Immortal Diaries: EVENT Aesthetics & Essence

    While our lifes are buzzing at the end of August new Event shows up with two new Outfits that are created for stylish career women.

    Modern classic, powerful, beyond stylish 🙂 Ohhh.. I love these jackets! What about you? What are your favourite Items? So many cute pieces that is hard to pick one?! 😀

    Five star new sets are packed as usually with Items that have special Tags (mostly Date and Party, but you will find Formal, Black, Brown, Yellow as well). I should admit, my week was so busy that I hadn’t time to check how rare are these Items so it might be a homework for you this time 😉

    But I did counted, how much resources we need to get both or any of new Sets. Scroll and read below if you are here for this info.

    I noticed that many gamers are taking a break now after intensive Adrian’s birthday event that finished just a day before this one started. So my best guess is your cashe isn’t too full and ready for big spendings. If you also are one of the ones on a break, could you afford anything during this Event?

    Background/ Scenery
    Extra Items

    Traditionally we can choose from pfp, frames, random Items in envelope and game Coins. And Backgrounds! Now we can “try” scenery before we buy it! That’s so cool! I was missing this feature for a loooong time. Now we have it! Yayyy! Have you noticed them behind the new Outfits? You can get one or both of them if you decide to do daily Tasks and claim Blueprints in bottles at certain time frames in Event’s Gift Station:

    Devs added an extra hour for us to be able to claim these free Blueprints. And you still forget to log in? Yeah… you are not alone in this 😀 We will try harder 😀

    If you are taking a break from bigger spendings

    Before starting to spend in this Event I recommend to answer 2 questions:

    1. What’s your target: 1 or both Sets? Changing your mind later will cause loosing your precious resources (diamonds)
    2. Are you willing to spend real money? 7 to 14 dollars in total. If you have enough diamonds, real money can be saved for future events or upcoming Bounty plan in a few days 😉

    Note. Once again, devs stick with their new “invention”: If you decide to opt for a whole Set, it’s better to buy all at once rather than buying separate items. That means, patience and once more bigger patience.

    The cheapest way to get Set is to do Tasks all 7 days in a row and use limited offers to buy Blueprints for the best price. We get a reasonable amount of tasks and their difficulty if represented in points after it’s completion. Most difficult Tasks grant you with 5 Blueprints of each kind. It involves:

    • gold card spending (I always advice to save them and use only during Events and contests),
    • making purchase with diamonds (spend them to buy Event currency-Blueprints, letter in the bottle),
    • Training your Followers (be creative by collecting pills, leaves and powders).

    If you successfully complete all Tasks during 7 days, you will gain 231 Blueprints of each kind. You exchange them into 231- Plaques (light and dark dresses):

    Plaque (on your left)

    If you luckily collect twice a day (every day) free given Blueprints, you will end up with 168 Blueprints = 1680 Plaques. What leaves you with 3990 plaques for each new Set, plus some extra Plaques that you bought while spending 1400 diamonds to make the Task each day completed. It’s 24,6% of required Plaques to buy discounted Set, but you can get a few Items and/or Background.

    If you want 2 Sets

    Cheapest way to get them is to do all Tasks every day. Then comes time for diamond spending. Your choice should be this:

    You buy all of them every single event’s day. At the end of event you will have 7000 Plaques of each Set. Your spendings will be equal to 8400 diamonds.

    It won’t be enough to buy the whole set yet, so remember to buy:

    -on 1st day: all 20 Blueprints of each colour (2000 Plaques of each; 2800 diamonds)

    -on 2nd day: all 20 Blueprints of each colour (2000 Plaques of each; 2800 diamonds)

    -on 3rd day: 13 Blueprints of each colour (1300 Plaques of each; 1820 diamonds)

    Your price for 2 Sets are 15.820 diamonds + all daily Tasks in Event + all claimed free Blueprints.

    Good to know: 7 dollars (when you buy Blueprints for 1 dollar each day) will let you to collect up to 2800 Plaques.

    If you decide to spend real money:

    -every day you do all Tasks, claim free Blueprints, and buy 40 Blueprints of each for 1 dollar (14 dollars in total)

    -every day you use offer that costs you 120 diamonds each. As much as limit lets you. (8400 diamonds)

    -on 1st day: you buy all 20 Blueprints of each colour for 70 diamonds (2000 Plaques of each; 2800 diamonds)

    on 2nd day: you buy 5 Blueprints of each colour for 70 diamonds (700 diamonds)

    End Price for 2 Sets: 11.900 diamonds + ~14 dollars + all daily Tasks + all claimed free Blueprints.

    Price for 1 Set

    Maybe that’s a good call to aim for the whole Set instead of fishing single Items from both Sets. It’s up to your game strategy, but if this is what you want, that’s how it goes to make your expenses lower:

    -every day you do all Tasks, claim free Blueprints

    -on 1-6 day: you buy all 20 Blueprints of corresponding colour for 70 diamonds (2000 Plaques; 8400 diamonds)

    -on Day 7: you buy 3 Blueprints of corresponding colour for 70 diamonds (300 Plaques; 210 diamonds)

    You will need 8610 diamonds to collect required amount of Plaques to be able to buy discounted 1 Set.

    If you spend 7 dollars, your smart spending will look:

    -on 1-4 day: you buy all 20 Blueprints of corresponding colour for 70 diamonds (2000 Plaques; 5600 diamonds)

    -on Day 5: you buy 15 Blueprints of corresponding colour for 70 diamonds (1500 Plaques; 1050 diamonds)

    Total spendings: 7 dollars + 6650 diamonds + Tasks + claimed free Blueprints

    Powerful woman knows how to get the best price 😀

    Danielle -30 Aug, 2022-