Fashion trends s/s 2023

    s/s or in other wording it’s spring / summer. With temperature outside climbing into 50F most of us started to dig deeper into our wardrobes to see what suitable we still have in there. I have to admit, I’m one of you, guys 🙂

    The second hint that spring is come: ‘declutter your clothe’s shelfs’ videos were starting to hit me like an unstoppable wave so I know undoubtedly, the time is come 😀 I sign at a thought of decluttering and looks like none of those methods work well but I have my method too, I just need time to prepare myself..

    And so I did. Today. I started digging my mind. I knew somewhere there are remnants of fashion runaways for spring/summer 2023. Here you find a short list what items will help you to freshen up your style for NEW season <3

    1.Season’s spicy colour – lime.

    Greens were making their appearance for several seasons in a row. They showed up in various shades so you definitely have something in your wardrobe already.

    Don’t get rid of them! Spicy them up with lime green!

    Mix all shades of greens. They will work so well together. One, two, three and you are ready to go!

    On a low budget? Buy shoes in green. Ballet flats are trending. You also can’t go wrong by getting new pair of sneakers, lime green, for sure 😉 Or maybe green mules or slippers, m?

    The other choice could be a handbag. Compact, only for your phone and keys. Or you can opt for trending seagrass or macrame bigger one, medium or shopper size.

    Jewellery is another easy way to freshen up your dull look for the spring. they are in various shapes and green shades so you definitely find that perfect pair of earrings of cheerful necklace. Need to see lime green more often? Consider getting set of rings with a couple of greens in it. That can be bracelet or hair accessory, CAP. Just make sure if you buy small items, you will need two different types of accessories to make a nice statement for this season.

    You are not a fan of green? Yeah.. Apparently, me too 😀 No shame in here. I was trying to avoid it for some reason. We all have our favourite colours but I decided to experiment with this lime so I will be getting a t-shirt or crop top in this colour.

    2. Pair LIME with Basic classic colours

    It will always look elegant and matching. Your dress up style (classical for the work in office, casual or sporty) isn’t important, mix and mach them and you will get the right effect easily. Pick any of these colours for your top/bottom, coat or jacket:

    • white, off-white, cream
    • nude, light beige, beige
    • black
    • blue jeans

    We can expand this list a bit by adding more shades, just be careful using them as they are not usually summer colours:

    • very light grey
    • graphite grey
    • brown

    Instead of getting lime top, you may dress up in Classic colours and opt only for the lime accessories. They will pop up and you will get your doze of compliments!

    3. Guide to fashionable Secondary colours

    It’s always get tricky when it comes to mixing more colours. And when you add patterns and texture.. 0.0 Oh I got you here 😀

    Surprisingly Lime colour works so well with wide spectrum of other colours! Luckily for you and me! 🙂

    First, it goes very well with other shades of green.

    Another trending colour this season is orange. Orange-lime duo is bold, not for everyone, but if it’s you – feel free to go. You will be real eye-catcher! If you still hate green, you also may want to build your season wardrobe only around orange colour.

    Magenta or last year’s Barbie pink together with Lime will create colour bomb too! This colour pairing is seen numerous times and in various shades so you will have a great time experimenting and finding perfectly yours.

    You can’t stand to be so flashy? Pair Lime with classic colours I mentioned earlier. Blue will work wonders too! Remember, blue jean shorts go well with Lime green so you may add blue bomber jacket or longer double breasted jacket (they are still top notch), or sporty jacket, pick any shoes of classic colour and you will look trendy.

    Blue is always a colour of summer. So it’s important to get the right one if you want to stay on season’s top. Every season brings something new, like patterns, shade or trendy colour pairing. This year blue comes in calm, relaxing tone, medium to lighter shade. It alone can be easily paired with light purple, or lime green and light purple.

    PS. If orange is your to-go, pair it with classic colours for quick dress up and clean polished look. You can spicy it with shades of Pink, Lime, Red, Purple and you will hit the hot trendy spot. Many companies leading in fashion opted for a flame’s or sunset’s colour palette so I won’t be surprised to see more of them the next s/s season in our shops that tend to get closes with 1-2y delay.

    4. Mash & Transparency

    From high end runaways we get not much in our stores.

    We’ve seen transparent tops and bottoms all over runaways. My granny would get pink cheeks seeing them and more conservative person would turn eyes away.

    In our stores I see much more modest tendency:

    • a lot of mesh lingerie
    • transparent bikini cover-ups, beach wear
    • a few dresses with transparent material at the waist, neck or hands

    5. Metallic clothes

    Runaway was packed with metallic clothes. And I’m not talking about belts and shoes. It would be noting unusual if that wasn’t for spring/summer! Metallic shimmer skirts and pants for casual wear! If you find any in store, especially metallic silver (metallic gold is trending too), grab it!

    6. Fringes

    I had to check this one once more as it felt so much as deja vu 😀

    Season after season they are still trending 0.0 Yup, they still do! They deco evening, party dresses. And step into casual wear too! You will see them on dresses and skirts s/s 2023.

    We had them on our accessories and handbags. We still have them there too!

    7. Still in Trend

    There are a few things that are worth to keep in your wardrobes:

    • tops and dresses with square neckline
    • blouses with balloon arms (long sleeved or 3/4)
    • blouses with puff arms (short sleeved)
    • crop tops
    • midi dresses and midi skirts
    • mini skirts (incl. leather and metallic ones)
    • wide pants and high rise 90’s jeans/shorts
    • sport apparel
    • double breasted longer jackets (wear the s/s’23 with shorts and dresses, jeans)

    8. Not in stores. Yet?

    There are couple items I don’t see in stores. Yet.

    • long strapless tube dresses
    • transparent clothes. It might be that trendy Cut-Off’s are taking their place on a street style as they are getting more bold. However you might find them online.