Rhia(nnon) – Millennia


  • Andvari, stop, enough! 

He chases me through the halls. 

  • Stop it! 

We both giggle running and chasing as kids. 

  • Stop running, Rhia!
  • Stop chasing me!
  • You know I will catch you!
  • You would love to!
  • You can’t run all night!

I flee up the staircase and enter one of the rare used halls. Andvari moves at his vampiric speed, but I am lighter on my feet. I know he is right, but I know what I seek and how to get that. 

  • I will get my way with you!

Oh, he keeps flirting!

  • So do I.

I hear his low growl not far away as response to my statement. I giggle. Two can play this game.

  • Just surrender, Andvari!
  • Just give in to me!

Oh, he would love that. It’s half plea, half demand in his words. I see what looks he gives me especially when we are left alone. His darkened cat’s eyes speak louder than his voice. His body moves differently when we are alone. He stalks me as I am a prey and he is a hungry hunter. What else I feel is the respect he shows to my choices and speed. I appreciate that. I can’t give myself fully to another man. It is tempting, but I’m not yet ready. My heart is filled with mixture of strong feelings which doubles and tripples some nights but when it comes more than to a physical sex I am becoming a cold and empty doll for the men next to me. No one of them awakened my heartbeat but maybe Andvari..

  • Maybe.. one day..

My thought escapes my lips, not very careful. I am sure he could hear. His voice is closer. I don’t look back and keep running. Damn my hormones! They are playing my body and I am more needy.

  • If I stop, Rhia, you will return to your work! 
  • But it has to be done! 
  • Just surrender! 
  • In your dreams, Andvari! 
  • Oh, I dream about you! 

He catches me breathless and pins me against the wall. I giggle. A rumble, his voice is low, full of need.

  • Just like this. 

He lifts my hands over my head and holds firmly my wrists. Our chests still move heavily meeting with each breathe. 

  • Give in to me, my dare. 

His voice raspy and deep throaty low sends wetness into my core. His eyes slide down and stop on my lips, just a few breaths separates us. My eyes slide down and reach his merely open lips.

  • What do you wait for? 

My words come almost in a whisper but playful. I hold his gaze through my long eyelashes. He leans in even more closer and stops just a breath away from my lips. I dodge and dart quickly past him and jump through the open window not checking how he acts. 

  • Rhia!

My laugh exposes my location as I have no intention to hide it. I land on one of the nearest roofs and keep running, over jumping gaps between roofs of different heights. Oh, I missed that! This freedom and fun!

  • Rhia, it’s not safe in your condition! 

I don’t slow down lost in a moment I hadn’t for a long time.

  • Rhia! 

I jump from one roof to another grinning and laughing, overcoming all obstacles on my way. He follows me light on his feet. I enter a hall on my right and hide me well behind the door. He enters just a moment later. I stop my breath and my heart. 

  • I know you are here. You can’t hide your sweet scent. 

I feel a smile on his lips though I don’t see it. I smile at myself.

I stop behind him and cover his eyes with my palms. My chest and his solid back muscles meet flat. His breathing hitches. I play my cards whispering into his ear blowing air onto his neck.

  • Maybe you could have your way, Andvari.
  • So we WILL negotiate! 

He twirls and says believing in victory with a triumph smile on his face. I see his eyes dancing.

  • I won’t work as you wish but you will do as I say.

I launch toward the window but he catches me by my wrist gently but still firmly. We both share a friendly laugh. 

  • You told, MY way, Rhia.

He tilts his eyebrow with a smile not leaving his lips. I find myself staring at them.

  • If you accept my terms. 

I say silently not turning my gaze. It lasts too long. He growls low. Hilarious. I can’t control my needs and I toy with him.

  • I’ve got you, dare. There will be no deal at all. 

He places my palm on his chest. His heart hammers. Damn.. My body wants to give in. I smile at him. Cup his face. My thumbs brush his cheeks. My breath falls on his lips. I catch his gaze. 

  • Trade everything we have, but no discount on the water. 

He fumes and holds my gaze. His hands cup my face gently.

  • They will never agree. 
  • Oh, they will! Give them more time. 

I take his palms in mine. Our chests are still touching. Hair separates our lips.

  • Why do we do that at all? Why do we make deals with humans and other creatures? 

He almost whispers. It sounds so intimate.

  • We keep balance and peace. 

He lets my palms drop and step a bit backwards. 

  • Whatever.. We need just blood. 

His voice hides anger. He spins and pace in the hall. He thinks he will change my decision under his pressure. I hold a laugh. Adorable. 

  • I don’t want massacre. 

I stand my ground. My tone makes it clear. 

  • Understandable. You are a woman!
  • What does that mean?! 

My voice pitches but he doesn’t understand his mistake.

  • Rhia, I will protect you. I will fight.

In quick smooth motion I stand next to him. 

  • You don’t. 

I don’t shout. My voice is cold and demanding. I turn his chin with my one finger to face me and whisper in his ear. 

  • I don’t need you to fight my fights.

I look deep into his eyes. He doesn’t hold a gaze and lowers it. 

  • We don’t have to agree on everything but trust me, Andvari, on this. 

He nods. His fingers in V land on his heart. At least he is loyal. 

  • I’ll take a rest as you requested. 

I leave him and my tasks for today as I don’t want him to feel totally defeated. My thoughts and needs are still here in me, in my head. What was that? Why do I care about him? I even wanted to share my body with him. It wasn’t just toying this time. What was that feeling? I can’t find the right answer as I keep trying. Maybe distance tonight will make me some good. Already now I feel better. Milly, keep hold on your hormones and use your brain. Don’t be a dog chasing for bones. Even if they are sexy.. and possible pleasure is luring.. I find myself strolling through the garden. White rose catches my eye. As I am already in here, I decide to check what could be used to revive greenery in this deserted garden. Flexing chest muscles.. I could feel them through that thin fabric.. Oh, Milly! Hold on! ..and his hands firm grip on my skin.. Mmm..

  • Wolfs. 

I snap to reality and whisper to myself as their smell tickles my nostrils. Wolfs never mean any good for us immortals night’s kids. As I make a turn behind the line of high bushes, two mouths full of sharp teeth meet me angrily. My fangs prolong and body tenses reading for the attack. 

  • It’s not your territory. Leave! 

They grumble. 

  • Leave! 

I say stepping toward them boldly. They launch onto me. I take out my dagger and fight them. With my strength and speed it comes easily. Corner of my eyes catches a few more targets entering our battlefield. I step backwards till my back reaches bushes and some ruins of ancient structure. My breath quickens and I lick my lips. 

  • You all had to leave when you still had a chance! 

They growl and attack me. I don’t think, so my muscles do all the hard work. It’s like dance in the air. After it only blood and fur covers the ground. Nice and quick, just a bit messy. It’s not unusual.

I exhale and consider where to go next as I hear one more mouth growl. I spin and see it clear. One more large body covered in fur and open mouth with dripping saliva. Dark eyes. Nails on the feet ready to tear off. And just behind it lies one more, a bit smaller one. Legs are bended and shaky, tail between them. The snoot is distorted in pain. My heart flips over. I return my eyes to the angry one wolf. 

  • She needs help. Call for it. We won’t hunt you. 

I leave. On my way back to the castle I hear a long loud howl. My lips play a smile. Maybe sometimes I do play a strings of life and death.

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