I toss from side to side in my sheets. After such an overwhelming experience, sleep doesn’t come easy. Feet hit the hard floor. I’m lost in thoughts, start exploring my new castle, its old ruining halls, deadly dark pathways, green from the humidity walls of the dungeons. I go slowly, there is no rush, breathing cold air and absorbing dusting surroundings. My fingers swipe over the walls. They ruin, bite by bite falling down, but they are still string and ready to be revive. I drink in the castle’s layout and its untold and forgotten story. It has cons and pros. It is broken like me, but still stands here uncovering its existence’s heart. We are in some ways so similar.

What am I? I was born as a princess. All I had to do, to follow my fate, to serve my kingdom well, support my family and take care of its future. But then some kind of force led me to discover a different way. I met him, Eirikrinn, and my heart became wilder and vivid. If we just weren’t what we are born to be, we could have more choices to influence our lives, our future together. 

  • Woah, just what I need. 

My voice is cheerful. I find myself in the castle’s old bath. I guess it looks the same way it was when it was last time in use. Stars dance on the surface through the damaged roof. Some broken stuff doesn’t need to be repaired. It just makes them more valuable. I smile. 

  • Mmmm.. 

I let out a not so loud moan as my body sinks inch by inch into refreshing water. I watch how crystal clear water washes drained blood strains from my arms. Drop by drop red liquid becomes alive and finds its way down. I follow their way as they roll my hands and fingers down finding way out to the water underneath. Their colour lightens. And disappears. What a thin line between existence and death. 

  • What am I now?

I follow last drop under water. I want to stay here in this calmness. In blackness. In emptiness. It’s such a luring sensation. My lungs scream for the air. I suppress body stay still under water. Just for a moment.. One more.. And a bit more.. In this stillness.. Only the power of primer instincts wins inner battle and brings me up for some air. 

  • Not yet, Milly.. Not yet.. 

Few tears escape and I close my eyes trying to stop others from running. I sob and sob till my heart starts to calm. It takes a while but I start to hear the sound of the water, which brings relaxation to my tensed muscles. I wash tears from my face, brush my hair back and avert eyes to the stars. Their magical shine brings light and warmth to my heart. My palms slide down my neck. Memory of Eden palace and Eirikrinn flies back. I can feel again. I feel again! Not sadness, not guilty, not pain. 

  • Oh, spirits..

My lips escapes whisper as body becomes vivid and craving for awakened sensation. My eyes slowly closes.

  • Eirik..

Hands slide down my feminine curves and find my breasts, give them full attention of all ten fingers till they hook and tug hardened nipples. I feel his breath on my neck and his air blow on my nipples. I can swear, he is moaning.

  • Mmm..

My lips moan, tongue licks pomegranate red nipples leaving wetness in the chilly air. One palm passes by ribs and sides down. Fingers obey urgent need and massage clitoris. Warm spreads over the body. Circle moves make me crave for more. Oh this pleasure of wetness..

  • Mmmm..

Fingers don’t resist, claim hot spot, pinch and enter, make their way in and out lazily but in pressuring moves. Warm settles in the lower stomach and heat rises. Second hand pleasures, massages sensible breasts exposed for the free moving light wind. 

  • Aahh..

One more finger joins the first one and sends tickling waves in quicker strokes. One hand grabs a pools rand for more stability as legs becomes weaker.

  • Ummm.. Aaaahh!.

Breath hitches and body pants, waits for the further push. Nails prolong, fingers spread in a form of V-shape and bend. It causes temporal damage for inner walls, but sends a powerful release for my body.

  • AAHHH! 

I dive under water as my legs don’t hold me, muscles relax. I am full of life in this half-dead body and let me stay lost in the moment. I feel. I feel again.

My steps out are slow, relishing new sensation. I hear some noise. It’s not near, but still in this hall.

  • I know you are here.

I am not scared. I went through rocks in my life lately. I am prepared. Since I find no signs of life being around, I take my way back to bedchambers. My body is drained more quickly now because of my pregnancy and obviously needs more rest.

On my way back my mind catches me. What did I become? This question plays and plays in my head. Traitor without support. Princess without kingdom and any family. Shadow of my past life. Prey in these ruins between aggressors. Once loved, now hated. Lonely soul. Or.. 

  • Why do you hide in the shadows? Step out. 

I question in a tired voice. 

  • Of course you sensed me. 

He shows himself in the moonlight. 

  • Again you.. 

I shortly blow out the air as a sign of irritation. 

  • Call me Andvari. 
  • I am not in the mood for the Horse. 

I insult him. My voice expresses annoyance. I want to be alone, clear my head. Get rid of him.

  • More as a careful protector.

I laugh shaking my head slightly. Protector.. 

  • We don’t have to look far for evidence how you do that.

He blushes after my words and it amazes me. I laugh, shaking my head.

  • Whatever..
  • Who are you?

I inhale deep. Could this night just finally to be over?

  • For you I am Lady Vamp. 
  • Oh, you are not Vampiria!
  • No, but I belong here. 
  • I know. I’ve seen your tattoos. 

He blushes again. Hilarious. He was ready to have his way with me in foursome and now.. that inosent blush on his pale skin! Hilarios!

  • Did you? 

I try to say calmly. He nods shyly. I’m a bit surprised. One man and two his sides in only one night. He looks so fragile, sincere. He has those cat colour eyes, mid length hair. I could imagine my fingers laced in them and tugging. I remember what those thin lips made to my body. He needs to practice and learn if his goal is to sat me one day. His muscular, trained and very well built body could handle my needs. My eyes stop at his hardened bulge. I close my eyes trying to stop my sudden flow of those thoughts. I am still able to feel. Eirik, you awaken me.

  • Our clans are at your service. 
  • How so? 

I narrow my eyes and turn my whole body at him. My curiosity wins over tiredness and annoyance. 

  • Vampiria promised for us your arrival. We waited for you. 
  • I don’t believe in myths. It is just me as you see. 
  • You are fearless. You play strings of life and death in full swing. 
  • I am only someone who lost everything. 
  • You are a promise. You are the future. You will wake up dragons. You are Rhiannon! 

Frantic laugh escapes my lips. Oh, there is something about this man. He brightens my night.

  • Rhiannon? as a Queen?

I shake my head in disbelief. Silva told me, they will name me, but this.. this tops everything.

  • I already have so many names. Call me as you wish. 

My tiredness kicks into me stronger. My palm lands on my tummy as trying to protect it. Andvari lands on one knee, puts two fingers in V shape on his heart. 

  • Fy Rhia! 

My heart squeezes. It instantly reminds me of home and my father King and my brother. The loyalty, family strings and responsibility that comes along. I am not a queen though they expect from me the opposite. 

  • Rise. Find your way home safely.

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