(Millennia’s brother, Black prince, former Black King)
(Sorgedon’s guard and
close friend)


  • Bond! She has a bond with the ENEMY! Oh, my dare sister.. 

Looks like my heart pounds so strong and jumps trying to escape my chest. I hear it in my ears loud and clear.

  • Bond!

I go through the halls and destroy everything on my way. Stuff is landing on the stone floor with a terrible sound but it doesn’t match sounds my heart makes. My emotions crash on me like a gigantic storm and I don’t try to control them, let them burrow and grow. 


I roar. How could she?! She was always faithful. She was loyal to Father, to the Black Kingdom she loves, to her blood in her veins, even to me. When did it change? 

I find myself in the gardens. She loves this place. She was standing there. On those stairs. In this very spot. That night she wore the dress of my taste and colour. She did it for me. My heart flattered. I was in fountains making fun with those girls and letting her wait. Her eyes stalked me. I made it on purpose. Did I make her too jealous? So much that she didn’t want to stay with me?

  • Sorgedon.
  • LEAVE!

Morty approaches. I roar without controlling myself. I don’t want anybody near me. This place is already too cramped. 

  • I..
  • LEAVE! Keep her among guests!

I don’t recognise my voice. It’s not me. I shove his body towards the door. He lands hard on the floor, but quickly stands up and leaves in a hurry not looking back. I snatch everything down from the nearby shelf, turn around and hug the edge of the nearest chair. I lean against it breathing heavy.

  • Bond with the Cymru.

I whisper and let the chair fly and hit the wall.

She told me she was kidnaped. Was she? She refused to spend the night in King’s bedchambers. I chose her. She never came. Damn. Thought she was making out with me. She was good. She felt so good. So tight. I close my eyes and feel myself inside her body, her flesh against my flesh. She never acted. She felt it. We both did. She loved me. She wanted me in the same way I did. I never forced her. We always knew what we were and we belonged to each other. We served the future of our Kingdom. We made out in lots of places. Everywhere I touch now, I see and remember her. But not once in my new bedchambers. Never in King’s bed. 

  • I had to know better!

I growl. My heart is a lion trapped in a too small cage.

Kidnaped.. I shake my head and let out a breath.

  • Father, I had to keep her safe. I failed. I am sorry.

Who kidnaped her? Or with whom did she spend time? Was she always with Cymru? Not really, according to her, and she looked sincere. She explained about desert, storm and temple. What did they do to her? She thinks they didn’t achieve what they wanted, but Father..

  • Father, they broke her soul. 
  • They tried to clean her.

Maybe they did, just she didn’t understand? I close my eyes and gulp my guilt. We know, no one princess survived it and became queen. They all came back broken. It’s a secret royals don’t talk. Almost no one talks. But you shared with me. You knew she was in danger. If they.. used her.. cleaned.. her.. I feel nauseous from thought. It could explain why she can be bonded with Cymru. They carry different bloodlines. We don’t mix. It’s dangerous. HOW did it happen? Could THAT be a reason?!

She came back home different. Something has changed. She was always lost in her mind, joy never reached her beautiful eyes. She touched me differently.

  • She cares for HIM! Father! 

She always hated him, maybe more than I did. She held you, Father, dying in her hands. She took care for those warlocks. She organised everything in the castle and on its grounds. She holded the defence walls and helped me in the battle. 

  • Father, she has your warrior’s heart and granddad’s sharp mind. Now she is broken. They broke her!

She cares for HIM! I saw them dancing. Their locked eyes. Lust between them radiated in the whole hall. OUR throne hall! Air was thick, you could slice it and serve it for our guests. Oh, they saw only the upcoming alliance with Cymru, fearless, powerful creatures. She was good, she played it well but at what price! 

  • Damn, Milly!!

She can’t be on both sides. 

  • No way he gets her!

I send my special guards after him. He won’t get away. At least Milly exposed him. But she acts strange, sends mixed messages. On whose side is she now?

I come back to the throne hall and spend the rest of time in my free flowing thoughts. My eyes never leave her. She looks for escape but she is guarded. She is lost in her heart. Her heart battles. 

  • Father, we lost her.

I mumble under my nose. She doesn’t know anymore she belongs here.

Guests are leaving. No news from the guards. 

We will get to you, Cymru. You will pay. Just a matter of time. I know, you are not far from us. You won’t leave her alone. Not now. With the f*cking bond. I grit my teeth.

I hug her and kiss her. She responds like she always does. I want my sis with me. My heart cries and squeezes. Our foreheads meet.

He also wants her. Never! He will never get her! I nod for the guards and they leave her to meet her fate under the sun.

A tear escapes my eye and rolls down my cheek. I am hidden in the palace from the morning sun but my eyes lie on her.

  • Stop it. Don’t do it.

Morty pleads and says the same words my heart shouts.

  • She agreed, we are doing the right thing.

We both watch her. Her body smokes. She screams and my heart breaks into pieces. I feel the urge to help her as I always did. My hands spread and take a hold on the doorframe. Sun rays cover her all. She screams. It takes too long. 

  • What’s..?! 

My heart beats at enormous speed and breath quickens, my body ready to run. My fingers reach for her in a distance. She leaves her restraints behind, tries to go, creams in that painful roar, stumbles, gets up and stumbles. Her skin smokes but she is crawling. What?!.. 

  • Milly! 

I try to go after her.

  • Sor..

Morty tries to stop me from stepping out. I run after her into the sun and am burned instantly. How can she?! My royal blood doesn’t help me. I try to catch the shadows but I can’t leave the palace. Sun is too high. Too hot. She disappears through the gates. Damn! 

  • Gorgeous!

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