• Uhh! 

I move to the left inch by inch. It’s not the first time I wake up burned by sun rays in this dungeon. I move my sore body slowly finding the shadow. Privilege of having a royal blood. I suppress painful little smile.

My body is a mess from hanging the whole night in Black hill’s one of market squares. Lots of open wounds, non completely healed holes. Mixed smell of sweat, blood and dirt. Residents hate me as much as they love the Black princess. I just exist and hope my father haven’t got yet news and won’t come to rescue me. He just would bring the hell I don’t want. My guards also have orders to step aside. I have no reason to live, not any more. Pain and guilt eats me from inside, scratches my heart. I am almost dead only death doesn’t want to cooperate with me so I hang between existence and non.

  • Aaah.. 

I moan quietly in pain. My body has no time to recover. Guards make sure I stay here in pain and my misery. 

  • He murdered her. What did they do to you, Porir? 

I speak aloud. It is the daytime. They left me alone as dirty rat. With the dark they will be back. 

  • Eirik? 

I hear a weak familiar voice. 

  • Porir. Porir! Where are you?

Is it really him? Maybe my mind already play with me..

  • I’m locked underneath.. behind silver bars. I guess..
  • How are you? 
  • Looks like I’m better than you. I heard guards talking and laughing about your market night. 
  • Yeah.. They hang me for everyone to observe. 
  • It’s not your first one?!

I shake my head even knowing he can’t see me.

  • … no
  • It’s humiliation!

I feel his angry tone. My friend didn’t change. My lips curves the first little smile after our capture. It’s so good to hear him.

  • They do what they believe is right. 
  • Ridiculous.. 

Porir protests. I await nothing less from my friend.

  • They see beasts in us who killed their King. 
  • He was too rigid! 
  • And still King. 

He pauses. As awaited, not for too long.

  • Whose side do you take? You are Cymru!

Oh, really missed him! He doesn’t know, how to keep his tongue locked in his mouth. I used to like it. My palm tries to hold my spinning head.

  • You are right. And what Cymru men do best? 
  • Tear off, cut and send to ashes. 
  • Do we act in our land? 
  • … 

He goes silent. I want to believe, he thinks. Probably a very first time in his life he sees from the other perspective. My ears catch a sound. Someone is coming.

  • Why are we still alive? 
  • That worries me too. 

I answer to my friend. Steps are closer. Old doors squeak open. My ears reach loud steps, quick breathing. Human.. I look at the cracks in the wall. It’s still daytime. 

  • Someone approaches. 
  • I feel as well. 

Little steps quicken. Not guards. They walk differently. As I hear them my body starts wincing knowing what is coming up next. 

  • You lost your way, darling? 

Porir speaks up in a low voice. Her breath quickens and I start to feel her body smell. Adrenalin makes her even more special. Fear. It is luring. Fresh. Warm. Bloody. 

She sees me and stops. Our eyes lock on each other. We both hold a gaze in a silence. 

  • Daaarling, whereee aaaare youuu? 

Porir sings in a silence and his words echo in dungeon. Porir probably feels the same way like me: hungry and aroused. His voice sounds like a melody. My fangs are ready. My hunger overtakes me and I lash out at her when she steps in my reach. Her head is held firm in my hands and her pulsing vein in her neck is exposed. I even don’t mind silver bars burning my recovering skin. Instinct guides me. 

  • Don’t forget to share. 

My friend remembers about himself. She snaps from her silence and starts screaming. I laugh loud. 

  • Monster! 

I chuckle and toy with her.

  • What did you expect coming here, woman?

My fangs enter her neck and I savour red liquid. 

  • She.. needs.. your help.

I suck harder. I feel stronger. My power comes back, awakes my vitality. 

  • She.. loves you. 

I stop for a moment to savour the warm taste. 

  • She? Who is she? 

Woman in front of me is dizzy. I hold her on her feet. I still want what she has in her veins. I give my body time to adjust to returned power.

  • Lady Milly.  

This name tells me nothing.

  • She took care about you back in the throne hall. Black princess.

She starts crying. I hate this. Growl. 

  • She.. she needs help. 
  • She is dead.

I tightened my grip on her, not letting her to fall down and let in my fangs again in her neck. 

  • I am her maid. Prince left Milly.. under the sun. 

I stop immediately and let her drop not caring for her. My heart skips beating. All air was sucked up from my lungs. I let out animalistic primary sounds and tear all my restraints off and hug the bars unable to break through them. They hold me no matter how hard I try. I keep pushing and bending. 

  • He BURNED her?! 

I roar. 

  • Shush! They will hear you! Help. She needs help. 

She gasps for air as I grab and squeeze her. 

  • She burned, you stupid woman! 

She shakes her head with wide opened eyes. 

  • She left ..the yard! With the body on fire. 

What kind of play is it? I breathe heavily, though my body is healed. What does she say? I try to process the news. Burned!.. Alive!..

  • I saw it myself. She screamed like no one did it before with her unrecognisable voice. I couldn’t believe, but she survived.. She crawled. Crawled away from the castle. Her skin smoked and melted!.. Prince tried, but couldn’t reach her. 

She speaks through the tears. I try to catch her words and join to a complete story.

  • Helliana..

Horror overtakes me and leaves me anable to say anything else.

  • She tricks you.

I hear Porir’s words. My mind trusts him, but if there’s change that she survived, that she is out there.. I will find her. Woman unlocks bars and points to the doors. 

  • Help her. She trusted you.
  • I need my friend. 
  • Just help her. You was more than beast for her.

That’s her last words. She hands me a bunch of keys and leaves in a hurry. I find Porir and let him free. 

  • Don’t trust her, Eirik. Black prince is playing you. 
  • Even so. I can’t let the chance go. 

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