Millennia – Lady Vamp Black princess


Silva wasn’t joking. This place looks scary, but it’s well hidden. You have to know the way, otherwise you will never find it. 

  • Just perfect. 
  • You are joking, my dare. 

She purrs like always and it brings my little smile out. I take her hands in mine.

  • No, Silva. This is exactly what I need. 
  • From now it is yours. 

She blows me with her answer.

  • I.. I don’t know how to thank you, Silva. 

I just hug her and hold for a while. My eyes water. Damn. Hormones. 

  • My child, take care of yourself. 

She wipes my tears and brushes my cheek gently.

  • By the way… How will you call yourself till natives will give you a name? 
  • I am Milly by birth. Wait!.. They will name me?! 

She shakes her head and chuckles. She is right. Milly burned. New place. New start. New beginning. 

  • Oh, that they will do. You may use my mother’s name. She was Vampiria. That’s her castle.. or what has left from it. 

She hides her sadness.

  • You are too kind. Silva, are you all right? You never spoke about her.
  • It’s a long story, mi querida.

I wait for her to continue holding her long fingers.

  • As you told me, we share the blood. You are our future. She would agree with my decision.

She gives me a sincere smile. First time after ages I have a feeling I have a mother. 

  • You deserve it.

Somehow it sounds as a goodbye. 

  • I guess, you are not staying. 
  • You are right. 

She purrs and holds my hands by just my fingers not touching my rings and kisses gently my temple, looks me into eyes. 

  • He will find you.

It’s not a treat, rather a reminder. Invisible lump blocks my throat and pain, guilt and longing revive in my heart. 

She leaves and I turn back to the castle, my new home. Defence wall needs serious restoration. Entrance is impressive. On both sides of the entrance way stand enormous statues of dragons. You have a feeling they watch every your step. My skin goes goosebumps. I pass them with a curious look. In a yard I am met by lots of spikes and dried sculls. Wind is running them till they bounce and hit spikes or walls. 

  • You don’t belong here.

I hear a man’s low voice behind me. 

  • I do. 

I replay casually looking up to the tower, examining it and ignore the man next to me. I feel his presence. 

  • With such an attitude you will kiss the death. 
  • Death, mm?.. That’s my second name. 

He chuckles. His voice is low, remembers me about Eirik and my heart sinks to my stomach. It is weird but I already like him. 

  • And the first one? 
  • Lady Vamp. For now. 

Corner of my eye snaps at him. He opens his mouth. And closes it. Tower is in quite good condition. I make a note in my mind for myself to check it from inside later.

  • And you are..? 
  • I am sorry for my impoliteness. Fergus. I keep a wide eye on these grounds.

I turn to face him now. He stands straight, long legs, through the clothes it is hard to see his torso, but something in this view gives me a hit of his perfect masculine body, wide shoulders. His dark blond hair covers his oval face and mandel-shape eyes. He has a jawline as a boy but his gaze gives away experience. His body is leaning against a stick which is richly decorated. He wears white shirt. Crisp white. It’s quite a lot what gives away his nobleness. And this energy I feel radiating from him.. Interesting. I want to know more, but I guess, it is better to leave it for later.

  • Are you willing to stay? 
  • I love it here. 

Oh, that something in his voice which reminds me of Eirikrinn. Damn. I bite my lower lip. I love and hate it at the same time. Can’t decide it now.

  • Count two of us then. 
  • Are you staying?! 

His eyebrows tilt up in sincere surprise.

  • Right there. 

I point to the castle. His eyes become bigger and his grip on his stick tightens.

  • It’s dangerous. 
  • So I am. 
  • I warned you. 
  • Thank you for your concern. 

He eyes me but says nothing else. I really like him. He is clever than most. 

  • See you around. 

I nod and enter my new home. Ruined halls lost their glory but will do for now. I will explore this place later. Way here drained my power, so now my eyes skip everything till I find a proper place suitable for my new bedchambers and take my spot on the bed. I drift quickly to sleep. Everything else has to wait till tomorrow.

  • Can we join you, sleeping beauty?

I hear three different giggles. I growl quietly with my eyes still shut and sleepy. Why am I dragged into situations like this? I force myself to open my eyes.

  • Oh, she isn’t happy! 

It’s said sarcastically. Assholes. I put a smile on my lips.

  • Oh, don’t be annoying. Of course I will join your party! 

I chuckle and give them a bright smile. Stupids.. I tilt my upper body on my forearms. 

  • We heard you came and decided to welcome you. 
  • What an attentiveness! 

I chuckle once more playfully and my palm pats bed’s surface a few times in a sign of invitation. They look at each other smirking. 

  • Mmmm, what an honour. Three leaders of clans. What if we will have foursome, so you don’t have to decide who will get me? 

I raise my eyebrow, lean my head slightly to the side letting my long hair move free. Their eyes burn and darken. I hold my laugh already knowing they are in my web. Pathetic.

  • So what do you say?

My hand seductively traice my body curves from my hips up and stops on my breast drawing circles around my nipple. They came here not for a friendly visit. It’s my home from now on. Let’s make it at least on my terms.

They share the look and join me on the bed. Three pairs of lips and fangs find my skin. They are not gentle. They claim spots of my body with pure desire fighting for parts of my body not really willing to share. Hands roam rough, guided by lust. 

One lays underneath me facing my lower body and positioning me on my all four doggy style over him. He claims my legs, runs his hands up my bare skin, reaches my tights tilting skimpy clothes I wear. I hear his growl and feel him fighting. Looks like he wins the little battle and squeezes my hips starting lick my dry seem. His tongue works with his whole surface licking me up and down, raising no lust in me. 

Second one claims my lips at the same time. He turns my head to the side to give him better access. He is not kissing. It’s a wet exchange of dripping saliva with bites of my lips. He holds me firm by my throat and I can read what is on his mind just from one look at him and his thumb pushing in between my lips. 

Third one grabs my breasts. He massages them rough with a full palm. With no patience he rips my upper clothes making direct entrance to my exposed bare tits. I hear three low growls getting louder. I expected to feel something, but my heart is stony, feels totally nothing. Cold. Empty. My f*cking fate. I was already in a similar kind of hell but then I felt fear and disgust. Their wet tongues leave chilly traces between my legs and breasts. Two of them find my nipples. I hear their growing moans and growls. They want more. Third one positions his body behind me, tilts my clothes more up, opening my bare ass. Two others chuckle in agreement. He spits on his fingers and enters them into my asshole. He fingers and fingers, in and out, in and out several times. 

  • Ahh.. you are.. ahhh.. tight, bella…

He groans and spits one more time. Now two fingers work the same hole pressuring stronger.

  • Mmmm.. You are perfect.. perfect.. aahhh.. just give me more space, bella

He still fingerfucks me. They all growl together. They want more. They take it more roughly. They are messed up in sounds and looks. I still feel nothing. Even no disgust. Looks like, after all I experienced, there is only my lifeless body left. As their competition grows their need and my body gets more fingers, nail scratches, small bites and slaps. Sweat, throaty groans, wet flesh against flesh. They smoke themselves with full fists reading for a real fuck and cum party. They don’t wake up my damn stubborn or dead soul… I have only one chance. In one smooth motion I make two deep cuts in two chests till their hearts are curled by my fingers. 

  • AHHRHH! 

Primary animalistic sound echoes in my halls. I am ready for an attack, but the third one doesn’t move. Fear? 

  • Party is over. Thank you for coming. Next time make sure you are invited. 

I let them drop down on the floor without mildness or hesitation. 

  • Get out of here!

I say for non-injured one twisting my head slightly towards the door. He pulls his friends out leaving a long blood trace on the hard floor. I blow out a long sigh. 

  • So much of a new start.. 

I whisper my disappointment looking at my bloody hands. I still feel nothing.

  • What am I becoming?..

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