Sorgedon – Black prince
Rhiannon – Millennia


I stroll through the green garden, my palm brushing greenery, long leaves, their curly edges, shadows play on my way. Small waxy leaves tickle my fingers. It’s my dark world and deep darker green sea. I inhale enjoying the calmness. Those roses in a few minutes will open their heads to a night’s dimm light. I close my eyes waiting for blooms to share their aroma. I created my Eden here. Where are you, my love? Will you come? My heart trembles. I left you too many times, but you always found me. Now I’m not running, not hiding, I am waiting. My aching heart beats so slowly as only a dead heart could manage that. I feel desperate as my old life crumples up my dreams and hopes.

  • Milly!

I turn towards the familiar voice and wave my hand to him as a sign to join me. He jogs lightly till his athletic body reaches me. There we go.. He is here too and I am sure that will bring out the old matters. So many years of loneliness and heartache and we are again reaching the same point. The one I was avoiding, the one I was afraid of.

  • You look tense, Milly. Are you all right?

He cares about me as he always did. And that is one of the reasons why I love him, but it’s also the reason I have never come back to our Kingdom. I tried to escape, to change our future, to change our fate. Life turned in a spiral and in a few moments already looked like my future is promising what my heart craves.. My heart squeezes and my throat tightens. As an answer to my brother I cling to his side and give him a small smile.

  • I am glad I am welcome here, gorgeous.

His gaze is soft on me as he tugs me closer to his chest.

  • You are family, Sorgedon, till you act like one.

My eyes stop on him. He nods with a serious face.

  • You always were and are my dear sister.
  • Let’s get towards the house, Sorgedon.

I don’t want to share this magical place. It feels more like a betrayal when he stays here longer. 

  • You never told me about him, gorgeous.

He is not mad, but still I am not sure I want to hold this conversation. I feel tired. Tired from my past hunting me. My dream threatens to shatter in pieces from the moment Sorgedon showed up in front of me in that hall. He returned to my life in flesh and breath. He knows about our son. He will never leave us. Never.

  • Never.

We stroll together in silence snaking our waists. He opens his lips, but no word leaves them. Looks more like he gathers strength. 

  • Are you.. Are.. you still mad on me for what I did, gorgeous?

It’s said almost in a whisper. He avoids my eyes. I stop in front of him and tilt his chin with two of my long fingers.

  • It never was for what you did, brother.
  • I think.. you just wanted to punish me.

I shake my head and share a shy smile. We head forward.

  • Why did you hide him from me?
  • It’s a price we pay for peace.

We sit on the rocks breathing silent night’s air. He thinks and tears off leaf after leaf from little branch.

  • We had three more brutal attacks after your “death” and then it stopped. Beasts never came back to our walls. We hunted them.
  • I am glad it turned out this way.
  • They always wanted only you. All those stupid negotiations.. Pointless.. All those battles.. They aimed just at you.

My chest is not lighter though I just let out air. 

  • I guessed so.

I put a palm on his knee. He kisses my temple and tugs me closer wrapping me in his calm embrace.

  • I am sorry.
  • For what, gorgeous?! Our Kingdom flourishes as never! It was our duty and we achieved that. Father and granddad would be proud.

I swallow hard. I knew this would come, but I feel not ready for it.

  • I kept our son apart from you.
  • It’s not you. It’s because of Cymru!

Hatred dances on his tongue as double hot chili. It’s turned toward the man I love. My palm softly covers his fingers. They are trembling.

  • Where is he, gorgeous? Don’t cover him. He is not worth it.

Our eyes meet in an eye’s battle.

  • I don’t know, Sorgedon.

He swallows, pins my chin not letting my eyes go and searching in the depth. Suddenly he let’s them go and exhales. He believes me.

  • He needs training.
  • Andvari did a perfect job, he trained Toke, Sorgedon.
  • I’ve noticed and give you credit for that. Thought the lack of experience should be covered.

His eyes glisten with pride. I let out a small laugh remembering him at the son’s age and even older.

  • You caught me, gorgeous, Toke is really well prepared.

His cheeks blush while a smile plays on the curve of his lips. Sorgedon lands a palm on his heart.

  • He knows not much about our roots. Milly, we have to reveal him a lot more about us. He has a long history of our bloodline. He is one of us. One day he will lead.

My eyes stop to look at him. Just to make sure, we understand those told words in the same way.

  • I had the same thought and already started. I missed his early years, so we had to catch up from there.
  • What do you mean, gorgeous?!
  • Calm down, Sorgedon. That’s a past. I am here now.

He hugs me harder and kisses my temple.

  • Milly, we all have to stick close, otherwise they will rack us one by one. Together we are fat fist to our enemies to swallow.

That’s what I was afraid of. I have other plans for my future and I am not ready to give up easily. Not after all those years. I refuse to take a defeat.

  • Times are changing, Sorgedon. It’s better to go along.
  • What do you mean?

His sharp gaze bores into my eyes. I know, he won’t like it.

  • You have your land and I have mine. 
  • Milly..
  • If you just think about it, it worked all those past years.
  • Milly!

Of course he protests in his lion’s voice. I exhale longly. Such pressure never worked on him so I change my tactics.

  • Brother, what is exactly what do you want?
  • You and Toke are my family! We are Blacks! Blood running in our veins ties us.

I have one more tie running in me. Bond. It won’t be reasonable to mention it now.

  • That’s why you can count on my support, Sorgedon.
  • MY duty is to protect you. Not otherwise.

He shoves words without thinking and breathing deeply. Our father kept telling us that from birth.

  • And yours, Milly..

Sorgedon fells instantly silent.

  • And mine?..

I ask in a soft voice. I think I know how he will finish his thought. He lifts his eyes to the sky racking his hair and I read his lips moving in almost whisper.

  • You already ensured prolonging our bloodline.
  • And Black kingdom is strong, Sorgedon. You don’t need me. Just find you a lovely wife and be happy.

He snaps at me.

  • You know who I chose. If you are not coming back, she will leave with me.
  • And just as you noticed, it’s complicated.

I narrow my eyes behind my eyelashes. I’m not backing off on this.

  • You mean Toke. I will work on it. He will understand.

Actually there are more reasons.. Do I wanna tell him that now? Will it be reasonable? Will he be reasonable? 

  • Has she a say in it?
  • Gorgeous, she wants to be mine.

I chuckle shaking my head slightly. He became so possessive. I’ve never seen him in such a state. No woman dragged him so much as this one.

  • We will see, Sorgedon. At the moment she doesn’t even talk or listen to you. She has no wish to meet you.
  • I know what I saw, Milly. 
  • What is that?
  • She wants me the same way I crave her.
  • It’s not enough, Sorgedon. Love is a way, not a target.

We pause together. My brother has his own secrets. He listens, but doesn’t hear me.

  • She will be mine, Milly.

I stand up and pick up two skulls rolling around.

  • Sorgedon, force and woman fits like a day and night. 

I bump skulls at each other lightly.

  • Don’t forget balance. 

My hands hit them with the force on each other and they shutter as glass.

  • Now you are master of love, gorgeous?

His small laugh colors our night. 

  • Don’t take me as an example, brother.

I push playfully on his shoulder.

  • So, you agree I can take her.
  • Oh, brother, love works different ways, just always comes in a hidden package. 

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