Eirikrinn – Prince Cymru
Millennia – Rhiannon


I head out towards the castle, my home. We need a plan. Those humans become more mad and their crazy ideas put us all in great danger. We can easily drain all of them but we need them around. They are still our essence of existence. 

  • Stupids.. They always ask for trouble..

I hear someone arguing. They are still in the woods. I sharpen my hearing. I don’t get what they say. It is a whole mix of the words and all of them speak at the same time. I listen carefully. One voice stands out. 

  • Silva! She is alive! 

I don’t think much when my heart leads me and this time is no exception. She growls in pain. I speed up. She became a mother to me and that is the reason I entered the woods right after the fire. I can’t leave her in need knowing she is somewhere here.

I head towards sounds till I have a better look of the place. Several humans stand with fire sticks in their hands. They think she is a witch and they find no common agreement what to do next. 

Silva’s men are nowhere to be seen. It can’t be that they left her, their queen. 

I scan the familiar place. Humans found them in their small village with hanging tree houses. Oh, she is up there. I hear her again. Her voice flows from a hanging huge cracking cage. It’s marked with the flames. 

  • Of course, humans used fire and she had to back off. 

I mumble in annoyance and head from behind the whole scene. I am aware, somewhere there should be few back entrances to the top houses and connecting bridges. 

It takes not much time for me to reach the wanted cage. I turn the lock carefully and it opens.. down! Not at all what I was expecting. Silva and three of her men drop down with a terrible sound on the ground. 

  • Attention.. 

I growl and land light on my feet next to them. My vampire speed gives me an advantage. I free their hands and feet from the painful restraints and Silva’s men stand beside me in fighting postures without any command. 

  • Damn. Silva! We need to get out! 
  • Si

She tries to get up on her feet, stumbles. I help her, landing my hand. 

  • Mi querida.. 
  • Later. 

She doesn’t hold her weight at all. F*ck. 

  • Take her up. 

I point toward the mountain, at my castle on the cliff. Humans can’t see it from here but vampires do. 

  • Say them, Rhia’s back hall. 
  • Querida, come together

She purrs but I stop her with my palm’s flick and order her men to dismiss. 

  • You. We will slow down humans. 

Two men follow my order and bring their queen to safety. One stays with me back to back against the human’s crowd. 

It’s not a hard fight, just the fire their hold is an obstacle. They outnumber us but we are vampires. Our strength, speed and bloodlust leave no chance for them to stand out long. One more of many little battles. We hold our line, there are less and less of them, but we can’t finish them. F*ck. Unfortunately I underestimated humans. They really learned some new tricks. Flame licks my companion. It catches my attention and my wrists are restrained. F*ck! They tie me to the four legged animal and it drags my body in a speed through the green woods. I cough in the dust and close my eyes.

I look around. Looks like I had a black out. I find myself on a hill of cut branches. I can’t move. I am secured to the pole. Of course I pull it out. At least try to do it. Damn! It has roots down the ground. 

  • Note to myself. Don’t underestimate others. They also develop.

I feel nausea. I need to feed. Pregnancy sucks my energy quickly. I growl. Their warm blood is all I can sense now. I even hear it running in their tiny veins. It is so luring. I gather my strength to break free. I just need a bit more patience.

Humans notice my awakeness and decide to throw me a welcome party. They beat my body with sticks. Of course I feel pain but it doesn’t do much damage. I let out a small laugh and shake lightly my head lost in my mind. Oh, those little mortal creatures.. They become more angrier. One stick hits my belly and I let out an unexpectedly loud roar to the sky. 

  • HELL! 

Humans are stunned and look scarred. The whole place falls in silence. They look at me and don’t blink. I eye my body tracing their gazes. It glows, tattoos shine in the darkness. Oh, sinns, not now..

Finally silence is broken by argue. Some of them think I am the lost goddess and want me to leave. Others crave for my death and are ready to set me on the flames right away. 

  • Sunshine, stay quiet. 

I hear a soft husky voice behind me. It’s music to my drained body. He slowly makes a straight line along my backbone barely touching it. It electrifies the air gap between us and my heartbeat races. His breath warms my cold skin. I close my eyes savouring the rare moment. 

  • You are like nothing in this world, sunshine.

He whispers and I wait for his lips on my tingling skin. Instead Eirikrinn tears my restraints off in one powerful move, takes me bridal style with a happiest smile on his lips. Oh, I love this man! We both disappear from the raging crowd, but in this moment they don’t exist to me. I hug Eirik’s neck for better support as he carries me away. My head leans against his strong chest. I am lost in his wooden scent. My bloodlust calms, heartbeat steadies and muscles relax. I didn’t know how tense I was. 

He lays my body gently on the crowns of green trees. They tickle my back and sides. Moonlit enlightens us. He kisses me tender and checks my body carefully. 

  • I am fine, Eirik. 
  • I heard your cry. That’s how I found you so quickly. Even my men sensed you.

I swallow hard. It could be dangerous as I am the Black. I look at him with a question in my eyes. He notices that quickly. 

  • You are pregnant. You carry Cymru. 

Worry hides in those words. 

  • How do you know?! 

He chuckles. 

  • Obvious. Look at you. You gained weight nicely.

He kisses my lips softly and then his lips find my belly.

  • How do you know it is yours?
  • I saw your marks. 

His fingertips gently trace my belly then he kisses my lips with more passion, his thumb strokes my cheek and I lean into his touch. I feel tired again.

  • How do you feel? 

His voice is full of worry.

  • I.. I am.. hungry and dizzy. 

I blush and he chuckles.

  • We will solve this. 

He cuts his wrist and red drops appear. 

  • Take this for now. We will find more a bit later. 

I can’t turn my eyes away and that smell!.. It is luring, irresistible. I have never felt hungrier in my whole life. My lips join those red drops and some prime sensation washes over me. My fangs enter rough, Eirikrinn flinches but doesn’t let his hand go, leaves me to suck on it. We both moan aloud leaving night fillet with us. 

I take out my fangs out and lick his wrist taking a time, running my tongue over his skin. His darkened eyes watch me as I hold his hungry gaze still licking him. His other hand caressly worships my body shape. I am ready for him. He finds my hips positioning himself between my legs and looks direct into my eyes. It’s not asking for permission. I dive in his eyes shining deep dark in the moonlight. I lean in and kiss him, biting his lower lip with a slow hold. He groans and I answer with a smile biting my lip. He holds my head from behind firmly and slightly tugs my hair. My head snaps back and a low throaty moan breaks out of my mouth. I dump between my legs. I missed him. His lips find my collarbone and leave a wet trace in the chilly nichts air. His master tongue devours my bigger sensitive breasts not forgetting peaking hard round nipples. His teeth grid on them and I give him my unstoppable moans. I want him NOW and buckle my hips to join his body in closer.

His devilish smile appears on his lips not going to quicken. He knows well, he leaves me panting now. His hand works on my slit as my hand reach for his c*ck. He inhales shaky closing his eyes. I slide my hand slowly and finally match his pace. He takes my hand off, kisses me hot and enters me deep taking his time. 

  • I missed you.
  • I missed you.

Our eyes meet. He keeps a slow pace. It nerves and teases me. Leaves me wanting for more. I moan with each his move in and adapt to his pace. He smiles in satisfaction. Tease changes into pleasure. His c*ck is hard and brushes my inner walls sending new waves of pleasure. They clench around him. We moan both together. I hear him next to my ear. His wonderful magical voice. I catch my breath and arch back moaning to the moon over us. He covers my throat with kisses and bites my shoulder. He growls not letting my skin go. Oh sins! I close my eyes from this strong sensation and feel his release together with mine. We hold each other in a tight embrace. When I am finally ready, my eyes open and meet his loving gaze. 

  • We belong together, sunshine. 

He sticks butterfly kisses on my temple and nuzzles at a crook of my neck. One kiss lands on my shoulder.

  • Stop fighting. Stop running away. 

He says it so gently, stroking my hair. My head leans against his chest. 

  • You don’t understand. 

I replay in a whisper. 

  • Fire! They bring fire! 

Porir’s voice breaks the silence. We are not looking in the voice’s direction, we just lock our eyes.

  • I know the safe place. Come. 

I propose. Eirikrinn thinks for a moment, making an almost unnoticeable short pause, then nods. 

  • You go, love. We will misguide them and stop the flames. They play this game too long.

He gives me a kiss not rushing at all and leaves me. It’s not the last kiss. He will come back. I savour lingering feelings on my still hot wet tingling lips.

  • I will find you. 

I hear him through the woods.

  • Sure, we both always do. 

I reassure him as he disappears in the darkness.

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