Morty (Guard at Blacks)


Guards of Black prince bring us restrained to the dungeon of the Black castle and lock us. It is a smelly, unwelcome place like all dungeons. Smell is familiar to my nostrils. It comes from the prey’s old blood. Cold thick walls with some cracks for the sun rays. They won’t kill, but will do some burning damage. Walls withstood lots of tortures. Marks of fangs and sharp nails left on them their imprints forever. Smell of old blood dwells between them even stronger. 

I am not given more time to explore. They beat my body well and I give them back. I am not the one easy to obey.

  • Hhh, Porir. 

I his in pain and choke on my blood saying his name. He doesn’t answer. I realise he is not with me anymore. Shit.. We were separated. Looks like I was for some time out. They beat the shit of my body. I can feel any part of my body even if I can’t name it. They remind me about themselves when I try to move. Under the Black’s oders.. pathetic.. he even didn’t showed up. He should be scared. I won’t leave him breathing if he tries to harm my sunshine. I won’t mind that they share the same blood. She has to be treated as queen with care, respect and love. I have no idea, when I became so possessive, but she is just something very special. This place never will scare me. No matter how they torture me, I will never give it up.

  • Porir! 
  • Porir!
  • Shut up! 
  • Or what?! Porir! 

Apparently I am not alone as I thought. Black’s guard cuts my skin with some long flexible tool I’ve never seen. Damn! It burns.

  • Ah! 

Guard laughs cold and mouthy. That thing is made of a spine. It was whole ripped off from still living body. Is it Porir’s?

  • You will share his fate. 
  • Porir! 
  • Swallow pain, beast! 

He lashes me a few more times and drags out a few pieces of my skin with each whip. Porir doesn’t answer. 

  • Where is he? 
  • I thought you were interested in my Princess. 

He says sarcastic, but I catch pain and sadness wrapped deep in his voice. 

  • She is not YOURS anymore.

I boldly say him in eyes. He catches my throat and tightens his grip. He is angry. He acts more as a lover as ordinary guard, has feeling for her.. Who is he? I can’t fight him back in full force, he presses me to the silver bars. They gnaw my skin. Wasn’t clever but I control myself little, when it comes to my sunshine. 

  • Beast! We will wipe your blood from this world! You will pay for everything you have done to her. 

He speaks through gritted teeth and digs his dagger between my ribs and turns it. Sharp blade cuts my insides. 

  • AAAAH! 

Instant pain floats my chest. I squeeze my eyes for a half minute.

  • BEAST!

His dagger enters my body one and one more time. I suffer. 

  • She will never be yours.

His voice is cold and words are sharp. I don’t respond. I don’t let him win over me. He doesn’t control himself. More hits were absorbed by my body. He laughs but it’s filled with pain and grief. I feel heaviness in his chest and it starts to crawl into mine chest. What’s going on?! What prince did to her?! My heart starts to crack.

  • You had to leave her be! 
  • I will take CARE of her. 
  • Oh, you already DID! Because of YOU she will never see stars. 

He shakes his head and lashes me letting out his pain. Do I see tears? Who is he? Who is he to my sunshine? I know so little about her. How many men she has in her life? I will fight any of hem. Only we belong together.

  • Who are you? 
  • You did what you do best!
  • And what is that? 
  • You are selfish. 

He hits one more dagger inside my body. I blow out an exhale in pain. He brush my blood (and I guess his tears) with a sleeve from his face.

  • I’m Cymru, but I treasure her. 

He laughs and it echoes. Sad. Full of madness. 

  • She will never be yours. Prince took care already. 

He launches on me with anger and new power. I choke in a lack of air. 

  • If I could make a decision, you were already in ashes. 

He drops me and nods for his men. 

  • Let’s take a grand tour which princess forgot you to take on. Present him Black dungeon’s pleasure halls. His body has way too much boldness and blood.

He growls obviously showing his disapproval. Guard spits on me. 

  • Don’t let him die.. King’s f*cking order.

They drag me to another place and hang my body on uncountable long sharp nails. They bore deep holes in my back, legs and hands, and come out in my front. I suppress the pain closing my eyes. My body can’t heal so it is bleeding.

  • What did Prince do to her? 

Guards lash me with heavy spiky balls at the end of their whips. 

  • AAAAh!

Guards don’t stop. Use more power and enjoy their work. It’s noticeable they already have practice. Their experienced hands know how to use tools. Pain becomes stronger. My body can’t heal quickly enough, so they beat my open wounds and do more damage. 

  • What did Prince do to her?! 

Tipps of those spikes are folded a bit down. They cut deeper my flesh and underneath. 

  • AAAAh! 

My chest is almost separated from skin. My heart is breaking from not knowing she is safe and well.

  • What did he do?! 
  • You don’t deserve to know! 

He enters my chest with his hand and squeezes my heart. It starts trembling. 

  • Is.. 
  • she.. 
  • alive? 

I spit short last words. He unhooks me and slams my unworn body down. At the impact my head hits the wall. I don’t manage to move. They lock me again. He shakes his head in refusal. 

  • You did it to her. YOU! 

I close my eyes. Prince didn’t, did he? They torture my body. I can’t care about it. My soul is on my knees, it cries in red tears, doesn’t want to survive. My heart seeks for her.

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