Foresto (Silva’s guard)


Air starts to flow into my lungs. It’s cold. Colder than my inner body part. It slowly starts to tickle my dry throat and slides down my chest and covers my spine. My lips part. They are like ground without any water drop, just lots of small invisible cracks but I feel the nerving pain they cause. I try to lick them but my tongue refuses to obey. 

  • Well well, what a pretty surprise! How did you get her?!
  • We followed loud screams and found her on the still smoking ground under the trees.

Woman chuckles on man’s answer.

  • This beauty has lots of lives.
  • Foresto, you said, smoke?
  • Place in the woods where we found her was burnt, smoked. She was at the edge of it, unconscious, under the old oak. It’s trunk was black, looked like flames danced on it.
  • Flames.. in my forest.. interesting..

Her voice changes and now reflects her confusion.

  • Do we know, what caused the flames?
  • We followed the burns. They ended near Black castle.
  • Well well, mi querido.. 

She purrs every word from her mouth. 

  • More and more interesting..

She chuckles again. Her light steps become closer, then she stops. Her scent reminds me of woods… and something else. I try to remember, but it hides just there, deep in my mind out of my reach. Headache.. Cold gentle long fingers tilts my chin and turns my head slightly to the left, then to the right. I feel her but can’t see her through my closed eyes. 

  • She has deep burns. We will need a few days to get her again to look representatively and on her feet.
  • How she didn’t burn?

She tucks with her tongue.

  • … and it’s not the first time she escaped death.. 
  • Do you know her?! 
  • I met her once. Lock her up and give some blood. 

Do I know her? My inner sense tells me, yes, but some info just hides in my mind regardless I try to fish it. 

My feet draw the ground, stumble behind stones and roots. After some time I swing in the air. Nausea hits me. I lay on the floor with my thought on my mind, please, stop swinging.

Few nights and days from that time passed by without any accidents, quietly and I start to feel better. 

  • Better, Milly, really?

I speak with myself. What can I say. An old habit. And yes, I healed. Almost. And right. I remember. But better? Oh, Milly.. I am still locked in one of those green houses high in the trees. It has a few little windows so I peaked out through them. I am in the woods. I recognise this place. Maybe it’s not the same, just looks very familiar. At least I am not in the box like last time. But I am restrained. I am a prisoner. Again. Cuffs hold me from running and leaving this place. My lips curve in a sarcastic smile.

  • Where would I go? 

I can’t come back to my castle. It’s not mine anymore. My brother will hunt me if he knows I survived. He probably saw my escape. Hell, do you hate me? How did I survive? What happened? Our eternity spirits don’t want me? I let out a long sigh. 

  • Helliana, take me..
  • Your turn.

I haven’t heard when he entered. He comes here regularly to check on me and brings me a bite of the blood though now he acts strange. 

  • You are gorgeous.

My body trembles at those words. Only one person used to call me that. My skin goes goosebumps. He stares at me and comes slowly closer. F*ck, no. I take steps aback. It doesn’t sound good if I still am able to read between words. 

  • Don’t do this.
  • You are not here in charge, pretty face.

He catches my waist with his strong hands and pulls me closer to him. Our chests meet with a bump. I push him away and use my knees and nails. 

  • Witch!

He hiss in pain but grabs my hair and pulls me into a rammish kiss. I kick his head with my forehead as I get a chance. 

  • You got it wrong!

Unfortunately my restraints don’t let me use my hands and legs in full motion. He uses them and pins me more secure in place. He shreds my clothes the whole length from down up till my seam is exposed and starts to work on himself with his hands. I am pinned and can’t move, feel nauseous again. 

  • Silva!

He covers my mouth with his palm. I bite his fingers deep and break a bone. 

  • SILVA!

I go loud again. He smashes my cheek with enough power to make me shut up for a moment.

  • Well well, mi querida. Welcome back.

She has her glorious smile on her face.

  • I didn’t know you missed me so much! I am flattered.

I don’t buy her friendly tone. F*ck that woman. She chuckles.

  • Go on, Foresto! Let’s check, how this beauty tastes!

His hands return again on my body. 

  • Silva!

My voice sounds demanding. Their eyes meet and they both giggle. 

  • Relax, my dare, and you will get much more pleasure. He is one of the best. 

She wink one eye at him. He continues his work.

  • We just want to check, in which one of my brothels you will fit most.
  • Won’t you sell me again?

Her bright loud laugh erupts her lips and ends in a shy smile and glittering eyes.

  • Not yet, mi querida. Not yet.

Foresto is hard and ready to enter my body. I feel his wet tip near my seam. He works with his fingers on me. His wetness covers us both. 

My knee meets him one more time hard and I enter my nails deep into his chest as much as I can reach him. He grabs me and we push and pull each other in a close body fight. We both are a mess covered in bruises and blood.

  • Stop it!

Silva catches me and pins to the table. Foresto doesn’t need to be told twice what to do next. He comes between my legs and uncovers brutally my torn clothes. His hands find my hips.

  • What do you wait for?!
  • Do it!
  • Marks.. 

He blinks.

  • She is marked by death. 
  • Loco!

She flees furious next to him. His eyes are locked on my lower body. They both freeze.

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