(Cymru prince)
(Eirikrinn’s guard & close friend)


Thanks to her, my sunshine, it was an easy escape from Black castle and it’s grounds. I took the way she advised me and my dare friend and guard Porir followed me. It took for us only several minutes till we were covered by the night’s darkness. After shocking news tonight she send lots of mixed signs, but I just felt I could trust her. There was no time for a long thinking. I went along with my gut. She warned me and was right. Damn she knows her brother well.. Maybe too well.. I feel jealousy spinning in my gut and try to brush it away. She is mine. I am hers. I try to remind to my possessive part.

Guards are at every step and more than ready for us. There is no need to tell, it is so visible that Black prince is definitely pissed off and going after me. I smile unwillingly. Who could know that scouting will end up so unexpectedly. Of all the women in this world, my sunshine appears to be the Black princess. One part of my heart dances and jumps from joy, the other one is scared to lose her. Oh this woman! I smile like a stupid alone on my thoughts. Because of her I start to feel things I never felt and event didn’t know I could feel them at all. She brings other side of me out, much milder on edges. Next to her I don’t want to destruct, I want create something beautiful and last eternity together with her.

My body trembles when I see more guards looking for us. Shit! Black prince already knows or at least suspects. She is in great danger! My hearts starts hummer. My eyes search all possible ways back to her. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

  • You are full of surprises. 
  • Mmm?

Porir opens his mouth. I am not in a mood to talk. My mind races. I left her. Fuck! I have to be there, help her! Maybe she doesn’t understand that yet, but when her brother finds out about our bond, he will lock her for a dare life. Or he will treat her as a traitor.. Fuck! I need to get her out of that castle.

  • You know the sideways in Black castle. We could have Black princess without all those battles. 
  • You love battles! Fight is your air and blood. 

I tease him not turning away eyes from my target, Black castle. There should be way in. The one we took is already blocked. Walls, gates, doors, windows and roofs. Guards watch everything. Neighbour houses and side ways are as well under their watch. I growl. When will they make a mistake? What pattern they have? We need time to find our that. I will find their weak spot. I always do.

  • You know what I mean. 

I look at the wood’s ground and let out a long sigh. Now I know how feels guilt.

  • She guided me tonight.

I admit and look back at the Black castle. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t leave her tonight. Crap!

  • So she is with us? On our side? 
  • … Not really. 

He looks confused. 

  • I thought we were waiting for her. She will join us here, right? 
  • Black prince will never let her go. 
  • Are we going back in? 

I nod. My eyes search for any clue to help me to fix this.

  • She is in danger. I need to find the way in. Prince is tonight unpredictable.
  • He is her brother. He will never harm her. 
  • He might. 
  • No. They share blood. 
  • But she is bonded to me. 

Porir’s jaw drops open and his eyebrows shoot up. Short silent pause lands in between.

  • Bond?! You share a real royal bond?

I don’t answer. My eyes search for and count possibilities of a way back to the castle. Black prince made it very difficult. He is pissed off and eager for blood.

  • That’s good, right? Our kingdom needed the princess. And now we have got one! 

He jumps happy up and sits on the tree branch. 

  • And royal bond! Man, you are lucky. 

He lets out a whistle. His body expresses joy and relaxation. 

  • It’s not time to cheer. She is not with us yet. 
  • Relax, Eirik. She.. 

Silver chain catches Porir’s feet and his body is dragged down and away from my grip just in the blink of an eye. I jump into the tree and reach the tree crowns. I try to follow my friend from up there. They are between trees in the woods. I can barely see him. His voice comes up and disappears several times. I follow till my eyes see the catchers. Porir can’t break free. Silver chain hurts and burns his skin till the bone. Three of them in black. I will manage. Without much thinking I land behind one light and silent as a wild cat without any sound and cut his throat in one motion. Two more to go. Let’s have this quick fun. 

  • Chwick! 

Porir warns me about luring danger. I know. I know. I have seen, there were three of them. My dagger reaches one more throat and digs deep in others heart. I jump to help my struggling friend. 

  • How big is the damage? Can you run?

He gives no answer, just throws his dagger behind me. And takes two more in his hands. 

  • What?!.. 

My eyes follow daggers direction on instinct. I found us surrounded by twelve enemy’s guards. F*ck! 

We stand back to back with my friend, my lifeguard. He struggles to steady himself. My back supports him a bit. 

  • Leave. 
  • You are not in charge here, Porir. 
  • They want you.. not me… 

He secures one more charger and sends him back off as I manage the same with two more. 

  • That’s why you will not get on your own out of here alive. 
  • My life doesn’t matter, Eirik. 
  • Stop whining.. and help me. We are not going to die.. Not tonight. 

We fight for each other as we did a million times. Our sharp long strong nails pull out hearts of the chests leaving them liveless and painting our arms in red rivers of blood. Our fangs work as sharp daggers and cut throats till they hold no more heads. Long war and endless battles teached us lessons well. We are warriors. Death is running in our blood and souls.

  • We have to hide. More are coming. 

I whisper to Porir. He nods and we finish the last ones of those twelve with just enough time to disappear into the woods. 

  • Your leg is not well. Let’s take a shorter way. 

He hiss in pain and runs not in full speed. We need more time for him to heal. 

  • Eirik.. 

We found ourselves in a deep pit with lots of spikes down and over. We both are hurt, but enough lucky not to burst into dust. I look up. I could try to reach the top but Porir definitely not yet and we can’t wait. 

  • F*cking humans. They learn how to fight us. 
  • And did us a favour. 

One of Black guards speaks up over our heads with a huge smile. Helliana, that’s how you take care of your sons..

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