Eirikrinn – Prince Cymru

Sorgedon – Black prince


  • Porir! Gather our men. Let’s teach humans a lesson.
  • No need to tell twice!

I feel his emotions twirling as I watch him jumping down from the tree as joy floats his blood and whistles leave his lips. I smile at him holding a laugh. We have around thirty men with us in the woods. It’s time to end outbursts of humans. They caused too much damage to our kind lately and, most important, the ones are dare to me.

  • Let’s split and burst the fare in them. Their hearts will beat at speed, legs tremble and weak bodies will betray them no matter their efforts. They will feel their existence’s end coming till it will become clear, there is no escape, there is no hope for anyone.. there never was. Nobody will come to rescue.

I say without any rush, with a smile savouring the thought as my fists close. Just the idea sweetens my heart.

  • Let’s leave them the only way to retreat and try to hide.
  • It’s no fun!

My smile widens. I know what awaits them. Porir protests in his disappointment as others remain silent though I know they share Porir’s feeling. No one except Porir never ever questions my decisions. He is my oldest friend so he is exceptional. Everyone here know their place. My eyes round them all quickly and land on my friend.

  • What do you suggest?
  • Let’s have a feast like in the old times!

I see the glistening eyes of my men. For too long we haven’t had a fun time.

  • Why not. They have to know the price of misbehaving. 
  • No way! You agree?!

He is so easy to read. I laugh. My night just became even more brighter.

  • You are playing us, Eirik!
  • Not this time, Porir. It’s just important to do it in the right place. Do you remember the church we passed today? 
  • Why there?
  • It’s a special place for them. It will bring them even more fear.
  • Now we are talking! 
  • There are only two crosses in there. We have to avoid or destroy them.

Porir almost squeals in excitement. I shake my head with a smile. Thanks to spirits, he will act as a kid only now and will revert again to my warrior as the real action begins. 

I have to admit, today is my lucky day. I feel whole again after meeting her, my sunshine. Only need to prevent her way and safety leads me to one more ancient rule we will break. We were taught no outburst on humans in a large scale. But it will be. It will happen tonight. Shove your rules in your asses. I have a child, woman and bloodline to prevent.

  • Porir, watch your left!

I command as I see a few humans he left behind. I want ALL of them there.. My mind drifts again. I am the luckiest man having her. I still feel my sunshine against my chest, her smell still lingers fresh on my skin, I lick my lips. She is my weakness, she is my strength. Both at the same time.

Humans are terrified as they see so many of us in one place. Many of them have never seen a vampire in their lives, only heard stories or fairy tales. We are half myth, half real to most of them. And now we are here, right in front of them and around, shown in real flesh and blood. They run, scream and cry, try to hide, to find shelter. Run, as I expected, towards the only one place nearby they think is safe, the only one their salvation. They pray to their god for help to reach the place. We laugh. We took care of those crosses and everything is prepared. Evil plan, someone will say. We don’t care. Humans wanted to take what is mine, what is dare! They crossed the line already a few times between our worlds but I didn’t care as they remain at the bottom of the food chain. They have to know their place after all. And tonight we will show them.

  • Brothers, have fun! They all are yours to play with!

I watch my men launch on humans. Some of them run as fast as their slow feet can carry them. Others just have wide opened eyes and hanging jaws. They didn’t expect us, beasts, in their sacred place between sacred walls. Maybe they will learn now, there is no such place where any of us could hide. It’s always a place where one gives and other takes. Always be careful with whom you side. 

Screams are replaced by sobs and silent cries. My men almost finished. Red spotted and happy as old good times, even just a century ago when our lives weren’t so restricted. We are starving to let our desires out. We are framed in those rules. I should let them get loose more often. Hm, tempting.. but no. I chuckle. 

  •  Where is she?

Cold blade under my neck reminds me that humans in our world are the least dangerous.

  • Brother in law. Join our little feast.

I recognise Black princes’ low voice behind me. He grits his teeth. Of course he is unhappy (to say it mildly) to be reminded of his dare sister. It’s the first time we met after that party in his Black castle.

  • Shut your poisonous mouth, beast.
  • You are welcome.

I hold a laugh. Despite our similar age, I am more experienced. I can easily take him down. He has to learn how to hold a weapon.

  • Where is she?

She. No doubts, he speaks about my sunshine. They live together in a new place I can’t find and he asks me that?

  • Don’t tell me you lost your sister.

My voice is playful as I tease him. I need information he could provide and he definitely would be a reliable source. He growls at my words. Sensitive spot. I smile.

  • You polluted her! disgraced!

He cuts lightly my throat but I catch his hand firmly and hook his leg. In one quick and smooth motion Black prince lands on his back. His guards launch on me, but Porir and my guards join the afterparty. It wasn’t planned, but they will be excited.

  • Order your guards to stop.

Black prince laughs. He still didn’t get that I play my game with him under my rules.

  • I’m not my sister to be under your spell.
  • She behaves smarter.
  • If she was smart enough, she never made that stupid decision.

I hear hurt in his voice. He loves her. He truly does. I remember them in Black castle and how my body was filled with jealousy seeing them. It wasn’t for show. Their tie was real and it’s not so easy to broke. I trail my dagger along his leg leaving a cut. She probably still loves him as well and I will be never forgiven if he dies now from my hand. He feels my wonder of thoughts and pushes me hard. I take a hold and pin him to the ground with my bodyweight.

  • We all make hard decisions.

I defend her. I push my finger at one sensitive point in his neck. That makes him hiss in unbearable pain. 

  • See, brother, be introduced to a pain. You doomed, condemned her suffering. She will never want to be yours.
  • You cleaned her!

His voice is pitched. I sneer at his angry words. He makes one more attempt against me. He suffers. He is alone. Damn, where is she and with whom then?

  • I don’t need tricks. She knows well what she wants and takes it. 

He goes silent. Oh, I see, he knows his sister well. Hurt shines in his eyes thought he thinks he hides it well.

  • Eirik, we are here..

I hear her voice. It’s not real. I narrow my eyes trying to hear her louder. Her voice sounds in my head. 

  • Black, you are alive just because of her. Keep away from her your ass. Be smart, find you a woman.

I toss him towards my guards and disappear at a light speed to find her. 

  • Sunshine.. Where are you?

There is no answer. I run under the trees not touching roots and avoiding branches. I look for her eagerly. My feet lean against sleek tree trunks. Tree barks fell down and birds rise into the sky causing a noise. 

  •  Aaahh! 
  • Sunshine, I am coming. Give me a hint.

I mumble under my nose. I am aware I speak with myself but what choice do I have? How to find her in acres of woods and just with her voice in my head? Her voice expresses pain. My heart becomes heavy from worry and sinks down into my gut.

  • Help me, sunshine. Tell me where you are, any sign. What do you see around? 
  • Aaahh! 

My heart hummers and lump glues my throat. She is in pain. She is in danger and I speed up, sharpen my hearing and vision. She is not around anywhere. Where are you? 

  • Stay in one place, love. I’m coming.

I look for her breathless surrounded by greenery and net of branches.

  • Hold tight, love, hold on, don’t give up. I will find you.

I smell smoke. And humans. More of those f*ckers! I don’t realise how my worry transforms to a ball of furry. My eyes sharpen and hands catch each body crossing my way. Bodies fly to the sides as I toss them and with powerful impact with trees drops deadly down. Fire settles around them. I smile genuinely. They get what they wished for us. Hell. They will meet death in a dancing hot fire tongues if they are still alive. My chest is still heavy despite the massacre. Fire dances in front of my eyes as I still stand and watch burning bodies and woods. Smell of burning flesh and especially hair is awful. I turn my nose but it’s everywhere. With each passing moment, the air becomes hotter. F*cking humans..

  • My love, where are you?

I leave the burning place with a hope to find her. Take the direction humans were heading. The howling of wolves surrounds me. That’s never a good sign. Damn! I head in the direction of the first wolf’s voice but find just a green lawn in the woods. 

  • Sunshine, I am here.

My fingertips trace the deep scratches of nails and fangs left on the tree trunk. I touch red drops set on the moss and on my knees I lean in. From the sweet intense smell I shut my eyes and tears roll down my cheeks. It’s her aroma. I swallow hard. 

  • That’s what you get, Cymru, when you are not following rules.

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