• Porir, make sure my army is ready. We have things to do.
  • Where to?

His question.. He knows me well. I’m glad I don’t have to explain. I stay silent. My hands rake my hair and body can’t stay in one place. It moves around looking for the right spot which is nowhere to find. She always chose Black kingdom over me. How else can I stop her? That’s it.

  • She didn’t change? She ran away again, didn’t she?

I nod. I have a feeling I will blow up on the spot. Porir gives me a pity look I don’t need. I fume.

  • Do you want me to trace her?
  • No!

He stops in his tracks and turns around to face me.

  • No?!
  • No. We are not heading after her. I want HIM to pay for everything. To take away what he gained, what he values most. To wipe Black kingdom from the map!

His eyes study me as I try to collect shattered pieces of my broken heart.

  • Eirik, you know, she is Black as well.

Our eyes fight in a silence. My heart hummers silently raising my short breaths. My fingers play with my dagger not looking at it, but not either at him.

  • You think I don’t know?

Even one thought about her hurting..It rubs my heart in pain. Why doesn’t she feel the same?! Why this f*cking our blood bond doesn’t work on her? Porir taps my shoulder. I know he will be at my side no matter what I will decide.

  • We will be ready. Give us one night.

I hate him for this. For letting me wait, but he always had my back, never turned me down. One night. Just one more night counted by shortlivings. We separate our ways. I head deeper into the woods. Sinns! There is no place I could escape her and that everything swallowing pain. I feel my old madness coming back and hugging me in an invisible empty grip. Everything around reminds me of her presence. I searched for her here and there, checked every inch. I spent so many nights surrounded by this woodland’s picture and smell.

  • Eirinkrinn!

Voice full of surprise comes out near me. I curl the dagger’s handle, but exhale as soon as I recognise the figure approaching me. It’s only Silva. I’ve got enough for one night. What does  she want?

  • What do you do here?!

Comes with a concern from her lips. If someone can understand me, maybe it’s her. She plants three airy kisses on my cheeks lightly touching my shoulders.

  • She is on the run. Again.

I blurr. Comes somehow harsh, sarcastic. I pin her eyes with my gaze expecting to catch her understanding look. Or at least pity.. Her eyebrows shoot up. 

  • She is not.

Woman next to me states her truth, not thinking, not breathing,not waiting a second. I underestimated her.. Now is my time to look up at her with disappointment. I see more than her eyes. She is dressed for the party.

  • Where do you go?
  • Rhia invited me to the party. She told, it will be special. She insisted on my arrival.

I shake my head leaning against a strong tree. Fingers press my closed eyes, giving me moment to compose myself. One thought about HER makes me want the whole world to blow.

  • Eirikrinn..
  • She is gone, Silva.. It’s the end.

My fingers leave my eyes and rake through my hair leaving more mess that already was. Wolves howling cross the night’s still air just as Silva’s palms curl my cold shoulders.

  • I can’t promise that you will meet her tomorrow, but tonight she will be there. Come.

She turns to leave and tugs my fingertips, but they slide out of her reach. She whips around back to me.

  • Eirik.

Her eyebrow is tilted. It’s a command. She is not asking. I shake my head.

  • Why no?!
  • She stayed true to the Black.

Hatred colours my words. I spit them. She turns her face aside. I definitely don’t like it. Chill adds taste to my other feelings.

  • What evidence do you have?
  • Rising Black’s blood TWICE is not enough for you?!

She quickly checks on me and turns away giving herself away for the shadows. She always carries secrets. At winds speed I pin her to the tree trunk not leaving a gap for her escape. 

  • Spill!
  • How did she explain herself, Eirik?

She purrs, making me nervous. I had no chance to talk to Sunshine about that.

  • She didn’t. We.. we had.. some issues.

I find myself too emotional what’s not common for me. She looks at me clearly weighing what to say next. Then her lips blow soundy air.

  • Loco! Only Toke is Black’s, but she never returned to Black kingdom. Instead she stayed here. For you. She has no reason to run.

She wins the eye battle and I let her go, leaving a few angry marks on the trees. Howling of wolves repeats. Some group of vampires passes us. Silva whisks her hand at them and her attention returns to me.

  • It’s time, Eirik. Some things can’t be undone, but we can twist the future.

Silva leaves me behind. Her words play and play in my head. Toke had to be mine! She had to give birth to Cymru! I change into the clothes proper for the party. Fix white shirt under my chin and cover my shoulders in a red cape. Not forgetting blades. Porir and my men join. We will be ready for the Black. And the whole army in short..

I wasn’t on her grounds only for a few hours and this place is transformed unrecognisable. Party is settled in the garden forbidden for the public. It could be one more Eden my mother adored. I didn’t know my Eden so impressed her and she carried that memory for so long. It brings my small smile, which I wipe with my palm. I lean at the pillar. Looks like my Sunshine collected the stars from the sky and hanged them over our heads. Splash of colors, meals and drinks could pleasure any taste. Oh that smell! I look around just to find the night blooming lilies. 

  • You look better.

I nod to Estrid’s comment. I can’t hate her. She still walks so silent I never hear her.

  • Is she back?
  • Eirik, I am worried about her.

Estrid whispers alarmed into my neck hiding words from passing commoners. Her arm hooks mine gently. She didn’t catch coldness in my voice, but I did.

  • She is back home and holds a party. What is unusual here?

Her lovely voice turns in a laugh at my question. My eyes find worried hers, but I’m so distracted and caught in my feelings.

  • Rhia never shares her personal space. Definitely not with all of them.. And now.. Just look around.

My eyes run over the crowded large place. Only over the edge of the meadow green tunnels remain empty. Sounds of harp fill the air. I know immediately.. it’s her. Estrid wraps my forearm tightly. Her eyes grow wide and pupils become bigger.

  • I’ll check on her.

She nods. I kiss her cheek and follow the music. It eases my heavy heart and brings my smile again, but the storm in my heart doesn’t stop. Sound of harp leads me through the halls I was walking while living here. My Sunshine is hurting. I swallow hard. After all, does she share my pain? I enter the staircase unseen earlier. That’s the way where music leads. Railway is turned as the shell of a snail till becomes more narrow, deeper and darker. I head the posh green stairs down, already I lost count of steps. Where is she? I am guided by the music’s vibration in the dark air. Take turns in smaragd green passways between halls. Thousands of picture frames remain empty on those walls. Halls become more like remains of the past. It’s humid here. I take another staircase, this time going up. The whole wall next to them has large windows from the floor to the cathedral ceiling. They are covered in a curtain of greenery from outside. She doesn’t stop playing. One more hall. Looks like a damaged ship from inside. Almost everything here is smashed. There grows trees and bushes. Smell of moos and something else… I smile once more, still finding my heart pressed under rock. 

  • You have never forgotten me, do you, Sunshine? 

My lips whisper to the air. I can’t explain my rolling feelings. They catch each other and intervene. Under the stairs runs a small stream of mountain’s river. Steel and cold water tickles my fingers as I kneel to check on it. One more little smile cracks my lips. This whole place reminds her of me. Us. She should be near. I decide and stand to look around. My eyes search for her fragile figure.

  • Sunshine.

She sits back to me under the cherry blossoms. I take in the view. Her white dress covers her body. Shoulders are hidden under golden fish scales. Her bare back doesn’t hide and shows her muscles play as strings. Only pearls on the tiny strings react to her swinging. Her dark curls rest on one side of her shoulder. Three large windows in front of her arch elegantly waving their white long light curtains tied up at the sides. Last time I saw her under the pink cherry she wasn’t so calm. I reach her from behind, lean in and kiss her shoulder gently. She smiles. I observe her. For a long moment. She plays and I take in the music.

  • Toke is Black’s.

I make a statement. We both sink in a pause, but she doesn’t stop music, making me angrier.

  • He is indeed. It was meant to be. We both know that too well.

I want her calmness. Her fingers hook sensible strings, don’t stopping wonderful sounds. My heart works double, storms as tornadoes. It’s eager and hungry for more, but nothing comes. Damn her!

  • But she isn’t?

My petulance wins. We stay in silence. I try to suppress a storm of emotions in me, as a need to murder her arises on top of them. Her voice brings me back.

  • She belongs here.

I wrap her waist from behind. She envelopes me in her sweetness and warm. My lips plant a few slow little kisses on her shoulder till they pepper on her neck like butterfly kisses. She gives me full access. This little woman trusts me with her life, but I’m not sure she deserves it. I try to behave normally.

  • You kept your promise, Sunshine.

She nods and chuckles under the touch of my lips on her pulsing vein, making my heart fly. I have to break our chain. It’s just too tight.. poisonous.. My two sides fight, torned in that wind inside me.

  • I have something for you.
  • I ask for nothing, Sunshine.

She turns her head, her eyes guiding me. I check the pointed direction. Pomegranate.. I look puzzled back at her. She gifts me with a loving smile.

  • That’s my promise, Eirik.

I sink in her black eyes already without visible pupils. It brings leverage to my soul, joy to my fluttering heart. I thank Silva in my mind for bringing me here, kissing Sunshine’s fingertips looking straight into her eyes. Her rings send me small jolts. She takes them off and leaves on the bench she was sitting on. She guides me to the other hall leaving less clothes on our bodies. I follow her lead. My legs hit the bed edge and she pushes me down. I let my body drop in that green silk softness.

  • What is this place?
  • That’s my escape. My personal quarters. It’s the origins of the previous castle. This place greeted me here and gave me needed shelter. It’s the end and the beginning. 

She gets down on me in a fierce kiss. I chew on her lower lip, couldn’t resist her. She moans filling space between walls. Her voice echoes around. I like it’s strong sound. Her tongue works on my chest. Her pleasant skin and hard nipples brush over my rough skin. Her lips wrap over my shaft and I curse stopping myself from eruption. Her view working me down here fires my lust of regaining power over her, my angry melts with each passing minute spent close to her. My two fingers guide her chin up and I meet her juicy lips. She wraps my sides tight with her legs. I curse again as she impales me. She rides me wild as she was starving for years, not letting me take the control. She moves her hips stroking me hard, gaining speed. I enjoy the open view from down there. She makes my body crazy. I give her what she wants, meeting her with my hips and she takes all me without hesitation. She drips from wetness and closes her wonderful deep eyes. Her body arches. My palms secure her and return on her hips, helping her with her deep trusts. Force is insane. She comes on me as hurahan and I enjoy every millisecond of it drawing in her. Her face lightens. Skin is glistening, tight. I could look at her so satisfied for ages, centuries and even longer. Unfortunately our bodies betray. They don’t last so long in such a moment. I grab for her sides and roll her over. She still rides the waves of her pleasure. I’m still in her, thrust in her slowly. Again. Slow. Again. Her eyes open to meet mine. Blue changes to dark black. My view doesn’t mirror in them, they swallow. I keep the pace and she moans into my mouth, pressing my moans to answer her. I brush her wet curl, slowing the pace. 

  • She is ours.. Take.. care of her.
  • …Daughter?!

My lips find hers in a long inseparable kiss, my mind still processing the news. She holds for me not letting a gap appear. My shaft finds its way to her narrow pussy. I slam into her making her stretch. Her fingers curl into my hair tilting my head up. I growl as she arch placing her throat under my fangs.

  • Eirik!

Primar sound wraps my name in her parted lips. She is so beautifully flushed again. I fist silky sheets and her hair, anchoring me. 

  • Forever..

My fangs sink in her flesh. Our fingers come tangled. Her body waves in pleasure. It doesn’t help me last longer. I break just after her. Her orgazm milks me, sucking every drop of my anger, love and happiness.