I come and spend most evenings at the lake. It calms down my head and secret needs. Besides I meet here often Estrid. We became friends if you could say so about a child. She enlightens my existence in this world. She fills up an emptiness in me. Her cheerful talks barriers my thought’s float and gives me rest and hope. I don’t give up. My every night is dedicated to find my Sunshine. My kingdom grows, we become stronger and get support from free clans and weaker Kingdoms. You would be surprised how creatures are attracted to power. I can’t tell what drives them, respect or fear, but I don’t give a sh*t at that till they don’t stand on my way. We are expanding and already crumpling at the borders of Black kingdom. It’s easier that way to keep a close eye on it. She is not there. Non single time. Non single visit. He, Black, searches for her as well. In person as well. Damn, where is she? 

  • Are you a warrior?

My eyes go soft on her.

  • I learned to become one.
  • Could you teach me?

I narrow my eyes and make a pause not forcing a quick answer. My eyes are locked on Estrid’s. Concern tickles cracks in my heart.

  • Why is it your wish? Are you in trouble?
  • I want to protect the person who’s dare to me.

I don’t leave her gaze. As long I study it, I find only concern and pain. She is too young for those feelings.

  • You have a talented protector, my dare.
  • Andvari is great, but where is he now?

Smart little ass. I can’t stop my smile though it lifts only the corners of my lips.

  • You always have me, Estrid.

My palm wraps her little fingers. Her eyes go sad and watches invisible distance. He lips blow a silent long breath and lets go a few words.

  • And she is alone..

Estrid turns to look at the steely calm lake.

  • Do you want to protect her?

She shyly nods not looking at me. I see her sad eyes mirroring at the water.

  • Is she back?

She puts one finger against her pressed lips and catches me off guard.

  • Your father knows?

She tosses two stones and they jump along the lake’s water. She nailed it. Proud, sadness and concern circles my heart.

  • Does he hurt her?
  • No.

She shoots a sincere answer and it leaves me without any doubts. I sit next to her, our legs in the dark water. Something is going on in that family but I can’t break through Estrid’s defence walls.

  • If it’s for protection, we will use something little and sharp. Next time I will bring some. Mine dagger is not suitable for your hands.

I find myself lost again in her tight embrace. I return her calming hug.

  • I have to go. We will meet for training, Eirik.
  • Sure, my little starshine.

And we train. She is surprisingly a quick learner. Her movements are very accurate and she adapts her skills creatively in new situations and with different weapons. My girl is smart. I stand aside and look at her with a proud pumping in my veins. I knew only one woman capable of aiming like that. Those flashbacks to my past never end. They are a sweet nectar to my hurting heart. 

I run my hand through sweaty hair. It’s good Estrid already left. My c*ck longing for a woman’s body. She is too young to look at me at this stage. Hard as rock and painfully heavy. I take off my shirt and trousers leaving my bare chest open to a chilly night’s air and biting wind. I palm my d*ck and stroke it hard several times. Damn. I need a woman. Again. Each time it lasts shorter and shorter. No one of them makes me complete and sate. 

Little waves hit my body higher with each step I enter deeper into the lake. Icy feeling grips my hardened shaft but it didn’t kill my rising lust. I take a deep breath of the fresh air in my lungs and dive under the dark surface. 

  • Mmmm..

I hear my sunshine clear in my head. I know. It’s our bond’s call.

  • Aahhh..

My heart calms after each her louder moan. She is safe. She craves for me as much as I miss her perfect body.

  • Aahhh..
  • Love, give in to me, to our sensation. Touch yourself. Let us feel your smooth skin. Give in into temptation. 

I make love with her in my mind. Water in her place, wherever she is, touches her body instead of my hands. 

  • That’s right, love, oh.. like that.

And I am right here in the lake hard stroking my c*ck and holding a breath underwater. Her opened lips and her vibrating moans push me at the edge. I hold her tight, devouring her breasts with my tongue and fangs dragging over bare sensitive pale skin. She gives in, she loves us that way. I feel her body tense and crave for her to cum for me. 

  • Put your fingers in, love, spread them in V-shape.

I guide her whispering in the ear as I keep my fingers O-ring form and run squeezing along my shaft as in my mind I enter her pussy. I start pumping. She squeezes around me.

  • Not yet, baby, not yet.

I command her whispering rough in the ear and nibbling on her earlobe with my teeth. She growls as her body starts to shake, not able to stop what is natural. I pound deeper into her narrow smoothness my fangs devouring her purple nipples. I love to explore her body, how it responds to my circling tongue on her round hard peaks, how she arches when my fingers works her perfect sensitive breasts made just for my palms, how her silky skin sharpens at the touch of my fangs. I don’t play safe, I leave marks on her body and she showers me with her rising moans. I thug her hair and her head snaps back exposing to me most beautiful view. She is flushed with slightly opened mouth and those magic throaty moans, her breasts freely bounce at our impact. I drill her deep holding at her hip not letting it escape. Each time it’s like coming home to me. Her insides wraps me in a tighter squeeze, her perfect voice hitches. She holds on to my command letting her nails into my back till her breaking point hits her. I love my woman to keep satisfied.

  • AAHH!

Deep unearthly moan escapes her lips and she gets in her fangs into my shoulder as her orgasm overtakes her and in reality I explode with high release. Her pulsing insides milks me drinking every my drop. I feel her body relaxing against my chest and hear her calming breath returning. I save the moment as I know it will fade and be gone for a while. As it always does. This bond makes us insane. I have to be with her, to protect her and our child. We belong to each other. This separation is a chain on my neck not letting to breath my mind and heart.

  • Wop..

I gasp and gulp for air a bit dizzy. My palms splash cold water over my face as I give myself time to return to this world after the trip to the edge. Sharp nails scratch my back. Instantly I turn in a jump out of the water trying to fight the intruder and to gain upper hand in the fight. No one is here. Except eagle. He is already rising high and bringing along watergrass towards the mountains. I stalk him with narrowed eyes. 

  • My totem never hurts me. What was that?

Our oldest rules broke only a few times and it happened only lately when I met the Black princess. I get out of the water and head towards the mountains.

It took me time to find the mountain’s way up. I am not a bird and I don’t fly. I rely on my strength and my gut which shows the way. I speeded up but wasn’t quick enough to find the eagle’s location. I climb blind not knowing what to look for. That little bird’s attack couldn’t be accidental. It should be a key as I struggle to find my woman. I am sure my weak royal blood betrays me but I am not the one to surrender.

  • Wea-ahr!

I hear a suddenly high pitched gull like cry. My ear drums tingle and I can’t trust my hearing for a long moment. I push myself against the vertical rock I am climbing and dig my nails harder into the rock’s unfriendly surface. Large shadow covers my path. I feel the air float change after the movement of the large wings.

  • Wea-ahr!

He doesn’t attack me. I stalk him as a hunter. Enormous bird rises higher and higher and I try to keep up with him. I see him flying rounds in the sky. I know my totem. He doesn’t act in an usual way. What is he up to?

It’s icy cold up here in the mountains. We are high as the clouds. My teeth don’t sit on each other. Fingers stirr. F*cking humans’ weak body. I kneel on one knee, my hand fingers spread against untouched snow as soon as I reach a suitable place for my struggling body. I rest and catch my breath till it adapts to the air density. Eagle turns rounds over me with spreaded wings even higher. I climb after him.

  • Wea-ahr!
  • Wea-ahr!

I mirror him and he shows me the way. I climb higher restless. Eagle sits on a peaky grey rock. This place is deserted, has green grass under the snow, what is unusual. I follow the green trace. At the end of it I find an enormous bird’s nest. My eagle asked for help. I careful and silent stalk for the target. There is an intruder. It’s inside the nest. Covered under branches, old grass and feathers.

  • Sunshine..

I gasp air taking the view in. She.. She is here. She sleeps peacefully inside the nest. My hand reach for her trying not to wake her up. I just want to make sure, she is real.

  • It’s you Sunshine, it’s you. I finally found you.

My lips whisper and eyes start to water but hold those pools in my eyes. My knees hold my weight as I lean in to check on her. Relief washes over my body. She is alive. Her chest keeps a calm rhythm and moves up and down. Her tummy is flat. She is not pregnant any more.

  • We lost our child, love. I heard your hopeless cry. I hurried and prayed I won’t be too late. I didn’t know you were up there so high. I was looking for you in the wrong places and forgot to tilt my head up and look at the sky, at the mountains. You always teach me a lesson. Stay by my side, love. Let me take care of you.

I take her one hand in mine and with the second one I brush her hair from her closed eyes. She is hot. Not the first time in our lives. She survived then. It will happen again.

  • Don’t worry, love. We are in this together.

I seal our lips with a kiss. This time real. She sleeps peacefully and I cuddle next to her. Despite the heat she radiates, I snake her body and she nuzzles her nose in a crook of my neck, lets out a small moan and rests her cheek on my chest. I smile as I am the happiest man and now I am next to her. Finally I’m at peace, I’m whole and in the right place.

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