories my eyes close trying to protect my still hurting heart from your loss. Our bond is still alive, though you are not with me anymore.

  • I miss you.. I miss you so much, darling… 

My hands rake through my dark hair, head is loose hanging over my spread knees. I was sceptical about Rhia when she claimed our castle, but I let her stay. I can’t explain why, darling. Just the inner force pushed me act this way. And that is not all. I feel ashamed. I hided it from you. Probably because more of that, that I didn’t wanted to admit myself what I did. I am sorry, Vampiria. You have to know. Maybe you already know because of the bond joining us. I saw Rhia at our pool down in our castle. My eyes checked her body curves. Eyes betrayed. They loved what they saw, darling. That f*cking woman has the body of a goddess. And those sounds she let out flying free between ancient walls.. I shut my eyes firmly as my breath catches and I feel hardening between my legs. That damn woman..  

  • I couldn’t resist. 

I palmed my already hard c*ck and stroked it hard up and down, intense, teasing the tip. Without any mercy I emptied myself not turning eyes off of Rhia. Her moans, her voice intoxicated me as siren’s song for our sailors. It was instantly hard again once more. I leaned my back against the damp cold wall and stroked my d*ck again. I wanted that f*cking mouth of hers on my c*ck. My body betrayed.. 

  • I betrayed you, Vampiria. How is this possible?

Since I met you I never wanted anyone else. Rhia made me weak without knowing it. Despite guilt in my chest, I didn’t stop, stroked myself at a quicker pace. My throaty growl of ecstasy exposed to her my presence. I hid my body and unsteady breath only behind two corners. Feeling was still too intense to move further. I needed a moment.

  • I am sorry, my dare. I control myself little around her. It was the first time. 

After it came one more. And one more… She makes me insane. Even now I think about her and my body betrays our bond again.

  • Who or what is she, darling? 

First of all I saw just a fragile vampire with big eyes and a wonderful body. When she opened her bold mouth.. She was tempting. I wanted to know her, to have her, to take over her. I also gave her the chance to leave this place, to be scared. It didn’t help. I hold distance. My dare, she is not you. She is nothing like you and still… Vampiria, that night when her bare hands entered vampires chests, my breath skipped. She is not Cymru. So why did she act like one? 

  • You took us here from Cymru. You told, she would come. Is it her? 

Back in a pool her body revealed Helliana’s marks. That’s what stopped me from claiming her. 

  • Darling, the same one like you had. He will come for her. Should we be scared?

I am tempted and scared. I have no idea who she really is and why she is here, why she is hiding and what led her to this decision. But if he is alive, he will find her, he will come here. I hope for the best. 

  • Vampiria, I decided to give her a chance. 

She is nothing like you, nothing like you expected, but maybe she is what you promised. She did great. In the last six months she managed to gather clans under her power. They were fighting and look at them now! They obey and act as one and support her. She negotiates, trades, helps her supporters, her influence grows. Her power attracts and scarries me. You preferred different methods, but her’s work as well.

  • Do you miss her? 

I shudder. How long she was standing behind me? It couldn’t be long. Her scent always gives her away. Rhia sits down next to me and her luring scent hugs my body and electrifies air. I hold my growl to not expose me.

  • A lot. Vampiria is long gone but.. yes.. that bond is still strong. 
  • Was she your first?

Surprisingly I feel comfortable to speak with her and open up. No one ever asked me and I am not the one to look for the lissener.

  • She wasn’t the first woman for me, but she was the right one.
  • How do you know that?

Where lead her question?

  • Fate brought us together. From the moment we met till now I still feel connected. It felt just right.
  • It’s hard to live without her. You don’t feel whole, do you?
  • I see you know it already.

I give her understanding smile, but she turns her eyes towards dancing waves. She tries to hide her hurt. Not from me. From herself.

  • It’s still new. What changes with time?
  • If you expect your bond to fade, you are naive. Few generations of mankind and even her death couldn’t change it for me.

She fishes for hope, unfortunately I am not the one to lie to her.

  • You are not the same without her, right?
  • Together we lived and developed, growed each other. She converted my weaknesses into my strengths. 
  • And you hers?

I shake my head.

  • I couldn’t influence her. Maybe she was just more gentle with me compared with others who served her needs.
  • Bond worked only one way and you call it love?

I never thought about it before. We lived the life suitable for both of us. I don’t know how to respond.

  • It.. it just felt right.
  • Felt right..

She whispered echoing my answer. I think somewhere deep in her chest she understands what those words cover. We sit sharing the silence. Electrical air has changed and now her presence is more comfortable for my body. We both look at the sea where I know, Rhia spends every late evening. I replay in my head what we just shared. I know what hides under all those words.. She fights against her bond. 

  • What about Silva? 

I catch her eyes. Why does she ask that?

  • You know her!
  • She showed me the way here.

What a turn of events.. I could have guessed that. I just gaze at her.

  • Give her a chance. She is your daughter. 

How does she know it?! I shrug my shoulders. 

  • Did Silva tell you?

She shakes her head. Huh?! So how does she know that? 

  • Vampiria was her mother. You were Vampiria’s lover, probably one of many, but only you had a bond. I just luckily guessed after all.
  • My blood made no good for her. Because of me she is not fertile. 
  • You don’t know that for sure, Fergus. And even if so, she is still your blood. 
  • Do you have someone of your blood?

I narrow my eyes trying to read her expression. It stays muted.

  • Silva chose life in exile. Away from me.

We look at the sea in silence. 

  • You both still can rethink that. 

She pats my knee and her body slides down into the waves leaving my body craving for her. 

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